Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Break Delays

Dear Labels,

Lots of stores are understaffed [drunk in a gutter] for the duration of the holidays and as a result, we anticipate sparse and sporadic content related issues all the way through the middle of January. We have worked as far in advance as possible to preclude any problems related to live dates and minimize other issues [wanton alcoholism] related to the holidays. We believe that we have cut most of the delays off with planning, but a stray few issues may slip through with store staff being unavailable [unconscious] to make late changes or fixes to deliveries.

Thanks in advance for your patience [resentment] and good holiday spirits [drunkenness] with regard to this issue.

Everyone have a great and safe holiday!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

GrooveSource Artist Deadmau5 wins 2 iTunes Best of 2008 Award

Being so close to Christmas and all I can't help but say, "It's a major award!...It's... it's... it's indescribably beautiful! It reminds me of the Fourth of July!"

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2009 releases are here...CYCLE 136!

GrooveSource Cycle 136
Pre-release Date 12/16/2008
General Live Date 1/16/2008

KLIT003 – Submerge 101 “The Drive” Klientele – TECHNO

*Receiving support from DJs: Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke, Dubfire, John Selway, Ken Ishii, Surgeon, Par Grindvik, Technasia, Michel De Hey, Xpansul, Jori Hulkkonen, Seth Troxler, DJ Misjah, Chris Fortier, Ibiza Global Radio, Peter Hook (New Order), Rob Warner, Lance Desardi, Thomas Penton, DJ Hyperactive, Tim Thaler, Dylan Drazen, Angel Alanis, Nigel Richards, Droid Behavior, David Hollands, Andy Toth, Donotto Dozy, DJ Fex

Dubfire – “5 out of 5”
John Selway – “4 out of 5”
Xpansul – “Jacky and tracky, nice funky driving techno. Will Play! 4 out of 5”
Par Grindvik – “Nanowerx is my favorite…Straight forward classic vibe. Thanks! 4 out of 5”
Chris Fortier – “Big mental grooves. 4 out of 5”

Featured for weeks on White Noise radio and charted by heavy-hitters such as Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Judge Jules, the Advent and of course, Dave Clarke, Submerge 101's effort for his indie techno imprint Impact Mechanics has made it one of the fastest growing and most sought after techno labels around the globe. Home to classics like Steve Poindexter's "Computer Madness" and Robert Armani's "Ambulance" as well as cutting edge voices from American techno. It is precisely that voice that he bring to Klientele, the first official communication from Angel Alanis and Foursquare since remixing Portishead's "Third" in its entirety. Submerge's "The Drive" is a strong follow up for the first singles for the label, one of which ("Drama Club") was a finale highlight of Dave Clarke's triumphant set at I Love Techno 2008.

4TRK017 – DJ Hyperactive “Music Box” 4 Track Records – TECHNO
*Receiving support from DJs: Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke, Dubfire, Mark Broom, Ken Ishii, Surgeon, Jim Masters, Misstress Barbara, Timo Mass, Marco Bailey, Michel de Hey, DJ Misjah, Punisher (Detroit), Rob Warner, Benji Candelario, Lance Desardi, Billy Dalessandro, Angel Alanis, Terry Mullan, Nigel Richards, Ken ECB, Droid Behavior

Laurent Garnier – “Yes! Strong tracks. Will play for sure. 4 out of 5”
Dave Clarke – “Sinister yet groovy, a nice combo from HyperA! 4 out of 5”
Dubfire – “Thanks. 5 out of 5”
Timo Mass – “Seems actually great to me…will be a shocker in the middle of my sets! 5 out of 5”
Jim Masters – “Oh yes!! 5 out of 5”

After the long awaited return, DJ Hyperactive jumps back in the game with what many have missed over recent years which the tougher, less endearing side of his production. The man from the Windy City lets loose the first of many projects to come bringing you two mixes of the self titled release, Music Box. Both tracks start quick and get to where they want to go wasting no time. With a rumbling synth bline, that quickly and relentlessly warps into cross a between Dominator and Luke Slater's Forklift. The kick, clap, well if you know Hyperactive, we'll leave it at that. The hats do their own dance and pierce through the speakers in a syncopated flurry reminiscent of Hyperactive's Venus track on Missile!

