Tuesday, October 13, 2009

GrooveSource Cycle 175

Pre-Release Date: 10/20/2009
General Release Date: 11/10/2009

PP016 – Dee Green “Sequential” Prosthetic Pressings – TECHNO/MINIMAL
Here you have the latest single on Prosthetic Pressings. From Rome's own Dee Green we present Sequential.

Along with the original version, we have included a remix from Antonio Pocai who was Luca Bacchetti's former production partner on several of his biggest hits. Antonio is currently working with Alex Neri (owner of Tenax Recordings and founding member of Planet Funk and several other famed projects). Antonio has releases on Tenax, Wagon Repair, Richie Hawtin's Minus and several more projects which are in the works. Chicago's own Submerge 101, who's gaining heat every day with constant high praise from techno legends Dave Clarke and Chris Liebing, a new project for Luke Slater about to drop and a European tour which kicks off next month, rounds out the package with a hard hitting floor rumbler of a mix.

Prosthetic Pressings, bringing you the future hits!

stacey pullen - good tech will support
Par Grindvik - sweet release! thanks
Richie Hawtin - Antonio Pocai = favorite mix. download
phil kieran - i think the oringinal is best for me
Tony Rohr (Clink) - Nice late night or after material
Alex Bau - good label :-)
Tony Humphries - Orig and Pocai mixes!
D.Ramirez - Excellent! Nice work!
Eddie Halliwell (Fire It Up Radio) - support
Orde Meikle (Slam/Soma) - cool tech-house. nice trax - very good producer
Pezzner - Very well done on the Pocai Remix
Meat Katie - the submerge 101 mix is pretty tasty
Todd Burns (Resident Advisor) - thanks. Possible review on RA.
chris fortier - like them all,
DEVELOPER - Nice will play !
tedd patterson - great tune. love it.
johnny fiasco - original slams
demarkus lewis - The original keeps the deep vibe while adding just enough energy to keep u moving.. the submerge mix is just bananaz .. nice release!
Frankie J (Spatula City / Flapjack) - diggin the Pocai remix the most, its a dancefloor stomper!
kirby - Nice EP ! Not really what i normally play, but i really like the original
Peter Christianson - Techno!
robertowens - great track
Aubrey - Thanks loving the Submerge remix.....thanks for a great ep
Da Funk (Acryl Music) - will play in my harder sets
David Beard (Nice/Austin) - Nice remix great bassline!
DJ 40oz. (Streetside/Vines & Urb magazine) - Nice progression in all three. Good minimal beats to get a set in motion.
Electric Indigo - both remixes are really cool. gonna play for sure.
James Grindle (Necodo/Knightriders Inc/Earconscious) - Modern Party Music, good for hot sweaty times.

RR022 – DJ Misjah “Like It Hot” ReRun – TECHNO
Misjah has always brought the goods with a consistant supply of quality releases stretching back over the last 10+ years. Now this new single on his ReRun label arrives and again turns a few eyebrows. "Like It Hot" is one of the hottest ReRun releases to see the light of day or the dark of night. Along side the mighty DJ Misjah, this one includes the all star talents of Dave Angel, Uto Karem, Steve Slight and K-Jano. Need we say more?

