Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Depeche Mode charts Prosthetic Pressings & includes the track in their pre-shows!!!!

Depeche Mode's own Martin Gore has hand picked the Alex Bau Remix of Marko's "Everything Turns Black" from Prosthetic Pressings to be a part of their pre-show on their current world tour! Another GrooveSource label is making some serious waves!

Monday, September 28, 2009

GrooveSource Cycle 172

Pre-Release: 9/29/2009
General Release: 10/20/2009

DFD019 – Jonra “Telephone Man EP” DesignForms – TECHNO/DEEP HOUSE
Revolution ( deep house)
What do we love most about black licorice pizza? Why, all the different toppings, of course! And for this slice, selector and sequencor extraordinairre Jonra Babi- (racki if you're nasty) takes it down a notch and reminds us that, as much as we love to dance, we must chill. This is the one you always put on after the club, the voice of calm after a chaotic day, or on homemade compilations so your friends can hear how deep you like to go.

Dr Filth vs Octomom (techno)
Upon examination, Dr. Filth vs. Octomom is one serious psych session. For this track, Freud is disregarded and lithium is no cure for the clinically-insane bassline, industrial clangs, and twisting noise effects brought forth from deep in the chaos of Jonra Babiracki's noggin.

Faith (techno)
Techno magnus Jonra Babiracki shows us his spiritual side on Faith. That is, like the name implies, he is keeping the faith by sticking true to the sick old days (with a twist, of course). This track stomps, clicks, wobbles and slithers down a bass-lined O.G.techno tunnel. You'll find yourself wondering what event will you be at when called upon to dance to this track? It's a question of faith.

Orde Meikle (Slam/Soma) - hard as nails - end of night madness
anthony shakir - very technno-ey sounding chicago release.
Alland Byallo - Cool stuff from Jonra. LA!
jim masters - 3 deep journeys into darkness
Aubrey - Love the sound....great ep and production
C.Smooth - C.Smooth will spin it on his radio show Live from London on Nova Radio in Germany.
Matt Rissi - i like the overall tone of this tune... will definitely play it.
Ale Castro - Nice Tracks !!!

IRD012 – Dich “Finding Myself EP” Itinerant Records – TECHNO
Itinerant ventures into a cold and darker space with an introspective EP from Dich. Clear and crisp tones from a nuclear dub winter. Check it!

laurent garnier - great organic deepness for the radio
Orde Meikle (Slam/Soma) - dark deep moody
Aubrey - Yeah good job...great ep..thanks
antonio pocai (Wagon repair - tenax recordings) - Deep !!!

DIFD038 – Zarbeat “Fantasmoso” Difusion – MINIMAL
Like the old good times back when difusion was just starting this is original track made by Zarbeat that after passing it over to the Difusion original members crew became a remixed EP. Three very talented mexican artists instantly became part of this project. The original track was composed by Zarbeat and it was influenced by pure 8 bit synths and gated kicks. Track number two was remixed by Difusion's very own Gusgo. This version of the track is the interpretation of this very talented artist showing his very complex beat programing and manipulation of virtual instruments driving the track into the dark alley of minimal techno. Track number three remixed by Maxson is completly full of 4x4 loops using his production skills he remastered each sample to achive maximum control over the track. A very bouncy track is the final product. Track number four was remixed by one of the most requested artis in mexico, Edgar Medina aka Transistor. His resulting mix is a very organic and spaced out track having new elements incorporated in to the 8 bit crazyness.

Orde Meikle - tough tough - super
aubrey - it
antonio pocai - nice pac man !!!
Lee Holman - gusgo mix best for me on this package! thanks again !
Funkatron – Support

Also This Week:
MIZ036 – Misha JET “Fidj Jumper” Mizumo Music – ELECTRO HOUSE
RCP025 – Sir Von Rohr “Vapor” Racecar Production