AMR004 – Figueroa “Play Me” Atmosfera Recordings – MINIMAL

*Receiving support from DJs: Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke, Dubfire, Jim Masters, DJ Misjah, Michel de Hey, Timo Mass, Benji Candelario, DJ Hyperactive, Angel Alanis, Rob Warner, Nigel Richards, Ken ECB, Droid Behavior, Jhon Doe, The Minimum, Alex Young

Dubfire – “Cool stuff. 5 out of 5”
Danny Tenaglia – “4 out of 5”
Jim Masters – “Nice bubbly groove. Obando Remix is the best mix of the package. 4 out of 5”
Ken ECB – “This is hot! Will play for sure! 5 out of 5”
Rob Warner (Our House Magazine) – “Great release. Thanks! 5 out of 5”

David Figueroa a.k.a Dj Trent, Buzzytrent, start playng the turntables in 2004, following the line of his Masters Dj Fist & Dj Noizzer a.k.a Da Groovemakers he was touched by the Progressive and dark sounds. Before 2004 David was strongly influenced by the techno sound from artist like: Umek, Oliver Ho, Samuel L. Sessions, Lars Klein, Richie Hawtin among others. This Mix of styles was the flame to began his own producer carreer, trying to define a sound not so heavy, but at the same time dark and Full of Groove, he's start to composs his first tracks. Actually Trent is one of the best dj producers from Colombia with a variety of productions thats goes from the progressive tribal to the minimal techno, passing by electro and house. Trent has signed to Chameleon Rec, Supernova Rec, Punchfunk, Capsula. and have so many work in progress, trying to be at the vanguard of music within loose his style.

GET017 – Anthony Molina “Twilight” Getaway Recordings – DEEP HOUSE

*Receiving support from DJs: Benji Candelario, Miles Maeda, DJ MFR, Neil Aline (Chez Music), Davidson Ospina, Ibiza Global Radio, Lawnchair Generals, Rick Preston

Miles Maeda – “Thanks. 5 out of 5”
Benji Candelario – “4 out of 5”
Ibiza Global Radio – “Full support! 5 out of 5”

Anthony Molina started throwing down and mixing beats while still in high school. With an emphasis on Latin and tribal house, he began his first production company, Chaos Theory. Now in 2007, Anthony has been focusing more on the production side of music and with several releases under his belt, he is determined to make a name for himself in the house music scene. Just recently Anthony and fellow house producer James Bledsoe collaborated to start the new digital label Getaway Recordings which caters to the deeper side of house music and has some incredible producers like Demarkus Lewis. So keep on the look out for more upcoming releases from the Getaway Recordings family.

WOW013 – A Taste of the Honeys “The Essential E.P.” Women On Wax Recordings – HOUSE

***Includes remixes from Mr. V, Nick Holder, Pirahnahead, DJ Minx and DJ Genesis!!!
What do you get when you mix Minx and Diviniti (aka Taste of the Honeys) with Mr. V, Nick Holder, DJ Genesis and Pirahnahead? A smokin' set of remixes destined to werk the dance floor from start to finish! Some of the industries' hottest producers serve up calorie-free desserts with their renditions of "Essential" from The Taste of the Honeys' release of the same name. Keep your eyes and ears open for these smoldering remixes on Women on Wax Recordings!

Other Notables:

PMW022 – Terrence Parker featuring Miss Zak “Haus Music” Parker Musicworks – HOUSE
Support from: Danny Tenaglia, Dave Clarke, Laurent Garnier, Dubfire, Erick Morillo, Derrick Carter, Luke Solomon, Michael Gray (Full Intention), Par Grindvik, Miles Maeda, Pound Boys, Rooster & Peralta, Jim Masters, Neil Aline (Chez Music), Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb), Aaron-Carl, DJ MFR, Benji Candelario, Ibiza Global Radio, Tim Thaler (Sonett77 Radio), Jon Marsh, DJ Pope, Dave Aude, Lady D, Lawnchair Generals, Davidson Ospina, Ken ECB, Chris Simmonds, Mark Picchiotti (Billboard)

KRD026 – Various Artists “Love Emotion” Konnekt Records – ELECTRO HOUSE
Support from: Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, Dubfire, John Selway, Ken Ishii, Xpansul, Technasia, Timo Mass, Tony Senghore, DJ Misjah, Tony Thomas, Seth Troxler, Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb), Electric Indigo, Angel Alanis

BEATISM019 – Meroz “With Respect E.P.” Beatism – HOUSE

Support from: Erick Morillo, Boris Dlugosch, Dave Aude, Hatiras, Charles Feelgood, Alex Gopher, Angel Alanis, Terry Mullan

Also this week:

202D037 – Jimi Wes “Something’s Happening” 202 Digital
DFDIGI018 – Paul Anthony & ZXX “Sex 101 feat. Laya” Dirty Fabric Digital
MIZ009D – Angel Alanis “Too Bad So Sad Remixes” Mizumo
MIZ013 – DJ Denise “What’s That Sound Remixes” Mizumo
MR006 – Exit 59 “Dirty City” Mecha Recordings
REDLZ023 – C-System “Central EP” RELDZ Recordings

AnD Press Releases:

NMB018 – Noir “No Strings Attached - Remixes” Noir Music
SLZT004 – Maurizio & Danyelino “Leader” Sleaze Tech

A good day on Track It Down for our gang

You can't do much better than number one!

