Thursday, August 27, 2009

GrooveSource Cycle 168

Pre-Release: 9/1/2009
General Release: 9/22/2009

DCREC043 – Fer Ferrari “All My House” DeepClass Records – DEEP HOUSE

DeepClass Records drops their 43rd release and for this one Fer Ferrari turned in a deep and techy offering called “All My House”, the 7 tracks on this release will surely make you feel like flying high! Pure lush deepness from one of the main men behind DeepClass. Fer's productions have received support and plays from big jocks such as: Laurent Garnier, Dubfire, Solomon, Robert Owens, Charles Webster and many more. He made his first US appearance at the 2009 WMC to critical acclaim, a European tour is set to launch later this summer and you can hear him every week on the brand new DeepClass Radio Show on Ibiza Global Radio where he highlights everything deep and classy.

Select Feedback (We got too much to list it all...seriously!!):
John Digweed – Excellent, Thanks
laurent garnier - again :::excellent Full support :::again
Sandy Rivera (blackwiz) - nice deep vibe. like it
Benji Candelario - Good Collection!
russ gabriel (Ferox) - good stuff
Aaron-Carl - Definitely classy!
DJ Phil Turnipseed (DJ Times, Bigshot, Promo Only mags) - A great collection of dirty- ready-for-dancefloor grooves.
Halo (CityDeep Music) - All the tracks are nice
jay west - some very consistent deep lushy grooves here.
Matty Gillespie (Agent Matteo) - Really nice work from Fer here, like all of the tracks especially "Feel The Music" them rhodes are lovely
Darran Nugent (Elevation Records) - Liquid Box is a nice deep builder of a tune. Quite infectious. In the way also a fave and Modern Walker is very cool with a techy edge. Some groovy stuff going on here. I like it.
Erik Prestinary - loving these tracks ALL of them!
Deymare - some really good tracks there
Buckley - Really smooth track, it keeps your interest and flows perfectly!
dave carden (kiss fm) - a great package , fantastic early set tracks . will support , many thanks
Magnus Asberg (C-Soul) - Top notch production.
Ricardo Jefferson (Third Ear Recordings) - Beautiful produced package.
damien bailey (special interest) - im really feeling this proper deepness .will play keep up the good work
miguel garji (ibiza global radio) - l dont know what can i say about. always fantastic,congratulation for this year,,amigo
DER THAL (Ferox,Trenton,Moonpool) - will play -feel the music - for sure
DJ Jazzy L - An interesting mix of tech and house. My best choice for airplay on Jazzy Lounge radio would be "Feel the Music." "Time Filter" has a nice down tempo groove with broadcast potential.
Marcus Aurelius - Solid all the way around. Definitely Feel the Music & the Mute Mix of In The Way for me!
MARTIN HUERGO - Since the old dessous compilations I haven't heard a better house album!
Romano Arcaini (Latenight Society) - thanks for sending the release.... im liking almost all cuts but the one that will get the most plays will be In The Way
Dennis Sebayan (Ultra Music Festival UMF Radio) - Feel the Music straddles that fine line between deep tech and jazzy house. This is one delicate
ray roc (Webster Hall NYC) - Nice EP ... Great sound
dj crash - its cool !!
Chris Udoh - Banging Lp Guys !!
satoshi fumi - love green coconut:)
Scott Henry (Buzz, DC) - Summer vibes, chill yet funky. NICE!
Onionz - Strong Deep House. Pleasure to listen to.
greg gow (Guvernment/Restructured/Transmat) - A nice selection of deep groovy tracks will support!
Felix JR (Ibiza Global radio) - Todos los tracks son geniales cada uno en su estilo, imprescindible emn mi maleta.
joshua heath (salted/drop) - I like feel the music as well, but modern walker seems to have the most step in the groove, so I think that will get the most rotation form me
Adriano Filippucci aka AdF (Highgrade) - Really good vibes in it...big support from me
Lee Holman (Ferox,Nightvision) - great release! all tracks are quality...feel the music and in the way are standouts for me! radio and club play
Da Funk - great stuff from fer again! full support!
murray Richardson - all sounding good - solid house vibes!
Jon Silva - thanks for sharing - really nice pack of deepness:)
DJ Fame/Bit Crushers (Dubsided, Perfecto) - great deep stuff, all around a solid EP!