Monday, September 21, 2009

GrooveSource Cycle 171

Pre-Release Date: 9/22/2009
General Release Date: 10/13/2009

DGRS002 – Ben Koechlin “Erdöl” DG Label – MINIMAL/TECHNO
The second release on the DG Label Reverse series features two of the hottest new producers from France. Ben Koechlin is a young talented minimal-techno producer. Co-founders of Tanz Factory and Tanz Factory Records, Ben released in 2009 with the Italian label Nutempo Rec. Planktron released his first EP with Spanish label Selected Rec then release planned Nutempo Rec with remixes by several artists such as Ander Plau (Selected Rec, Productos BMM), Dee Green (DG label, Harthouse ...). "Erdol" features some rockin' sounds ready for any dancefloors, dub bassy minimal techno. Surely an exciting release!!

danny tenaglia - thanx
Umek - nice!!
Sandy Rivera - good stuff
Oscar G - love it!
Jamie Anderson - Great tracks - will play this weekend!
technasia - Original mix is for me
jim masters - this rocks!
Aubrey - Yeah very nice bass...thanks
Naveen G - solid stuff!
Punisher - support
Submerge 101 - Great Ep.
Angel Alanis - Love it
Jonra Babiracki (Designforms) - Like both the original and plankton remix .. good solid techno with lots of space and a heavy drive will get play from me...

IM041 – Alexx Iuliano “Swirl” Impact Mechanics – TECHNO
Top quality work from DJ/producer Alexx Iuliano. "Swirl" subtly grows and builds into a dance floor destroyer. With a remix that showcases production partner Mars Bill; another truly massive track. Trippy key shifts, chunky bass lines and tension-filled breakdowns will elevate audiences worldwide... ask Cisco Ferreira / Advent and Submerge of Impact Mechanics. Do yourselves a favor and check out this exceptional EP.

Dubfire – excellent
jim masters - great builder, should kick right off
hakan lidbo - i love this one. very simple and effective.
trevor rockcliffe - Will be supporting
Rob Warner (Our House Magazine) - Solid tune. Thanks
antonio pocai (Wagon Repair) - Good !
DJ Hyperactive - liking the original!
aleksij - Excelent techno here! Like both versions but the remix is the one I will play out!
Gabriel Palomo - Alexx Swirl - Very psychedelic, dig it alot, brain teaser will drop. Mars Remix is driving this will body rock! Thanks

KGB021 – Nima Gorji “Groove Control” KGBeats – TECH-HOUSE
While Europe and it's American Colonies where marching to the drum of the minimal drummer, a new house scene was brewing in cities like Barcelona, Ibiza, Amsterdam, Chicago and Paris - it's the "going back to old school" scene that took you back to the future of the original booty shaking ways - where mighty Chicago house meets Mediterranean flavor and hot-blooded southern playboys got wild together with your slender offsprings of European burguase. In our book - players like Funk 'd Void, Nima Gorji, Martinez, Tanzmann, Wasted Chicago Youth were able to capture attention of the new clubbing generation as well as to suggest a strong case for return of the proper school! Today we are very pleased to offer you a pair of new tracks from one of our favorite artists. Nima had one of the best summers in the business playing only the hottest parties and releasing mega hits on Murmur, International Freakshow, Suburban tracks, Welt - From London to Istanbul - Nima's signature style of Mediterranean-influenced-tribal groovy house won over hearts and minds of clubbers around the world! We hope You will enjoy Nima Gorji's new offerings for KGBEATS.

hernan cattaneo - really good as usual from nima
jimpster - nima rocks some more heads down, floor pleasing grooves that never fail to get the temperature rising. ace stuff once again.
Dubfire - excellent. downloading
Aaron-Carl - TUNE!

Also This Week:
HJM002 – Henry John Morgan “California’s Dream” HJM Records – PROGRESSIVE HOUSE
SCREC016 – The Pikss “Kristal EP” Solar Cathedral – TECHNO
TR001 – Dual Deep “New Day EP” Support House – DEEP HOUSE/DOWNTEMPO

GrooveSource Cycle 170

Pre-Release Date: 9/15/2009
General Release Date: 10/6/2009

SSR031 – Dominic Martin “Insulin EP” So Sound Recordings – DEEP HOUSE
From Glasgow, here comes Dominic Martin, from Chris & Dom fame. In the past few years Dominic has established him self as one of the key producers in the House Music scene. These superb EP shows Dominic's majestic deep/techie side, melodic, deep, techie & dark. For fans of Lovebirds, Vincenzo Phonique, Shur I Kan, Inland Knights, etc.