Great stuff from Beatport!

Dope Widget Available from Necodo

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GrooveSource Cycle 135

GrooveSource Cycle 135
Pre-release date 12/9/2008
General release date 1/20/2008

DTX053CD – Bear Who? “The Beatbox Album” Dust Traxx Chicago – HOUSE
*Receiving support from DJs: Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, Louie Vega, Dave Clarke, Derrick Carter, Tedd Patterson, David Guetta, DJ Dan, Ian Pooley, Pound Boys, DJ Paulette, Scum Frog, Ibiza Global Radio, Rooster & Peralta, Chuck Daniels, Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb), Phil Turnipseed (DJ Times), Sleazy McQueen, Rick Preston, Q-Burn’s Abstract Message, Raoul Belmans, Lawnchair Generals, Lance Desardi, DJ MFR, DJ Bam Bam, Daniel Kyo, Nigel Richards, Jay West, Fernando Ferrari, Chris Simmonds, Christy Love

Laurent Garnier – “Love this! 4 out of 5”
Dave Clarke – “4 out of 5”
Rooster & Peralta – “OLD SKOOL BABY! 5 out of 5”
Ibiza Global Radio – “Full support. 5 out of 5”
Raoul Belmans – “Thank you. 5 out of 5”
Daniel Kyo – “This is REALLY cool. 5 out of 5”

Bear Who? That man behind international hit "Fix My Sink" which hit the UK billboard & BBC radio charts for 13 straight weeks, brings his next hit to Chicago based Dust Traxx label, which in the course of 10 years has managed to release some of the biggest names in house music today. The "Beatbox Album" is a "futuristic" digital get-down mixed with sexy ladies, sweaty dancefloors and steamy hot beats. It's seduction without romance, penetration without pretense, this is the future sound of hip hop with a house edge, let's face it "sweat" (=sex) sells and that is exactly what you'll get here. Mind crushing pop music from the future. Whether it's the percolating synth stabs and frantic stuttering rhythm or the crisp scratched chicken-greasy funk, there's certainly something for everybody! This is dance music with no boundaries, no limits and dares to go where most haven't dared to explore; the result: infectious hooks and contagious rhymes make this an album to remember!

IM030 – 10,000 Watts “Barcode EP” Impact Mechanics – TECHNO

*Receiving support from DJs: Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke, Dubfire, Derrick May, Ken Ishii, Jim Masters, DJ Hyperactive, Angel Alanis, Nigel Richards, Andy Toth

Dubfire – “5 out of 5”
Jim Masters – “4 out of 5”
DJ Hyperactive – “Really good. Will play it for sure! 5 out of 5”
Angel Alanis – “GREAT WORK! 5 out of 5”

10,000 watts will become one of the hottest producers on the techno scene! This exceptional 2-track EP for Impact Mechanics will only further solidify there standing in the industry. "Roll" is up first. It combines a straight, driving drum kicks, with synth stabs and rolling bass lines, this track engulfs you as it slowly, yet surely takes over your mind. "Roll" is next and does some similar things, although this time adds some tripped out pads and an even grittier drum track, which is even more energetic and commanding, with relentless beats, subtle and several massive, tension building drops. This EP is strictly for the headstrong and those looking to rip apart the dance floor!

SHUSH012 – Jon Pegnato and Matty Scoll “Yes” Shush Music – ELECTRO-HOUSE

*Receiving support from DJs: Danny Tenaglia, Dubfire, David Guetta, DJ Dan, DJ Bam Bam, Pound Boys, Francesco Farfa, Ibiza Global Radio, Peter Hook (New Order), Martin Venetjoki, Reid Speed, Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb), DJ Linwood (Billboard), Bill Webber (Billboard), Mark Picchiotti (Billboard), Angel Alanis, DJ Aleksij

Dubfire – “5 out of 5”
DJ Dan – “4 out of 5”
DJ Lynwood – “BEAT THAT SHIT! 5 out of 5”
Francesco Farfa – “REALLY GOOD TOOL. 4 out of 5”

Jon Pegnato and Matty Scoll team up to provide you with a drum oriented, bassbin rocker that will beat any speaker into submission. Fairly stripped, yet heavy, this track focuses on a thumpin kick and jackin percussion, leaving room for the DJ to scratch or throw their favorite accapella over top.