Additional support from:
Dubfire, Markus Schulz, lukas Greenberg, igor marijuan (ibiza sonica), H30H, Christos Fourkis, Patrick Green, Fata, Shawn Phillips, Edson Xavier, Ale Castro, bamo (Guess Records), Dario Dattis, Feodor AllRight & Elena Mechta, Jesus Gonsev, Alex/Etoka Records, King Cosmic, Opencloud, Vincent Kwok, George Boberg, George Soliis, Dj Pippi, Vincent Inc, pk and Hl, aleja, Aleksij, helly larson (shayan music), The Messenger, Rissa (NightChild Records), Pablo Varela, Frandanski, Demarco Electronic Project, Christian Hurley, DJ Daw, Fabien Kamb, Ruben Roher, Daniel Carreno, Andre Buljat, rodrigo brinko, Jonra Babiracki, Dubnova, Ernesto, Edground, Bryan Gerrard, Zweiklang, Lucas Hulan (Nightphunk Recordings, Roxy Prague)

DGRS001 – FDK “Under Sol E.P.” DG Label – MINIMAL
The first release for the DG Label Reverse Series features FDK for all of the analogue deep minimal techno prowlers. FDK tunes bring the light and the most out of a rhythm. This duo's talents are on full display as they unleash modern sounds that do nothing but emote throughout their length while the beat pounds away in the background. This "Under Sol EP" provides just the right amount of atmosphere within it's sparse surroundings.

Oscar G (Space/Nervous) - love how it continues to build..
Sandy Rivera (Blackwiz) - good stuff
Jamie Anderson (Artform/Cocoon/Rekids) - Great tracks - will play this weekend!
Fedde Le Grande - Very good! Thanks.
technasia - dee green mix is for me
Naveen G (Proton Radio) - Teoria brings the driving darkness. solid stuff!
Submerge 101 - Great Ep.
Punisher (Hej) - support
James Grindle - Nice nearly psychadelic cuts for those mid level times where you just want to keep everyone on the dance fllor sweating their faces off!

4TRK021 – DJ Hyperactive “Reptilian Tank Revisited” 4 Track Records – TECHNO
The story began on DJ Hyperactive's Chicago based label Contact in 1996. At the time the release only saw the light of day on vinyl but soon thereafter and 10,000 units sold the track that carried the EP, Reptilian Tank, gets it's first re-working on the Uppercut label run by Frankie Vega. The Original Noise Maker release didn't slow down the momentum the single track had and nearly 20 years later we're at it again giving you another pair of remixes from two of the busier techno producers in the US. Audio Injection settles into the smog induced control room and transports back in time and cracks the code of the 101 that did all the heavy lifting on the original and conjures up a different dialect of the original warping, lfo laiden, synth assault reminiscent of the original with a bit more effects and sinister kick. Submerge 101's mix comes out of the gate with a heavy swinging percussion ensemble to quickly turn the corner with a rolling synth line to keep the energy peaking. The arrangement builds on layers of original elements until the ugly beast rears it's head again after a decade of hibernating!

laurent garnier - "will bang the box with the original mix Great dancefloor monster"
timo maas - solid
Ken Ishii - Both tracks are cool but Submerge 101 Remix really rocks to me
Dubfire – download!
Aaron-Carl - A classic, all over again. Excellent rework! My full support...
Aubrey - "Both Trax killer.....but the Submerge 101 remix is doing it for me....Full support! thanks"
slater hogan - good remake
Onionz - Strong Techno. Feelin it
Ale Castro - dirty sound , dirty groove , i like it !
James Grindle - I remember this stormer! HOT Glad to hear it has been updated for the future this track deserves longer legs.

