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GrooveSource Cycle 124: Cirez D, Harrison Crump featuring DJ Heather and More!

GrooveSource Cycle 124
Pre-release Date 9/24/2008
General Release Date 10/14/2008

Email Marea for more info.

JEL039 – Cirez D “Läget?” Jericho Records – TECHNO
*This release was promoted on a VERY limited basis due to piracy/leakage issues with Eric Prydz releases.
*It did receive full support from: Danny Tenaglia, Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier, Dubfire, Sasha, John Digweed, Adam Beyer, Christian Smith and of course Eric Prydz.

Laurent Garnier – “Excellent!!! 5 out of 5”
Dubfire – “Oh yeah. Pig & Dan mix does it for me. 5 out of 5”
Adam Beyer – “Full support. 5 out of 5”
Christian Smith – “5 out of 5”

Jericho Records continues its return to the forefront with this amazing new release from the hottest producer in dance music right now - Eric Prydz. Using his Cirez D moniker here Eric has created a sublime, deep yet pumping masterpiece with hints of Planet E with its simple building groove and enormous pads yet still due to the immense production managing to pack a huge wallop. As if that wasn't enough, Pig and Dan pick up the pace with an amazing, pumping groove which perfectly utilizes parts of the original to superb effect. Already mercilessly hammered by Eric Prydz and Pig and Dan themselves as well as Jon Digweed early on - many others are now picking up on this bomb and this will feature heavily on house and techno floors alike. Devastating!!

DTX076 – Harrison Crump featuring DJ Heather “NUM39R5” Dust Traxx Chicago – HOUSE
*Receiving support from: Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, DJ Sneak, Behrouz, Dimitri from Paris, Tony Senghore, Kaskade, Charles Feelgood, Jimpster, Jori Hulkkonen, Groove Junkies, Honey Dijon, Ibiza Global Radio, Pepe Braddock, Sleazy McQueen, Andre Harris, ATFC, Brett Johnson, Christy Love (House of Stank), Chuck Daniels, DJ Minx, DJ Pope, Jay West, Lady D, Lawnchair Generals, DJ Misjah, Pete Moss, Q-Burn’s Abstract Message, Ricky Ryan

Laurent Garnier – “very bouncy indeed will play this a lot. 4 out of 5”
Kaskade – “thanks. Super hot! 4 out of 5”
Groove Junkies – “5 out of 5”
ATFC – “Tight. 4 out of 5”
Ibiza Global Radio – “Full support. 5 out of 5”
Sleazy McQueen – “good and groovy”

Is that his real name? Is he from Europe? People sometimes get a little confused about Harrison Crump and who he is, so let's set the record straight. Yes, it is his real name and no, he's not from Europe. This Chicago born and bred native still lives in "The CHI" and has become that rarest commodity known in dance music - a highly sought-after producer, remixer, singer and songwriter. This guy's songwriting abilities have led to a close musical relationship with long-time friend Felix da Housecat and have earned him production credits on P-Diddy's dance music project Divided Souls. Now it's time for one of the first singles off of his upcoming artist album. NUM395S is a super hot dancefloor stormer which includes vocals from the uber-talented DJ Heather. Start the count down because this shit is about to take off!!!

SCREC009 – Eidolon “Crimes of Conversation EP” Solar Cathedral Recordings – TECHNO
*Receiving support from: Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke, Dubfire, DJ Rolando, Ken Ishii, Roger Sanchez, Michel de Hey, DJ Misjah, Benji Candelario, Lance Desardi, Danny Rampling, Trevor Rockcliffe, Dietrich Schoenemann, Rob Warner, DJ Hyperactive, Developer

Laurent Garnier – “really like this ep. Super funky! 4 out of 5”
Danny Tenaglia – “4 out of 5”
Dubfire – “5 out of 5”
DJ Rolando – “hot funky stuff! 4 out of 5”
Roger Sanchez – “Testing out for sure! 4 out of 5”
Benji Candelario – “4 out of 5”

While Eidolon may be one of Minneapolis' best kept secrets, the boys over at Solar Cathedral have been paying homage to his releases on labels like Syndikaat, We Are, Enemy, Abiotic, Wreckless & Lobotomy. With the ability to introduce super dark and twisted rhythms without losing focus on the dance floor at hand, we bring you the Crimes of Conversation EP. 'I Can Understand' moans and groans about the room, peppered with snapping snare drums and catchy high hat patterns while 'In Between' possesses a bass line funk and disoriented vocal samples that will make any crowd bounce. 'A45' is for the serious contenders, with a driving kick drum and hypnotic synth work that make this track a must have for those that really want to take the floor someplace deep. Label owner's Matt Rissi and Mustafa Avdic offer up a remix of 'In Between' that was put together with the sole intention of creating goose bumps before devastating the sound system. Another stellar release from the Midwesterners of The United States.