Laurent Garnier - ohh fuck yessss this is Lovelyyyy
Shur-i-kan - Cool selection! Nice
Kirby - DOOMMM !!! Absolutely awesome ep mate, Lovin the synths, This is real dopness, i will play both of them for sure ;) Thanks
Ian Straker - Really into Insulin, big fan of Dom!
Daniel Kyo - Nice One!
matthias vogt (Cocoon) - big fan of dominic`s work on palette. good to hear that he`s back! will play insulin.
mr jones - great release like it a lot
Bazil (Fruity Antics, Peng Records) - nice ep, great production, so sound is a label you can always trust to put out good music
Chris Simmonds - insulin works for me!!!
Chris Udoh - Wicked tracks liking Isulin allot !
Fer Ferrari - Good Ep. i will play sure
Fede Gomez - El sonido de San Francisco en Uk, excelente mix
Sebastian Davidson - Tasty Tunes!
Bryan Gerrard - Nice deep vibes for the floor. Will be getting played for sure!
Frandanski - right up my street this.cant ait to play, got my support
Sebastian Arevalo - Good Groove. 4/5
Fabien Kamb - Little Did I Know is a proper house recording. Cheers for dat!
Umber Bandi-Ville - The Track is gelerisg
Demarco Electronic Project - Excellent release!!! Groovy and finest. Full support.

DFD018 – Brad Slims “Man In The Basement” DesignForms – TECHNO
With his follow up release on designforms So-cal based artist Brad Slims drops a heavy evil banger with man in the basement. The title speaks for itself and will be screaming let this man out of the basement and on to the dance floor. With shuffles and drops that are sure to make this a favorite of djs and producers alike, Designforms is asking you to let this man out of the basement. Added to the original is the DesignForms debut of the Beatport favorite VCF-1 who has been topping the minimal charts regularly. Out of the Netherlands he bring his sparse unique style of minimal techno to this remix and takes it deep with a lush sonic blanket that describes his style and vision perfectly.

jim masters - good throbbing groove
hakan lidbo - very nice and skippy track, very effective and uplifting. nice one.,
trevor rockcliffe - Thanks, will use
antonio pocai (Wagon Repair) - Goog Release !!!
Angel Alanis - This is cool.
aleksij - Like both mixes but the remix is better!

RCP022C – V/A “Connections Series 3” Racecar Productions – TECHNO
bernstein and Kevin Baconfrom Footloose (KBFF) are both monikers of Tokyo's Cody Norenberg. As a DJ he has been playing everything from techno to afrobeat for over a decade. bernstein's eclectic and dynamic DJ sets take listeners through audial wonderlands with sojourns into techno, lo-fi, dusty soul, superb b-sides and the occasional musical oddity. His live exhibitions offer an invitation into deep, grooved, and soulful techno that captivate mind and body. In 2004 he immersed himself into Tokyo's vibrant music culture and quickly earned a reputation as both bernstein and KBFF. His talent for bringing floor stomping, sensational sets have afforded him the opportunity to play in famed venues such as Sapporo's Precious Hall, Tokyo's Space Lab Yellow and the underground techno haven, Module. He has played along side a world-class list of artists including Portable, Ryan Elliott, Taeji Sawai, DJ Klock, Knowing Looks and numerous others. Through his passion for creating music he has established himself as a distinguished producer of exceptional, soulful music. His projects have been released on numerous labels including Nordform Records (Japan) and White Label Music (UK). bernstein, also known as Constantine Bischoff, maintains a position as chief mastering engineer at 345 Studios, Tokyo where his expert ears tune tracks into finely crafted masterpieces. With bernstein's dedication and expansive knowledge into the world of sound, he is certain to continue expanding hearts and souls wherever listeners appear.

jim masters - two wicked tracks here, proper different
Alland Byallo - Meelain is the shit!!!!
Chris Udoh - Just sick Love this !!
aleksij - Will play out Its Chaotic!