Also This Week:
KR030 – SlamAir & Gabriel Ghost “Summer Feeling” Prime Direct Digital – PROGRESSIVE HOUSE
MIZ034 – Andrey Sher “Planet Earth: The Remixes” Mizumo Music – ELECTRO HOUSE
PMW026 – Terrence Parker “Praise Break” Parker MusicWorks – HOUSE
UNION017 – J Caprice “Midnight In The Park EP” Union Recordings – HOUSE

Friday, August 21, 2009

GrooveSource Cycle 167

Pre-Release Date - 8/25/2009
General Release Date - 9/15/2009

ANM020 – Tony Senghore “Fork / Knife” Anonyms – ELECTRO HOUSE
It is footloose, forward thinking and quite often a bit odd. Sprinkled with curiosity for exploring new ways to the purpose of making people shuffle their tired feet. Pugnacious, belligerent and slightly gung-ho with a definite taste for blood. What do we speak of you ask? Well it could only be the music of Tony Senghore. Tony has a diverse discography that counts up in the hundreds. It is colourful and full of contrasts. Never reluctant, always different. Out side of his own productions, remix treatment has been given to a wide range of artists like Bodyrox, Audiobullys, Lady Sovereign, Ladytron, Bent, Til West, Portobella, Syndicated People, John Dahlback, and many more.

Luciano – Good! Will Play
Erick Morillo – Excellent. Will pass to EM
Style Of Eye - The man is on fire! Love this!
mark bell - SKUNK TECHNO
mousse t. - knife sounds interesting!
swedish egil – Excellent! Thank You For This One!
Benji Candelario - Good Trks!!
Vincent Orr aka voRr - Top shelf filth as always.... :)
Onionz - Knife is Mental for more advanced techno crowds. wild and weird, nothing but good things from Tony Senghore
pelle moeld (P3 Lab, Swedish national radio) - Fucked up and witty as always. Tony S definatelly plays in divison of his own
Rogerio Martins - Fork is one hell of a track, very inovative and forward thinking.Ill bang it for sure!
Dj Niokola Baytala - knife is crunchy 12 BIT
Marc Caruso - Brilliant Groover, will play for sure!!!
Russell Pollitt - Simply brilliant.... Tony rarely puts a foot wrong, and that aint changing here. Top marks all round!
Per Qx - Like Fork a lot, I think the intro is brilliant !!! Willplay in my electro sets for sure
Jon Silva - reeeeally sick tunes!
Christian Stjernstram - Tony Senghore = The Savior of modern house music
flash brothers - very nice
David EkenbÃck - Fork is really good!
Stryke - interesting textures here. will give it a go
Sentinel - from the intro i knew i was going to have to start using a knife to eat from now on stabbing riffs make this my choice to play.
Erik Annerborn - Love that afrobreat influence! Veery nice combined with the usual Senghore electronic insane asylum.
Derek Plaslaiko - Different stuff here, even for Tony! Fucking MENTAL! Liking Fork the best , but both are absolutely SICK!!! Will be playing both! Thanks!!
Danny Graham - Very interesting stuff. Fork might work for me!
Anie / 2Elements - Like the powerfull beats
JD Turbine - Quite eccentric and interesting. Thx for sending.
Marcel Jochman - strange but interesting!
Amelie Savigny - Fork is a track. Like Tonys stuff a lot.
Jon Freer - firing club music, as ever.
Dumb Dan - Superb, Tony Senghore is one of the few producers I look up to because of his integrity... fresh, original as hell, uncompromising and still funky! 10/10
Ben Santo - Fork is strongly produced with great sounds and cool groove.
Shay dT - Fork is a well-produced electro-industrial track.
PelleGRosso - Gimme some mo... ja, man tanker pa den laten me busta rhymes
jake childs - wow thats the hot shit very diffrent!
Miguel Manzano - Nice chopped up business Tony.
paul ph factor Hughes - really do like both of these tracks, with early fav being fork, some serious bassline in there that absolutely rocks when turned up loud.
Fabian Benninghoven - Fork is FU*****ing amazing! Will play it on Friday at U60311!
Benjamn Vial - Always forward thinking. Nice work here again! :)
Gianluca Motta - Perfect track for the dancefloor. I will play it for sure
Matty Gillespie - Love it !! Love It !!