PUR003 – Erefaan Pearce “Cape Doctor E.P.” Pin Up Recordings – DEEP HOUSE
*Receiving support from: Roger Sanchez, Chucs & Ceballos, Inland Knights, Chez Damier, Raoul Belmans (Swirl People), Jason "Jinx" Zambito, Henrik Kohn, Leo Portela

Roger Sanchez – “Will play for sure. 4 out of 5”
Inland Knights – “Love the ‘Trouble You See’! 4 out of 5”
Chez Damier – “I absolutely love this EP!”
Raoul Belmans (Swirl People) – “Really diggin “Where were you last night”. Dope late night shit, right up in the freerange, winding road recordings alley! Top notch! 5 out of 5”
Jason "Jinx" Zambito – “I really like the ep! Great sounds, funky bass lines, and very tight production.”
Mike W. (Kolour Recordings) – “very nice stuff! will definitely play .. go EREFAAN!”

Erefaan Pearce is an upcoming deep house producer from Cape Town, South Africa. With his first release for Pin Up Records he illustrates his housing skills on the Cap Doctor EP. Keep an ear out for this man and his label Erefaan Pearce Entertainment because eyou are sure to hear much more from him.

KRD020 – Oleg Di Vice “Hyper Killa” Konnekt Records – TECHNO

*Receiving support from: Dubfire, Roger Sanchez, Dave Spoon (Radio 1), Misstress Barbara, D. Ramirez, Monica Kruse, Tom Clark, DJ Misjah, Tim Xavier

Dubfire – “5 out of 5”
Roger Sanchez – “Thanks! 4 out of 5”
Ibiza Global Radio – “Will play. 4 out of 5”

Oleg Di Vice is the professional musician of new time. He has come to the electronic music world from a rock band, where he played solo parts on electric guitar. His label Konnekt Records makes more & more attractive sounds by mixing progressive style and techno rhythms. The main idea of the label is the embodiment of global underground sound for an open minded audience. Since 2007, he has been collaborating with DJ BOOZy and started a new electronic project. Now together, they make original tracks and remixes. They repeatedly change melodies, ideas and themes of tracks working in the studio. They also perform together in the night clubs and put on unforgettable live shows with a lot of equipment. Thousands of people and present judges of creativity, says that Oleg Di Vice is the future of the club scene and club sound. It doesn't matter under which label you have production, as long as it's got feelings.

RELDZ020 – Jerome Baker “Fury EP” Reldz – HARD-TECHNO

*Receiving support from: Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke, Jooris Voorn, Ken Ishii, DJ Misjah, Aubrey, Len Faki, Angel Alanis, Andy Toth

Dave Clarke – “White Noise support. 4 out of 5”
Jooris Voorn – “Cool stuff. 4 out of 5”
Ken Ishii – “4 out of 5”

Hold on to your seat!! JB's back with another round of fierce mid west techno. This man is on fire at the moment with support from Carl Cox, Dave Clarke and Green Velvet... If you’re looking for bangin' material - this is it!!! Leading the pack with no hesitation... Jerome's well on his way to techno superstar status.

DIFD023 – Alberto Santizzo “Diminutivo” Difusion Records – MINIMAL

*Receiving support from: Dave Clarke, Dubfire, Josh Wink, Ken Ishii, DJ Misjah, Gayle San, Punisher [Detroit], Aubrey, Lee Holman, Bluntafari, Chris Simmonds, Chris Udoh

Dubfire – “4 out of 5”
Gayle San – “4 out of 5”
Aubrey – “Pretty nice stuff. 5 out of 5”

In less than 5 months Difusion has now released over 100 tracks and this is why the launching of this EP is quite special. We were able to compile a very particular and quite rhythmical collection with a fully minimalistic influence made by its author Alberto Santizzo. Alberto demonstrates his skill to be able to elaborate true minimal techno composed with the use of rhythmic melodies, high frequencies and low base tones that go from the most deep to the simplest of patterns. On top of the original we have included remixes from label head Zarbeat, Sergio Soroa, A de Large, Gusgo and Marco Esse.

COLLECTIVE010 – Various Artists “The Cell / The Hill” Collective Recordings – DRUM n BASS
Collective is a record label owned by established label/ artist manager & producer, Olly Chubb. The label is an outlet for forward thinking techno influenced drum & bass. The primary essence of Collective is the cross-over between Techno and Drum & Bass providing the scene with some of the most cutting-edge sounds available. With this brand new two track release you have one track from NIZE5IVE & PITCH 'N' SULPHUR called “The Cell” and the second entitled “The Hill” by HEDJ & NIZE5IVE. This release did the rounds on vinyl a few weeks ago and sold out immediately.

Also this week: A brand new one from 202 Digital, something super fresh from the vaults of Aubrey on his A7 Records and a sick electro-house stormer from Mizumo Music.

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