Also This Week:
MIZ035 – Frederik Olufsen “She Wants Revenge” Mizumo Music – ELECTRO HOUSE

GrooveSource Cycle 169

Pre-Release Date: 9/8/2009
General Release Date: 9/29/2009

NS010 – Udachi & Jubilee “Paypur” Nightshifters – ELECTRO HOUSE
We are so proud to present our next Ep, this time a collaborative effort between two of New York Cities Hottest DJ/producers Udachi and Jubilee! A beast of an Ep, Paypur features two incredible original tracks by the duo and five stunning remixes, and seeing how the tracks are already being played by AC Slater, Fake Blood, and Tommy Sunshine (to name a few), we think we have one of THE releases of the summer!

An original old-school Florida raver, Jubilee has been tearing up Dj sets across the USA this year on two coast-to-coast tours, and co-hosts the Brooklyn monthly Flashing Lights party with Nick Catchdubs and Dj Ayres. Anyone who has seen her play can attest to her skills and deep understanding of how to launch a party into a frenzy. Similarly, Udachi builds on his old-school rave past as a producer and DJ, and has made a big splash this year with his solo productions and remixes for Audio Bullys, AC Slater, and M83.

And while the two original tracks featured here are both quite simply amazing, the remixes are equally incredible. Nick Catchdubs enlists hot-as-fuck lyricist Daytona to re-construct Paypur into a screwed dirty south style filled with swagger, Venezuela's Cardopusher pushes the bass to the maxx in his mosh-pit-dubstep remix of the same tune, while Thunderheist's Grahmzilla flips the vibe into an expansive techno affair ready for your next sunrise session. Breakbeat hardcore legend Luna-C turns Smoke Rings into a dub-bass filled rave anthem of the next level, and while a rave vibe can also be felt in DreSkull's incredible remix, he pushes up the Funky snares and adds a sinister breakdown that's sure to get shirts flung off the dance floor.

diplo - catchdubs - the paypur mix is tite!
Fedde LeGrande - Thanks!
Craze - Udachi comes with it one mo gain with Paypur. It's a definite dancefloor killa!!!
AC Slater - This could easily be the biggest release of 2009. I've been playing this in every one of my DJ sets for the past 6 months.
Reid Speed - this release owns. from teh original paypur (which ive been caning for months) to the catchdubs remix, and the original amoke rings, its all killer no filler.
nadastrom - Yes! this is awesome. way to flip it dude!!
Funkerman - Good
DJ Bam Bam (Potty Mouth Music) - Both originals are the ones for me.
Aubrey - well made none the less..
mark picchiotti - wicked slice of house. should rip the floor into pieces
Mightyfools - This one is HUGE! Gonna support it for a long long time. Paypur original does the trick!!
12th Planet / Infiltrata - yo big up catchdini... this riddim is on tilt.. I am really feelin!
neoteric- Nice one Nick! Shit is BUMPIN!
skeet skeet - These tunes turn a dudestep show into panty droppin partay time.
Fake Blood - Really nice. I like the way the drop was a negative one - ie: less busy than the intro. Works really well sometimes. Restraint is good!
Toy Selectah - BANGER!!

MR005A – Lance DeSardi “Take Me” Mecha Recordings – TECH HOUSE
The wait is over!! The much anticipated "Take Me" by Lance De Sardi is finally released! Featuring original and remixes by D-Formation, D-Unity and DJ Simi. This very limited & exclusive WMC promo was reserved to only a lucky few but championed by many. Stay tuned for part 2 of this grand release featuring additional remixes by Tattoo Detectives, Randall Jones, Geoff Gains and Adam Freemer.

Support from: Carl Cox, Dubfire...


