Wednesday, October 8, 2008

LABEL FAQ: Delivering and Scheduling Releases

1. How do I deliver my music to GrooveSource?
We currently accept a variety of formats from clients including, CD’s, ftp, file delivery services such as Yousendit and our preferred provider Mediafire, we also accept hard drives and thumb drives. If you give us a CD we prefer a data disc. If it’s an audio disk make sure you clearly and correctly label everything. We are not psychics and hate to figure out what song is what based on the vocal samples.

2. What format do I deliver my music in?

We need the files to be in a lossless format, so either WAV or AIFF is best. You may also send a CD which we can rip the files from if the origin is a lossless master.

3. What does GrooveSource require for artwork?

We need a jpeg 800x 800 at a high resolution. You may use the same logo for all your releases if you desire.

4. Will GrooveSource do my artwork for me?
No, but having said that, we are looking for reasons to run your release, not reasons to pull it. If we have a logo on file for you or some other usable artwork and all that is holding up your release is an image, we will run it unless you specifically tell us not to.

5. Will GrooveSource do my write-up for me?

We prefer that you provide your own release info. However, as with artwork, if you fail to provide it, unless otherwise instructed, we will run your release with our write up. So skip this step at your own peril, as we may decide to tell the public that you once got drunk with us in a hotel room and tried to schedule a wakeup call by dialing a remote control.

6. What is metadata?
Metadata is all the information that describes a release such as: artist, track artist, label, track time etc. All stores, ringtone companies, synch houses and compilation assemblers require all of this information in order to properly identify your music, assign credits and make sure that you get paid in the way you are supposed to.

7. How do I fill out a metadata sheet?

Most of the information is self explanatory. Here are answers to some of the more confusing headings: The artist column refers to the main artist of the release. The name of the album is the name of the EP or full length that you are submitting. Original release date is either the date that the release initially appeared as vinyl or the date you would like it to go live. Catalog number is the unique number that is assigned to each release by the label to identify it. Track artist is the name of the artist who should be credited with the individual track. For example, on a compilation or sampler with many artists, the track artist field would be used to identify the contributor of that individual track. Remixer name should only be filled in if the track has been remixed by someone other than the track artist. Additional production is the area where you list anyone such as a vocalist or an instrument player or perhaps an engineer that you would like to credit. Publishing info and affiliation is the area where you would list any registered publishing company that has control of the release in question and the publishing society (for example ASCAP or BMI) that it is affiliated with. If you don’t have a publishing company don’t list anything. If you don’t know who does your publishing, you don’t have one. It takes time and money and paperwork to set up a publishing company.

8. The metadata sheet is a windows spreadsheet and I use mac?
List the fields from the sheet in an email and send the info that way. If you need a list of the fields, ask your label manager

9. What’s the deadline for me to deliver metadata, art and music?
We require art, metadata and music 4 weeks before the date you are scheduled to go live. If you want to use the DigiWhiteLabel service, then send your release 6 weeks before your scheduled live date.

10. Can I deliver mp3’s to GrooveSource?


11. Can I use an ftp to deliver my material to GrooveSource?
Yes, ask your label manager for a login

12. How does an ftp work?

13. Is it ok to mail CD’s to GrooveSource?

Yes. We prefer data discs. But an audio disc from the master will work too. Please give ample time for the mail to reach it’s destination, as our mailing address and physical address are different. Don’t mail a CD and plan your release party for exactly 2 weeks after you drop it in the post.

14. What is your mailing address?
5927 W. Lawrence Ave. Unit 2W, Chicago, IL 60630

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