sebastien leger - good funky tek from uto
Joris Voorn - not bad!
Richie Hawtin - Good. Download.
Orde Meikle (Slam/Soma) - strong package - quality remixes + remixers
Willie Morales (Juicy Music) - Great Groove.... will support
robert owens - nice vibes
bryan zentz - yooo misjah whats up! wow havent heard anything this funky in awhile. hard to pick a fave bc each one is really top notch. nice to see/hear dave on the set. really like what k-jano did with this...
anthony shakir - k janos mix is stands apart from the original mix and sound unique.
bobby & klein - we like the dubby vibe of the Steve slight mix. Thanks for this!
jim masters - corking! original and dave angel mixes having it....
Manuel Sahagun - Loving the variety of styles on this remix package! Keep it HOT!
miguel garji (Ibiza Global Radio) - good sound .thanks
Lee Holman (Ferox/Nightvision) - really like the orignial mix on this but all mixes are good. thanks
Aubrey - Iove the K-jano mix......
Bjorn Wolf (Flamingo Records) - full support from me and i will make sure that Funkerman and Fedde le Grand wil get it best bjorn
David Beard - nice goovy feel
Dee Green - Nice & strong release, full support!
Demarco Electronic Project - Excellent release by Misjah!!! K-Jano Remix is our favourite!. Full support.
DK Watts (Short Bus Kids) - very solid release...just feeling the Dave Angel Remix the most. Will support in my sets.
Igor Marijuan (Ibiza Sonica) - LOVE IT. wILL PLAY IT. sO FUNKI.

SCREC017 – m.gervais “Vice County EP” Solar Cathedral – TECHNO
For over twelve years DJ/producer/designer Mike Gervais has blazed an artistic trail ahead of his peers. Through the avid exploration of modern music technologies, his technique is constantly evolving and the delivery of his 'Vice County' EP comes as some of his best original work to date. His production projects deliver an extraordinary range of superlative sounds, swarming with bursts of real-time composition, looping, sampling, and effects. His original pieces have earned him critical acclaim from international producers and performers, earning him global support and plays from some of the best in techno. Mike has released and remixed tracks for Solar Cathedral Recordings, Nightlight Music, and his own Timefrog imprint while further seeding his sounds throughout dance floors and clubs the world over.

Richie Hawtin - download
Tony Rohr - This one tickles my hidden vagina. "Cougar Hunt" is perfect for groovy afters, funky barmitzvahs and sound gatherings involving aliens and prostitutes.
Orde Meikle - dark and trippy
Nico De Ceglia (Codex/Radio 1) - Cool
Nikola Baytala (The End Up [KONTROL]) - Will play at Fabric
anthony shakir - cougar hunt is a funly track.
bryan zentz - fuck yes. 3 shuffling beasts here. no wimpy kicks here either... manly indeed.
Chris Udoh - You got a hot one here !
Lee Holman - grizzly bears wins from this package! thanks !
DjPope - Cougars Hunt nasty beats and track get your dance floor in an uproar
Dino G (Spybar/Chicago) - Nice quirky stuff here!
Aubrey - Like the feel of Cougar hunt alot. full support
ken ecb - Fuck Yeah!
Da Funk - cougar hunt is dope! will play
DJ 40oz. (Streetside/Vines & Urb.com) - All three are quality and playable cuts.
Electric Indigo - really nice release! i like all tracks, but cougar hunt is most special

A2R723 – Thee-O & Merlyn Martin “Refugee” A-Squared – TECH-HOUSE
A Squared Muzik has been on hiatus for quite some time now. We have been busy with remixes and other things like beer drinking and pizza flinging. Thank you for waiting for us :-). Here is our next installment featuring Thee-O & Merlyn Martin with their very first release on Asquared Muzik entitled Refugee. There is lots to choose from in this package staring with A.Paul's beefy big room techno mix and Johan afterglow's minimal rework that will beat you down in the right way. Meanwhile, Angel Alanis comes up with a surprisingly deep tech house cut that is weird, trippy but fun. Adding to the mix, aKademy steps up with some amazingly smooth dubstep action. As for the other cuts, you will probably recognize a few of the other artists like B.Original with a tribal house remix, Kelly Wills & SKS (tech house), Dj Denise (electro house), and from one of my Favorites "House Of Stank" with some fidget electro action to seal the deal.