Behrouz - liking the Original and dj Simi.
Sandy Rivera - nice, dark tune. Great stuff!
Lars Behrenroth - the original is super. love the dirt! full support
misjah - awesome trax
Benji Candelario - HOT!!! NUFF SAID!!!
aleksij - Sick!Been waiting for this for a while!!!!!Original gives me the goosebums....all remixes are excelent also!Ace package!
M.N.L - Nice EP
Danny Torrence - All are solid tracks. love the D-Formation
Peter Bailey - Great release...D-Unity and Simi mixes are favs
Richie Santana - Good release!
Rob Warner - Nice track. Lovin the original as well as the D-Unity remix.
Rob Mirage - Nice release and Great remixes! ... Thank you.
DJ Hyperactive - gonna download em all and give them a thorough listen, but so far so good.
Ray MD - NIce Pack , Big Names, Excellent remixes :D Full Support i lov D-unity Remix really work for me
luca ricci - thank you guys will play it as soon as i can
Joubin (Stereo, Montreal) - Nice pack! Something for all moods and moments...Quality!
Chris Udoh - This Track is Hawt !!
Deka - Solid release. I like the Simi Remix and D-Unity Remix and will be playing both of these mixes. Thank you and keep up the good work!! Deka
michel de hey - nice remixes, will support!
Dave Barletta - Adam, you have another winner here. Keep the House music pumping and thanks for the love!!!
todd burns (resident advisor) - thx.
Angel Alanis - Great job. Will support!!
antonio pocai (Wagon Repair - Tenax Recordings) - Good ep , my favorite - Take me ( D-Unit Black Tunnel Remix )
paco buggin - brutalllll is d formation

IRD011 – Itokim “Days of our Lives E.P.” Itinerant Records – TECHNO
Itinerant's latest release from talented Japanese producer Itokim is nothing short of a work of art. Detailed finer than a brand new sports car, this is guarenteed to be one of the most polished techno releases you have heard in a long time. Impressed? We were.

laurent garnier - Itokim is definitely one the best techno producer at the moment Full support from me
hernan cattaneo - very good
Orde Meikle (Slam) - very nice melodic techno - colourlress is the one for me
Nico De Ceglia (Codex/Various club/Radio 1) - Good stuff
anthony shakir - nothing less nothing more sounds like a flower blooming or the sun rise in the mormning. this track evolves.
discoscience - yep...hi quality again from one of the best producers in japan... i love all his work and will be playing this too!
Rob Warner - Excellent.. Loved the release on Nice & Nasty and this kicks ass too!
Taho (Ovum/Delsin/Fcom) - Nothing Less Nothing More is so beautiful, moving!!!!
Pedro Cali - another great release from itokim
JL (Timid Records) - Very nice ep. Deep & groovy sensations for a beautifull travel.
Aubrey - Love the feeling of this ep... great electronics....will use
Vince Watson - overall, nice meoldies and harmonies. thanks
Dylan J (Open Concept Recordings) - Another exceptional EP from Itokim. Great blend of traditional Detroit-inspired Techno and his own emotive and well-polished style.
Lee Holman - quality music from itokim again! loving two eight five and be as one!
tomaz - Very good EP with loads of emotion and soul: Which is what we need !
Christopher Colak (HalfStereo/Dinamo FM) - I love his sound. This is escellent sound, top notch techno!
Arno GONZALEZ - Really nice release... Is Detroit in Japan..? With Itokim on this Island, Maybe ;) Thanks for the nice tracks.. Emotion, groove and deepness here !
Kuri Kondrak - "Be As One" has good club potential while managing to stay emotive. Also really enjoyed "Colourless"-interesting take on electro funk. Strong release from Itokim.
hans thalau (ferox, trenton, moonpool) - quality stuff
todd burns (resident advisor) - thanks.
Submerge 101 - Very nice Ep.
Paul Corey (209 Radio) - Itokim, one of the best around at the moment.
Motorcity (Logos) - Nice and melodic techo shit! Great release from Itokim!!!
jori hulkkonen - this stuff is right up my alley... impossible to choose afve here!
Hulstaert Laurent ( - will review...
Andrew Duke (Cognition Audioworks) - Awesome!
Samoil (Logos Recordings) - Nice EP
Sean-Michael Yoder (Big Shot Magazine) - Really like the melodies on Be As One.

Also This Week:
KR024 – Admo “Wavelet” Prime Direct Digital – PROGRESSIVE HOUSE
KR031 – Tzealon & Miki Beat “Drops (Remix)” Prime Direct Digital – PROGRESSIVE HOUSE
KR032 – Martin & The Frantics “Light Work” Prime Direct Digital – PROGRESSIVE HOUSE