AMR003 – The Minimum “Medal of Porno” Atmosfera Records – TECH HOUSE
*Receiving support from DJs: Danny Tenaglia, Dubfire, Dave Clarke, Roger Sanchez, Derrick May, Mark Broom, Ken Ishii, Jim Masters, Hakan Lidbo, DJ Hyperactive, Angel Alanis, Q-Burns Abstract Message, Lance Desardi, Deep C, Rob Warner, Terry Mullan, Nigel Richards, Alex Young, Figueroa, Jhon Doe, DJ Aleksij

The Minimum is a project formed in 2006 by Luis Lugilde and Miguel Moraleda, 2 Djs and producers born in Barcelona in 1987. These two young producers are exploring electronic sound dance, fusing techno, minimal and electro.These producers and sound technicians specializing in electronic music began his career in separate 2003, and in 2006 after making some productions arised the idea of creating a different sound, in steady progression and aimed to the dance floor without losing the minimalist and underground nuances that characterize their productions.

Other Notables:

DCREC024 – Various Artists “Gold” DeepClass Records – DEEP HOUSE

Support from: Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, Dubfire, Darren Emerson, Basement Boys, Miles Maeda, Ibiza Global Radio, Chris Simmonds, Fernanda Diaz, Bluntafari, Sebastian Arevalo, DJ Cooccer, Ale Castro

DCREC025 – Various Artists “Digital Lounge Vol. III” DeepClass Records – DOWN TEMPO

Support from: Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, Dubfire, Miles Maeda, Ibiza Global Radio, Chris Simmonds, Fernanda Diaz, Bluntafari, Ale Castro

DIFD027 – Javier Ferreira “Reentre” Difusion Recordings – MINIMAL

Support from: Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke, Dubfire, Derrick May, Ken Ishii, Jim Masters, Xpansul, Q-Burns Abstract Message, Aubrey, Chris Simmonds, Bluntafari

KRD025 – Various Artists “Konnekted Sampler 2” Konnekted Recordings – TECHNO
Support from: Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke, Derrick May, Dubfire, Ken Ishii, Angel Alanis, Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb), Martijin Ten Velden

AnD Press Releases:

MAU5011 – Sydney Blu “Senses And The Mind” Mau5trap Recordings
RIM013 – Deadmau5 “The Reward is More Cheese” Rising Music


Hey guys. We are suspending our relationship with We have issued a takedown of all material from their store until further notice. We hope we will be able to resume sales with them in the future and are working hard to do so. We'll keep you in the loop when we get some more information.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Monday, December 1, 2008

New Info on Mechanicals, Pricing and more from Beatport

"Dear Label Partners,

In January, Beatport will celebrate its five year anniversary. Along with our business planning for 2009, Beatport is announcing some enhancements to our business that better reflect the needs of both our label partners as well as our loyal customers. These changes are in response to the issues brought to us by our labels partners and customers over the past few weeks.
Changes for Labels:

Mechanical Royalties: In the past weeks Beatport has heard concerns raised by our labels about music publishing monies. These labels were concerned that Beatport would seek repayment from them as Beatport itself has been forced to make retroactive payments by the music publishing rights societies on downloads made since was launched. In response to these concerns and in the spirit of unity and a sign of good faith, Beatport is announcing that it will relieve our label partners from all mechanical royalty back-payment liabilities prior to Q3 2008 for the territory of the world excluding the United States. For all labels, this represents an average bonus of about 10% of the total sales price generated by track downloads. Even though the legal responsibilities have always been clearly defined in our existing contracts, we understand that the practical impact of potential back payment liabilities would be time consuming and chaotic for many labels.
Commencing with the period Q3 2008, for sales throughout the world, excluding the US, Beatport will deduct the music publishing royalties payable on downloads from all labels and remit it to the applicable music publishing rights collection society. For sales within the US, Labels will still be responsible for paying all music publishing royalties to the appropriate parties as is contemplated in the Beatport content contract.
Standard Label Agreements: As an additional concession towards our label partners, Beatport has decided to dispose of the allowable expenses charge starting Q2 of 2009. These changes will be stated in a new agreement, which will need to be signed by all label partners prior to that start of Q2 of 2009 in order for this change to be effective.
Exclusive Label Agreements: For our exclusive label partners, we will be offering a more flexible time frame for the sale of exclusive content on Beatport. As with the Standard Label Agreement, the Exclusive Label Agreement will also have any provision for allowable expenses removed and the current higher split of Net Revenues shall remain in place regardless of the agreed exclusivity time frames. Further details will be announced in the coming weeks.
Changes for Customers:

New Pricing: In an effort to stay ahead of the changing global economy, Beatport is making proactive adjustments to its content pricing strategy in the European and UK markets. The new prices are a reflection of the rapidly changing digital environment and the greater economic challenges our customers are facing. Effective Wednesday December 03, 2008, prices will be as follows:
Exclusive Classic / New Release General
USD $2.49 $1.99 $1.49
GBP £1.73 £1.30 £1.12
EUR €2.17 €1.56 €1.30

Lastly, while there may be tough economic conditions worldwide, Beatport will continue to defend the value of your music against market forces that benefit from discounting or stealing your content. Beatport is continuously monitoring unusual shopping behavior, blacklisting customers who purchase to upload music for free downloads and processing take down notices with music blog sites worldwide on a weekly basis.
As always, we are grateful for your partnership and continued support in our efforts to support electronic music around the world.
Beatport Management "

Monday, November 24, 2008

Great coverage for Xpressbeats

GrooveSource Cycle 134 deaturing Cassius and AC Slater!