Laurent Garnier - will play the HOUSE OF STANK mix
Advent - Thanks...
Dj Misjah - Support
Lance Desardi - Angel's mix is Killer.
Nigel Richards - Johan afterglow mix is a great twist your mind mix... cant wait to mess with people tonight! :)
ASCII.DISKO - cool release with interestesting mixes gonna have to try in the club :)
Sergio Mega - A.Pauls-LK-REMIX is best mix for me, will try it on the dancefloor this weekend. Thanks
Chris Sonaxx - I like the Angel Alanis Breezy Mix so much an will play it in my set. GREAT RELEASE
Matt Star - Angel Alanis Mix is very nice
Jason Patrick - I really like the deep minimal techy vibe on the Angel Alansis remix, I will def give this one some play!
Kazuumi Ishii - I dig Angel Alanis mix alot, wicked and raw.
Tim Thaler - thanks a lot for this! I will take the tracks to the next music editors meeting. Cheerz =-)

Also This Week:
DFDIGI029 – High Caliber – Pistol Whip – Dirty Fabric Digital
IRD013 – Erell Ranson – Kiss of the Dragon EP – Itinerant Records
K92S006 - Martin East Project & E-Man - Some People feat Charlie Charles - Kapa Music

GrooveSource Cycle 174

Pre-Release Date: 10/13/2009
General Release Date: 11/3/2009

JEL045 – Ramon Tapia & BP “Water Melon” Jericho – TECHNO
Having cemented his position as one of the producers in 2008, with a string of genre-defining releases on many leading labels, including Great Stuff, Craft Music, Turbo Records and Yellow Tail, Ramon Tapia is hot property. Here Ramon teams up with production partner BP for this release on Jericho. Water Melon is a fine example of the fluid, groove-filled tech house that has won Tapia so many fans. Supplying ample inspiration for both the head and the feet, the haunting melodies that signature the track are partnered by shifting percussion and wobbly, effect-soaked noises to ensure a good melon twisting. Down At The Offkeys steps up the pace and the intensity, but retains the otherworldly vibe of the EP. Throbbing bass pulses under marching beats, while hissing whispers fade in and out of the buzzing synth loops, that usher in rising sirens to take over the breakdown. A high impact crowd-pleaser for dark rooms.

Cisco - both tracks doing the bizz.full support.
James Talk - nice ep! like down at the offkeys best
Lance Blaise aka Tattoo Detectives - Down At The Offkeys is the choice for me, killer breakdown, love it!
Lazaro Casanova - Water Melon it is for me. Great stuff (no pun intended).
Gennaro Le Fosse - Nice release for Ramon FUll support!
nick warren - water melon is a winner 5/5
Alan Fitzpatrick - Water Melon is WICKED! 5/5
Tiger Stripes - Down at the offkeys is excellent!
Orde Meikle (Slam/Glasgow) - nice stuff - liking this
Cari Lekebusch - Water Melon is tasty! Ima run with that one =) PZ / C
D-Nox - will give it a try
Enzo - great energetic track
fred nasen - 'Water Melon' track is definitely useable for me ... Will try it next weekend. cheers & expect the usual support at NEWS !
stephan bodzin - watermelon for me :-) 5/5
hernan cattaneo - very good!
Timo Maas - watermelon is wicked, have forwarded to dave seaman & timo maas too, cheers, steve parry
Eddie Halliwell - Passing on to Eddie, playlists to come. 5/5
Nuno dos Santos - Down at the Offkeys is the one for me! Dirty!!
Mauro Picotto - Thanks!
Markantonio - nice tune full support
Joseph Capriati - water melon is my favourite! i will play it out! 5/5
King Unique - both tracks very cool, particularly the trippy business on water melon
Derek Plaslaiko - Cool tunes! Most likely to play Down At The Offkeys. Thanks!
karotte (cocoon club) - both tracks are nice.
Perc (Kompakt/Drumcode/CLR) - Down At The Offkeys is a winner, cheers.
Tom Hades - will play DOwn at the Offkeys...
claudio mate - jericho is always one of my favourite labels!!! here down at the offkeys makes my days !!!! great techno house track..killer floor
Konrad Black - liquid metal melodies....nice!
Alexi Delano - Water Melon is the on for me.
steve mac - like water melon, mental sounds
davide squillace - full support on water mellon
Marc Romboy - Nice, solid club stomper!
Timmy Stewart - Solid stuff again from Mr Tapia. These should devastate in a club. Gonna try them both out.
Joel Mull - Down at the offkeys. Im feeling the deep mode on this track. Great stuff Thank you for the music Joel. 5/5
Miniminds - Cool release. Water Melon is our favourite. Nice and Groovy. Will support.
Jim Rivers - nice stuff here from ramon...think i prefer the darker 'offkeys'
ZOO BRAZIL - good as always!!!! 4/5
Danny Howells - Brilliant stuff as always, thanks!!
Chris Liebing - downloading for chris
Fergie - anther top relase for the picili lable :)