IM040 – Audio Injection “Interface Activated” Impact Mechanics – TECHNO
Audio Injection is making serious moves in 2009, and this newest original production shouldn't do anything but continue to build his reputation. Aside from the fact that I loved the last release "Cell Injection" Audio Injection provided Impact Mechanics with Three appealing tracks. A colossal, slice of driving techno, while "Ministax" is a similarly dance floor destroyer. "Freak the box" leads off the B Side with a strenuous, straight techno killer, featuring underlying beats, sinister bassline and wicked undertones. The EP wraps up with featured track "Interfaced Activated", a hard percussion affair, with a long tension building breakdown and ton of rugged flavor. Class material all around.

Richie Hawtin - download for R Hawtin
Dubfire – Excellent! Download.
alex bau - nice one!
Tony Senghore - Quality techno all around.
Technasia – excellent
Chris Udoh - Slick Tech house For the big room !!
Aleksij - Nice ep! Will play out all the tunes!
DJ Hyperactive - West Coast is on ya!
Angel Alanis - Good work. will play!

RCP021 – Teef “Dirt” RaceCarProductions – TECHNO
Born in Scotland in 1985, Andrew Bowen (Teef) was influenced by the early electronic sound of the UK which led him to start making music at the early age of 16 using a program called Acid Pro. He then cycled through many genres including Drum and Bass and IDM. Finally he settled on the sounds of techno, specifically the sound of Sweden and stripped down minimal. His music relies on soaring basslines and addictive and catchy melodies. Moreover, he is inspired by charting his own path. He delights in finding his own sounds and his own styles. Teef now resides in Ohio and has just made the move to Race Car Productions. His introduction is a new remix of Evan Scott's Onosphere set to release in late November; however, his first single entitled The Substitute is ready and being played by a select few to great review. We welcome Teef, our muse, to the label and expect him to forge new paths and keep everyone guessing.

laurent garnier - great tripy acidic monster ep will play a lot
Dubfire - Excellent
michel de hey - nice oldskool with new flavour
DJ Hyperactive – dirty 5/5
Chris Udoh - All Around this ep Sounds really cool

Also This Week:
GETCOMP004 – Various Artists “Getaway Lounge 2” Getaway Recordings – DOWNTEMPO
RELDZ031 – DJ Cristiao “House Of Tenaglia EP” RELDZ Recordings – TECHNO
SCREC015 – G. Edd “BackStreet Boys & Chippy Chips EP” Solar Cathedral Recordings – TECH HOUSE

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

GrooveSource Cycle 166

Pre-Release: 8/18/2009
General Release: 9/8/2009

A7014 – Aubrey “Aqua Warrior EP” A7 Records – TECHNO
A7 is the new label by long time player in the Techno world Aubrey of the UK label Solid Groove Records. With over 20 years making underground music on his own, four vinyl labels Solid Groove, Textures, Dark, and Super Disco Fakes he has clocked up over 75 vinyl releases.

A7, was set up to re-release Aubrey's older unreleased material, but this release is a groundbreaking 4 tracker of new music! His first since 2003!!!

Aqua Warrior is a serious mix of Chicago and Detroit techno / house with touches of deep house and driving beats. African Song is a track in the style of Aubrey's deep house label Textures but with a fatter and more dubbed out style. Wanna Do That is a nervous, deep, pounding acid track for 2009. Play this at your own peril, with its deep bass and twisted sounds its on par with his classic track Marathon on Leftfield's Offshoot. Rounding out the package is Beat The Clock. This is a more upbeat track aimed at the underground dancefloor with heavy audio edits and acid lines, this will be sure to work in a lot of situations.