GrooveSource Cycle 134
Pre-Release Date 12/2/2008
General Release Date 12/23/08

NS005 – Hostage “Shake It” Nightshifters – ELECTRO

***Includes remixes from AC Slater and Jackmaster (Acid Jacks)!!!
*Receiving support from DJs: Dave Clarke, Fedde Le Grand, Jim Masters, Tall Paul (BBC), Michel De Hey, Tommie Sunshine, Peter Hook (New Order), Meat Katie, Scumfrog, Reid Speed, Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb), Ursula 1000, Heavy Grinder

Jim Masters – “Old School! 4 out of 5”
Peter Hook (New Order) – “4 out of 5”
Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb) – “Whoa! 5 out of 5”
Heavy Grinder – “Great tracks! Thank you. 5 out of 5”

Nightshifters is proud to present the debut release by Edinburgh, Scotland's No.1 rave master - Hostage! Alan Parley has been around for a bunch of years, starting with Hardcore and Techno, but finding his true home in bass-heavy club music. He's been a darling of the electro blog scene for years and has racked up some serious mileage already, now he's ready for the prime time.

"Shake It" is the tour-de-force that you've been looking for this year, four prime-time club bangers: Leathered, Roll On, The Slave, and Shake It. Hostage proves he'll get the kids to stage dive in no time; glow sticks will be pumped, confetti thrown, fireworks exploded. Hostage is here and you better get ready.

"Shake It" also features remixes by Acid Jacks' Jackmaster (Melbourne) and AC Slater (New York City). Both these guys have been burning up their scenes and these remixes just prove why. AC Slater comes fresh off a UK tour and remixes for the likes of Moby and Drop The Lime. Jackmaster just released his debut Ep on Idiot House records.

SEEKD020 – Modfunk featuring Zdar “Showtime featuring Zdar (Cassius)” Seek Records – ELECTRO HOUSE
***Cassius’ Zdar on vocals for this one!!!
*Receiving support from DJs: Tiga, Fedde Le Grand, Crystal Method, Steve Aoki, Neil Aline, Alex Gopher, Peter Hook (New Order), FM 105.8 Paris, Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb),

Following the massive success of "Emofunk" album, here is modfunk's second single - "Showtime". On this track Modfunk provides vocal collaboration with well respected Philippe Zdar from Cassius. The release features an excellent remix from one of the electronic music top players- dA frESh. It will be guaranteed hit for the dancefloors!

PMW021 – Terrence Parker “Obamalistic” Parker MusicWorks – HOUSE
*Receiving support from DJs: Danny Tenaglia, Derrick May, Dubfire, Dave Clarke, Joey Negro, Mousse T, Michael Gray (Full Intention), Alexi Delano, Par Grindvik, Jim Masters, Luke Solomon, Charles Webster, Dave Pezzner, Deli G., Peter Hook (New Order), Aaron-Carl, Eddie Matos, Ibiza Global Radio, Rob Paine, Tim Thaler (Sonett 77 Radio), Davidson Ospina, Abacus, Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb), Chris Simmonds, DJ Pope, Lady D, Charles Spencer, DJ Minx, Anthony Molina,

Dubfire – “Obamatastic!!! 5 out of 5”
Aaron-Carl – “Definitely soulful.. those organs are killer! Keep up the greatness. 5 out of 5”
Tim Thaler (Sonett 77 Radio) – “Nice stuff. Full support on Berlin radio! 5 out of 5”
Rob Paine – “Terrence Parker is by far in my top 3 producers. his work has influenced mine tremendously. i love to hear and see he is still working it out. big ups to the legend and this new release. give thanks! 5 out of 5”

Parker MusicWorks presents the latest Terrence Parker release entitled, "Obamalistic". While this legendary DJ, Producer and Remixer from Detroit is known for his soulful and inspirational House vibes, this one is especially unique as it chronicles the historic election of the first African-American President of The United States of America. It is a wonderfully soulful production with a massive groovin' melody. There is also an instrumental version for those DJs who want to enjoy one of TP's finest and most inspiring musical productions.