HW038 – Hoxton Whores “Zulu Dawn” Hoxton Whores – HOUSE
Hoxton Whores spoil us again with this magnificent tough tribal based buster, full of energy and slamming beats the boys take full advantage of the monumental tribal chant and deliver a track destined to rock all dancefloors.

ATFC - willl try this weekend
D.Ramirez - Good tough tech house groove!
Eddie Halliwell - radio support
jim masters - good tribal belter!
Johnny Fiasco - killer track!
Rooster&Peralta - FUNKY ASS DOPE JOINT!
Davidson Ospina - PEAK!!! on this one... love it!
andre harris (Innate soul) - I will support nice work
Benji Candelario - Great Tune!!!!
DJ PAULETTE - How wonderfully wonky is this? A definite afterhours moment. much appreciated. Will test.
Rick Preston - Love the tribal chants!
Boris (Pacha, NYC) - Love the Drums!
Buckley - Nice job!
Curtis Zack - Good solid house music
Dave Cannalte (Promo Only/Billboard) - Very cool track, love the drum programming. Will definitelly play out!
denise gurney (twisted dee) - lovin it
Erik Thoresen - great beats! sounds fun!
Honey Dijon - The Hoxton Whores have been rocking it !
jake childs - cool track

DGFS001 – Dee Green “Propi Deeper” DG Label – TECHNO
The DG Label presents the FUEL Series to illustrate Dee Green's desire to create innovative tracks built with new sounds designed to move the underground dancefloors. Experience infected beats and ends with phat sub bass dancing between this and the next dimension! Detroit dub techno at its best! Release number one brings you "Propi Deeper" a 14 minute driving stomper. Featuring an irresistable bassline and drawn out echoing effects, this beauty will grab you and drag you to the floor. Resistance is futile!

laurent garnier - pure trip into space. Will play
alex bau - nice dark one
Xpansul - Nice, tracky and deep. WIll play for sure
affie yusuf - love playing techno
Dylan Drazen - Always enjoy atmospheric/melodic sounds over minimal beats.
Aubrey - Yes nice sounds and sounds..very interesting....thanks alot
Naveen G - amazing! heads down, deep, driving late night business. will play and chart for sure!
Johnny Fiasco - very nice..
Chris Udoh - This is HOT !!!!!
Ale Castro - 14 nice minutes !!!
Da Funk - great tune! really love the mixture of tough beats and the chilled out atmosphere with the pad. full support!

Also This Week:
KLIT009 - Olin - Wigwam EP - Klientele
KR034 - DJ Marouane - What You Need feat. Mr. Samtrax – Prime Direct Digital
MIZ037 - IceZoneProject - E.P. Remixes - Mizumo Music

GrooveSource Cycle 173

Pre-Release: 10/6/2009
General Release: 10/27/2009

SPEC0907 – Ascion & D. Carbone “Shaved” Spectrum Recordings UK – TECHNO
Spectrum Recordings returns after the summer months with a fantastic deep dark two tracker to take us into those shorter nights of the year from Italian duo Ascion & Davide Carbone. The a side 'Shaved' is a stripped down dubby groover, with eerie vocal stabs and spacey edits. This has a seriously tripped out vibe, which is perfect for the after hours, but still with more then enough punch to work at peak time, with some layered percussion or effects. The flip side 'Spectral Town' is a minimal funky track, superbly produced and once again perfect for the after hours. A very cool and classy record from a label stamping its mark on the scene, and still only in its first year of releasing music. Look out for future releases from Ramon Tapia, Gui Boratto and Alan Fitzpatrick... Big things to come!