This ep is a refreshing mix of old school and new school recorded to the max quality. With Aubrey remixes coming up of Marky Star (feat Tyree Cooper) and a remix for Dimitri Pike (Wildtek Concept) on the desk, plus a vinyl reissue coming in November this year of his classic Dark 4 with remixes by Mike Parker (Geophone recs) and PendleCoven(Modern Love) this looks like a come back from a long overlooked artist.

laurent garnier - Welcome back mister AUBREY Your music is as funky as ever Full support from me!
Claude Young - This is an Amazing EP from one of my favorite producers of all time! Excellent Job Aubrey!
Dave Clarke - Nice to see a logo that reminds me of Jellyjam days of old
Vince Watson - Superb to see you back man..this empty minimal world needs a funkin aubrey! 5/5
Eamonn Doyle (D1 Recordings) - Great to see / hear Aubrey back !! Was a big fan of his in the 90s !! 5/5
Ale Castro - Great sound with classic techno groove , i love it :)
Vidal (acid circus/droid) - great collection of music here. glad to hear new/old music from aubrey. will play.
shake shakir (frictional recordings) - super nice club groovers. straight in the pocket tracks
DJ NIKOLA BAYTALA - Welcome back AUBREY we have been waiting for you Forever!!! Thank god you are back with same incredible Music as always.
Electric Indigo - immediately like aqua warrior - will play out for sure and i am looking forward to do so :-) beat the clock sure is fun to play too!
luke solomon - brilliant x
technasia - excellent
russ gabriel - this is really cool. aqua warrior is my fave. proper old school and classic aub. love it.
jim masters - great ep all 4 tracks strong, just in time for balance tomorrow!
bryan zentz - nice one. welcome back aubrey!! :)
affie yusuf - Aubrey lashes out some of what he does best, Solid ear baiting grooves.
C.Smooth - will spin this e.p. on radio show Live from London on Nova Radio in Germany.
peter hook (hacienda records(m/cr) ltd) - enjoyed them all
Tony Senghore - Nice to have aubrey back! Love Wanna Do That Some More as well as Beat the Clock.
CJ Mackintosh - African Song for me....phat!
marky star - this is some pretty wild techno! excited to hear the new stuff and looking forward to hearing more. the first 3 tracks are totally banging.
Orde Meikle (Soma/Slam) - nice trax - thanx
Grimes Adhesif - overlooked by some..... respected by many. love aubreys works.
groove patrol - overlooked by some..... respected by many. love aubreys works.
angel molina - this is very dirty, fantastic!
andre juliani - awesome!!! aubrey still been one of the best techno producers in the world. serious techno music!
kelly - aaaaaaubrey. great stuff. stil got it! wicked tracks all 4.glad he’s pulled his finger out. talented guy!
Noah Levine - Nice classic house/techno flavors. Understands what works.
Dimitri Pike - Always top material from Aubrey and these tracks are definitely going to find a place in my dj sets & radio shows ! Great stuff!
Miles - Original quality vibes here from Aubrey, absolutely loving this ep, full of diversity and freshness, full support!
Da Funk - great stuff here! like all the tracks pretty much with aqua qarrior my fave! will play
FARFA - beat the clock !!! WILL SUPPORT FOR SURE!
Franco Cangelli - quality stuff, all good tracks, beat the cock would be my favorite

DCREC042 – Agent Matteo “Confidential” DeepClass Records – DEEP HOUSE
Matthew Gillespie aka Agent Matteo, British dj and producer, with a powerful deep sound with touches of tech house, brings us this solid "Confidential" Ep, characterized by a well defined bass line and sticky rhythms. This young producer, at his 22 years of age has received great feedback and support from artists such as Laurent Garnier, Mark Farina, Sandy Rivera, Roger Sanchez, Miguel Miggs, Pete Moss, Russ Gabriel and more. These tracks are all stompers, sure to be staples at underground deep house music parties all over.