4TRK016 – Bip Soup “Hangar E.P.” 4 Track Records – TECH-HOUSE
*Receiving support from DJs: Danny Tenaglia, Derrick May, Dave Clarke, Dubfire, Ken Ishii, Michel de Hey, Jori Hulkkonen, DJ Misjah, Jim Masters, Punisher (Detroit), Rob Warner, Lance Desardi, DJ Hyperactive, Droid Behavior, Matt Rissi

Dubfire – “5 out of 5”
Danny Tenaglia – “4 out of 5”
Jim Masters – “nice deep groove, chugs along and builds layer by layer. 5 out of 5”
Rob Warner – “Nice. Will be playing for sure. 4 out of 5”

Bip Soup is the Moscow-based electronic producer Petr Serkin (DJ Combinator). The main idea behind his project is real-time techno improvisation. In the studio Petr produces half-finished tracks, which can be controlled in real-time at gigs. So the answer to the question [what and where] appears in a matter of seconds, even before the realization of music and sound sculptures begin. Therefore each new live gig is it's own unique performance. Bip Soup offers two deep tech-house gems here with the title track "Hangar" having thick deep chord stabs complimenting the sparse bass line which eventually builds up to an eerie sci-fi break at just the right time. Having elements of both house and minimal techno working well together to be an instrumental track for DJ's to transition either direction in a set. The second track "Superhangar" is mechanical swinging tech-house floor filler. So many moving parts in the percussion all-playing off each other brilliantly with a ton of decay on the effects building into a juggernaut of a track that can see itself being played to the very end.

Also this week:

202D036 – Alan Mean “Influence” 202 Digital
BEATISM017 - INVENTUS “On The Phone” Beatism
JEL025 – Stanny Franssen “Component EP” Jericho
JEL027 – Jel Ford and Oscar Charlie “First of Many” Jericho
MIZ012 – DJ Denise “What’s That Sound?” Mizumo Music
UNION011 – Pete Le Freq “The Sexy Flaw EP” Union Recordings

AnD Press Releases:

MTR012 – Sucker DJs “Fresh/Killer” Mono-Type Recordings

GrooveSource Cycle 133

GrooveSource Cycle 133
Pre-release Date 11/25/2008
Live Date 12/16/2008

AnD Press Releases:

MAU5011 - Sydney Blu “Senses And The Mind” Mau5trap
SB001 - Streetlife DJs “Keep It Street EP” Street Beats

JEL040 – Joel Mull “Viewpoint” Jericho – TECHNO
*Receiving support from DJs: Laurent Garnier, Dubfire, Steve Lawler, Nick Warren, Danny Howells, Luciano, Fergie, Christian Smith, Tedd Patterson, Davide Squillace, Hernan Cattaneo, Funk D’Void, Orde Meikle (Slam), Rene Amesz, Chris Fortier, Sergio Munoz aka Delete, Wollion, Anil Chawla, David Piccioni, Tom Taylor, Maher Daniel, Dave Robertson, Tim Andersen, Jim Rivers, Manuel le Saux, James Talk, Neil Quigley, Lewis Dene, Sarah Main, Murray Richardson, Raymundo Rodriguez, Desyn Masiello, Tom Budden, Dave Mothersole, Pack Up and Dance, Paul Hamill (BBC Radio), Pete Gooding, M.O.D.E., Valentino Kanzyani

Laurent Garnier – “Joel as funky as ever. Full support. 4 out of 5”
Dubfire – “Great melodic techno from my man Joel! 5 out of 5”
Nick Warren – “great music, both are very classy. 5 out of 5”
Danny Howells – “Great tracks! Thank you. 4 out of 5”
Hernan Cattaneo – “Quality techno. 4 out of 5”
David Squillace – “Nice... 5 out of 5”
Christian Smith – “awesone musical atmoshperic tech affair. full support! will play hollaland @ melweg tomorrow ;) 5 out of 5”
Luciano – “Love it! 4 out of 5”

After the success of the last Cirez D release on Jel Ford's Jericho label we now have a perfect follow up from another top Swedish producer - Joel Mull. Joel has been firmly established on the scene for over 10 years now but lately has been doing some amazing projects for labels such as Audiomatique, Saved and Cocoon. Here he delivers the perfect Jericho two tracker with Viewpoint having a supremely funky bassline, lush chords and catchy hooks whilst Hollaland is a great contrast with its menacing yet funky feel and clever vocal refrain followed by enormous drop.