luke solomon - love this full support
Laurent garnier - very funky tunes , that will shake the dancefloor
pete moss - amazing, love it
shur-i-kan(freerange) - nice deep vibes here - sure useful dJ material here
murray richardson - nice deep ep, likie cloud 9 a lot!
Benji Candelario - Good tunes!!
C-Rock (Cocoon) - nice houser, especially cloud9!
Andy Chatterley (Saved) - Sounds great, will play for sure...
Aaron Dae (Dae/Dae Deep) - Solid grooves. These will come in handy for a nice change up in my sets!
Adam Shaw (mau5trap, toolroom) - great lush deep house from matty. also loving the chord changes on confidential! fantastic package
Ale Castro - deepclass is my favourite deep label !!! full support !!!
Amir Groove (Ibiza Sonica) - No need to say how much I like production of this very fine man and artist, this is just another great EP that I will for sure play on and on! Well done
Brighton - Cloude 9 is very nice!
Chris Udoh - Now this is Music !!!
Christian Hurley - Really like this release each track will get play and support.. Funky and groovy, Confidential brings me back and yet has all the groove I can handle
Da Funk - solid e.p. from matty again. cloud 9 is my fave. will play
Darran Nugent (Elevation Recordings) - Cloud 9 is a wicked bouncer as is Confidential. Two great stompers to rock any deep house set worth its salt! Quality
Demarco Electronic Project - Excellent release! Really, the quality of the DeepClass Records sounds is one of the best of this moment. It's an enormous pleasure to being artists of DeepClass and share label with artists like Agent Matteo.
Dibby Dougherty - very nice ep, all tracks are strong, will play in my sets in the coming weeks
Dom Prevost - Very nice work Matt !! Keep them coming !
Ernesto - Full Suport to Deep Class.... Love this label. And of course i love Agent Matteo
Fabien Kamb - Love all DeepClass releases especially when it comes up to my man Matty. Cloud 9 is class mate - will be spinin`.
frandanski - Sounds real nice gonna be playing at the next smokescreen party for sure
igor marijuan (ibiza sonica radio) - Love all mixes. What a fantastic ep.Full support on ibiza sonica. Matty you are the best
Jay West - Confidential is the one for me, thanx for sending!
Lara - Funky track that still has a deep feel to it.
Masque - cloud 9 and detroits lost one are good, they have my support
matthias vogt - confidential is the one for me. nice!
miguel garji (ibiza global radio) - what do you want to say about this music,,,,,,only ,,guaaaaaaaaaauuuuu…Excellent
Mr. Jones/the disclosure project - good release guys, good luck, will play mattys detroit track
Pablo - I like Matteos groove!!
Peter Christianson (LCG Music) - Nice classic sounding keys.
Sebastian Davidson - Tasty!!!!!
Silky - Great stuff, will support on my upcoming tours and radio shows!
Strakes - great stuff from matty, 3 super solid deep and groovy gems.

SC002 – Aaron Chase “Touch” Supa Cutz – ELECTRO HOUSE
The second release on Charles Feelgood's label Supacutz Recordings features an original offering from Chicagos own Aaron Chase. Chase being a producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist his talents definitely shine through with this release. Aaron describes his sound as "electronic industrial" and these influences really come though on "Touch". With dark, distorted vocals and dirty synth lines, Touch brings forth some serious attitude to the dancefloor.

The first remix is by Chicago based DJ/producer Brian Boncher aka "Breakdown B". Boncher drops some serious funk on the remix. With absolutely sick synth lines, chunky, jackin beats and dope edits on the vocal, this one will cause some serious damage on the dancefloor.

Next up is a remix by South African DJ/producer Raymond Mather. Remixing such acts as Defunct! and Kyle Watson not to mention releases on labels such as Destination?, Junky Trunk and Champion Beats, Mather has put out some serious fidget house tunage and this remix is no different. With jackin beats, dirty ass fidget basslines and some seriously insane breakdowns this one is a must for any fan of fidget.

Last up is a slammin remix by Los Angeles based DJ/producer Jayvon. This one is serious peak time gear. Bangin electro beats, funky samples and crazy edits give this remix an insane vibe that will create havoc in any peak time set.

Another diverse release from Charles Feelgood's label that showcases talent from the US and abroad. From pumpin electro to jackin techno house to fidget and back this release will appeal to djs across the board.

junior r (1200 Traxx) - a def winner
Angel Alanis - I do like the B n B remix best! cheers
lenny vega - like that 4/4 chunky beat nice big floor sound - has that crooker feel great remix
Erik Thoresen - Great track overall, hard electro mixes
tom special interest - duuuurty..nice!
Chris Udoh - CRAZZY beats !!! Nice!
Will Web - Love These Tracks

IRD010 – Tony Dax “Reinvention EP” Itinerant Records – TECHNO
Tony Dax continues in sublime form for Itinerant with the Re-Invention EP. Four tracks of perfectly measured techno for the late-night shift.