HOG001 – Pig & Dan “Twisted Lip” Hedgehog – TECHNO/MINIMAL
*Receiving support from DJs: Laurent Garnier, Dubfire, Steve Lawler, Christian Smith, Davide Squillace, Hernan Cattaneo, Tedd Patterson, Laidback Luke, Paolo Mojo, Orde Meikle (Slam), Meat Katie, Lewis Dene, Sarah Main, Chris Fortier, Jonty Skrufff, Wollion, Anil Chawla, Tom Taylor, Maher Daniel, Dave Robertson, Tim Andersen, Gorge, Gavin Kingsley, Jim Rivers, Manuel le Saux, Neil Quigley, James Talk, Murray Richardson, Raymundo Rodriguez, Tom Budden, Enzo, Elite Force, Andy D. (M.O.S. Radio), Paul Hamill, Jerry Frempong (Push FM), Stuart King, M.O.D.E., Pete Gooding, Steve Grant, Luis Bonias, Richard Grey

Laurent Garnier – “I like Confusion very much will play this a lot! 4 out of 5”
Dubfire – “Great new one from the boys 5 out of 5”
Hernan Cattaneo – “like this! Thanks. 4 out of 5”
Christian Smith – “thanks. 4 out of 5”
Laidback Luke – “Oh shit! I LOVE Confusion. Will support. 5 out of 5”
Tedd Patterson – “Twisted Up is pretty hot. I’m gonna enjoy rockin’ this one. 5 out of 5”

Hedgehog is a brand new imprint owned by the UK production company - Splinter Productions. It sits alongside its other labels such as Jericho perfectly with the emphasis being on slightly harder techno grooves that don't have the melodic content charactaristic to Jericho releases. To kick the label off we have the mighty Pig & Dan who should need no introduction having produced so many seminal releases and remixes over the last few hears that its hard to keep track! Here, the sound is slightly different for them with the Twisted Lip being a rolling twisted techno track with razor sharp production and serious build with some devastating edits. Also on offer, we have Confusion - an unashamed old school killer of a track with its old rave samples and enormous rave bassline - not for the faint hearted. Look out for other hot projects on this brand new label.

DTX078 – Max Toymaster “Devil featuring Harrison Crump” Dust Traxx Chicago – ELECTRO HOUSE
*Receiving support from DJs: Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, Fedde Le Grand, Roger Sanchez, Osunlade, Tony Senghore, Honey Dijon, DJ Misjah, Ibiza Global Radio, Lance Desardi, Ibiza Sonica, Sleazy McQueen, Raoul Belmans, Lawnchair Generals, Jay West, Angel Alanis, Lady D, Chris Simmonds, Damian Wilson (CR2 Records), Ricky Ryan, Rob Paine,

Fedde Le Grand – “Love the Crump master! 4 out of 5”
Roger Sanchez – “Thanks. Will play. 4 out of 5”
Ibiza Global Radio – “Full support. 5 out of 5”
Lady D – “this is nice. even pacing, wish it had one more element, something memorable...but its very nice overall. 5 out of 5”

Straight out of Toys-r-Us or maybe Kidrobot, new man on the scene Max Toymaster has a brand new release sure to wow you. Devil is an electro house jam featuring the vocals of the legendary Harrison Crump. Add on a hot remix from Alan Braxe of Roule/Music Sounds Better With You fame and you've got something extra special. But just to top it all off we've added 3 extra remixes from new comers Bad & Rad, Rainbo Video and Sirhan.

ANM016 – Tony Senghore & Baron Bane “Love.Cure.All Remixes” Anonym – ELECTRO HOUSE
*Receiving support from DJs: Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke, Bad Boy Bill, David Guetta, Deetron, Jim Masters, Tommie Sunshine, Rooster & Peralta, Martin Venetjoki, Chris Fortier, Damian Wilson (CR2 Records), Mike Gillenwater

Bad Boy Bill – “Thanks. 5 out of 5”
Tommie Sunshine – “Cool stuff. 4 out of 5”
Jim Masters – “Wicked dark, dirty techfunk. 5 out of 5”
Chris Fortier – “Both remixes are good. I’ll play them. 4 out of 5”

The Love.Cure.All remixes are in and they are hot! Nothern light prophet Style Of Eye goes from strength to strength delivering his trademark groove with vigor, flair and amazing body-language fluency. These fresh sounds, huge breakdowns, solid grooves and full underground credibility are exactly what keeps Style Of Eye so essential these days. David Ekenback hits hard with some of his dirtiest and most rocking stuff so far, galantly serving up the goods with this amazing little number. A fool-proof production that is guaranteed to rock floors to devastating effect. It is gutsy, pure, raw & slightly rude. Resistance is futile.