Laurent Garnier - Real techno, just the way i always loved it --full support
Electric Indigo - very nice! fluffy acid tracks with a lot of soul :) love it!
Aubrey - Nice deep Detroit style techno here..I love it... look forward to playing..thanks

Also This Week:
DFDIGI027 – Various Artists “Paul Anthony's Record Box Vol. 1” Dirty Fabric Digital – ELECTRO HOUSE
DIFD037 – Gusgo “Anestesia” Difusion Records – TECHNO
MIZ033 – IceZoneProject “Woang Remixes” Mizumo Music – TECH HOUSE

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

GrooveSource Cycle 165

Pre-Release: 8/11/2009
General Release: 9/1/2009

DGCS001 – Mooja “Freedom Rain EP” DG Label – TECH-HOUSE

The first release on DG Label Colour series introduces to the masses Mooja. Unveils his long awaited debut EP "Freedom rain" stylish deep house, and tech influences are fused together with percussive & jazz inspired textures, perfect for your pool or beach party. The aim was to capture the whole range of proper house music Clubbers.

Luke Solomon - liking this a lot. 4/5
Fedde Le Grand - thanks for sending guys cheers. 4/5
Technasia – Excellent! 4/5
Francesco Farfa – NICE. 4/5
Russell Deeks (iDJ Magazine) - Nice house grooves, will support! 5/5
Nikola Baytala - Nice Housey Groove will support. 5/5
Deron Delgado - Nice jazzy vibes of Franzie Breeze. 4/5
Misjah – 4/5
Angel Alanis - Nice tracks. Will Play. 5/5
Chris Udoh - Nice House Flavors On The is one Tech & Deep. 5/5
Igor Marijuan (Ibiza Sonica) - Love it. Full support on Ibiza Sonica. 5/5
Jake Childs - love freedom rain and LOVE Respect to dj will play in russia this aug. 5/5
Luis Baro - nice ep. 4/5

WMAC28 – Erica LaFay “Rain” Wallshaker Music – HOUSE
Hell has no fury like a woman scorned, and Metro Detroit native Erica LaFay wants you to feel her pain... "Rain," co-written and produced by Aaron-Carl, features a dark, haunting groove that pulls you in from the beginning. Add Erica's silky smooth vocals on top of lush string/chord arrangements, and you've got a song to remember! Heavy hitters like Laurent Garnier have already given "Rain" their seal of approval. This digital edition features remixes from around the world, including DJ Mourad (Sweden), Jimmy Clanfield (UK), Laurent & Lewis (Netherlands), and Detroit's josh.f13.


Shake Shakir - wallshaker continues its consistency. this is a well produced project. 5/5
DJ Pope - Nice and dark grrove for the late night dance floor. 4/5
Francesco Farfa - SUPPORT! 5/5
C. Smooth - will spin this on my radio show Live from London.Cheers keep em coming! 4/5
Chris Udoh - This is Dope !!! 5/5
Dave Cannalte - great set of mixes all the vocal, should be a huge summer hit. 5/5
Igor Marijuan (Ibiza Sonica) - LOVE FOR THE RADIO. WILL SUPPORT IT 4/5
Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio) - so fresh and beautifull sound. 4/5
Sancho - ill rock this! 5/5

DCREC041 – Various Artists “Time to Lounge” DeepClass Records – DOWNTEMPO
This Summer DeepClass Records brings you "Time to Lounge" a collection of lounge, soul, trip hop and varieties of sounds. Introducing new and young producers all over the world, also our well known artists like Demarco Electronic Project, Martin eNe, Javier Orlando & Raul Carrasco, Elastic Sound and more. This compilation explores the world music vibe, experimental, transgressor and fresh keeping the groove in all the moments