KLIT002 – Kaufmann und Ferdinand “Egger E.P.” Klientele – TECHNO
*Receiving support from DJs: Danny Tenaglia, Dave Clarke, Laurent Garnier, John Selway, Ken Ishii, Michel De Hey, Technasia, Lance Desardi, Chris Fortier, DJ Misjah, Thomas Penton, Ibiza Global Radio, Ibiza Sonica Radio, Tim Thaler (Sonnet77 Radio), Andy Toth, DJ FEX, Rob Warner

Laurent Garnier – “Yep Egger is the one for me. THANKS!! 4 out of 5”
Danny Tenaglia – “4 out of 5”
Ibiza Global Radio – “Full support! 4 out of 5”
DJ FEX – “Sounds good! 4 out of 5”

Kaufmann und Ferdinand have had a big year with their Kaufe Musik imprint, Working with remixers such as Jesse Rose (Made to play / Get Physical / Berlin), Someone Else (Foundsound Rec. / USA), Riva Starr (Frontroom / Dirty Bird / GB) and more. Now sharing a release with their musical family across the atlantic ocean, Klientele is proud to present Kaufmann und Ferdinand's simply titled, "Egger EP". This three track EP is an excercise in the unique "klik klack" sound that had fans including Dubfire, Claude Von Stroke (Dirty Bird), Paco Osuna (Minus), Mauro Picotto, Phil Kieran, Frankie (Frankie Records), Troy Pierce (Minus), Justin Robertson, Layo Paskin (Layo & Bushwacka), Behrouz, Hernan Cattaneo, Jim Masters (Hi-Tek-Soul), Satoshi Tomiie, Hector Romero, Joey Beltram (Tresor / New York), Silicone Soul, Stacey Pullen, Mijk van Dijk (Gigolo), Dj Vibe, Oscar G and more playing their last EP. With "Egga" they have crafted a growling modern mechanical acid track. Next up, we have "I Saw You," a tweaked out rubbery jack track that plays somewhere between Get Physical and Green Velvet. Last but certainly not least comes "I am soooo mad," a quirky, tech-ed out trip for fans of Dirtybird.

Other Notables:

DCREC023 – Various Artists “Sparck” DeepClass Records – DEEP HOUSE

Support from: Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, John Selway, Deetron, Chris Fortier, Ibiza Global Radio, Ibiza Sonica, DJ Misjah, Damian Wilson (CR2 Records),, Chris Simmonds, Demarco Electronic Project, Da Funk, Fernanda Diaz, DJ Sebastian Arevalo, Ale Castro, Bluntafari

HEJ004 - Punisher (Detroit) & Sassmouth - Meet Me Halfway – Hej Records - MINIMAL
Support from: Danny Tenaglia, Dave Clarke, Dubfire, Mark Broom, Adam Beyer, Josh Wink, Joel Mull, Slam, Deetron, Alexi Delano, Tony Rohr, Xpansul, Misstress Barbara, DJ Misjah, Technasia, Lance Desardi, Billy Dalessandro, Chris Fortier, Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb),, Chris Simmonds

NLC043 – Mr. A.L.I. feat. Tancy – I Feel You – Nite Life Collective – DEEP/VOCAL HOUSE
Support from: Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, Louie Vega, Terry Hunter, Kaskade, Sir Piers, Ron Carroll, Charles Webster, Jimpster, Lars Behrenroth, Eddie Matos, George Morel, Ultra Nate, Ibiza Global Radio, Ibiza Sonica, Jojo Flores, Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb), Rick Preston, Dave Pezzner (Jacob London), Chris Simmonds, Chris Udoh, Mark Picchiotti (Billboard), Demarco Electronic Project, Anthony Molina

Also this week:

A2R722 - Aoo&ooA “Search for Love” A-Squared Muzik
AMR002 - Dirty Room “Nubios Remixes” Atmosfera
DIFD026 - Gusgo “Movimientos” Difusion
KRD024 – Various Artists “Konnekt Sampler 1” Konnekt Records
SCREC010 – m.gervais “Test Your Metal EP” Solar Cathedral

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanks to Track It Down for the great coverage in their newsletter!

Thanks to Track It Down for the great coverage in their newsletter!

Late additons to cycle 130-135

We hope to have some more info about these in the near future but here are some late additions to the cycle. These are of course subject to change. We'll try to keep you in the loop as news breaks

BEATS003 new 130
NMB016 new 130
MTR011 new 130
LMZ010 new 130
BED003 back catalog 130
MAU5002 back catalog 130
RIM005 back catalog 130
RTX003 back catalog 130
BED004 back catalog 132
MAU5003 back catalog 132
RIM006 back catalog 132
RTX004 back catalog 132
BED012 new 132
MAU5005 back catalog 132
RIM006X back catalog 132
RTX005 back catalog 132
SB001 new 133
NMB017 new 133
BED005 back catalog 133
RIM007 back catalog 133
RTX006 back catalog 133
MTR012 new 134
BED006 back catalog 134
RIM009 back catalog 134
RTX007 back catalog 134
MAU5006 back catalog 134
MAU5011 new 135