Adam Beyer - Wow - fantastic release. i only Wish it was on drumcode! full support - will play everywhere! 5/5
Dubfire - 5/5
Umek - deep and dark. love it 4/5
Paul Ritch - another great release from spectrum 5/5
Gregor Tresher - shaved is the one for me 4/5
Mark Broom - will work great in my sets. full support 4/5
Joris Voorn - quite dark for my usual tastes but very good none the less 4/5
Radio Slave - great production. great vibes. 5/5
Jerome Sydenham - brooding and dark. awesome 4/5
Orde Meikle - nice stripped dark tech-house - trippy shit 4/5
Joseph Capriati - very good release,i like Shaved! Thanks 5/5
Joel Mull - Wow this is super! well done mates 5/5
Chris Liebing - love it, it's very dark 4/5
nick warren - this release is totally the one for me 4/5
Mauro Picotto - will play it tonight, thank you. 5/5
paco Osuna - i love spectral town 5/5
abe duque - very interesting sound.nThanks for sending me the promo.will play out! Dope 4/5
hernan Cattaneo - veeerrrry good 4/5
stephan Bodzin - i have checked both tracks. rockin tunes! 5/5
Loco Dice - Will play it a lot 4/5
Alan Fitzpatrick - Awesome stuff, support as always! 4/5
Paolo Mojo - solid stuff. prefer shaved and will give it a whirl or two. thanks! 4/5
Perc - Good solid stuff for when I play the bigger rooms. 5/5
Ramon Tapia - Cool production and tracks. full support 4/5
Miniminds - Nice tracks. Spectral Town is the one for us. Be great for dark rooms! 4/5
luke slater - Spectral town.slugger 4/5
Cisco - spectral town.. does it for me..nn 10/10 full support. 5/5
Psycatron - quality ep, two really strong tracks 4/5
Nihad Tule - nice atmosphere and sound. both tracks work amazingly 4/5
Kyle Geiger - Shaved is the one for me! Thanks! 4/5
HELL - good vibe !! deep and fierce 4/5
steve mac - nice beats, will spin 4/5

Confirmed reviews/features: iDJ, DJ Magazine. progressive-sounds.com, HTFR recommended forthcoming release

MIND005 – d-t3ch “Unseen Things EP” Prime Direct/Mindtravel – HOUSE
Hailing from Melbourne Australia, d-t3ch AKA Jade Metz has grown to become one of the most in demand artists in underground House music today. Here we got a massive EP including three smokin' disco-funk soaked house tracks with a remix by house phenomenon Sonny Fodera who provides a smooth and groovy take to the orginal "unseen things" cut.

Jimpster - Excellent release! Loving this and will be playing. quality stuff. thanks.
fred everything - Thx for the promo, Support. cheers
Jason Hodges - def gettin some play!
Orde Meikle (Slam/Soma) - cool house
anthony shakir - i hear things i can do with it in my sets.
Ben Murphy (Djmag) - Great stuff, will review for Clash Magazine and probably DJmag too.
ken ecb - straight up my alley!
Alland Byallo - Real house music!
Doc Link - Thank you! Hott mixes! Full support!
miguel garji (ibiza global radio) - very good house,,fantastic groove
Bryan (Vibes And Pepper Artist Management) - Great Vibes For The Dancefloors Tip!

DFDIGI028 – Jayforce “Smashbox” Dirty Fabric Digital – ELECTRO HOUSE
Jayforce The Sound Of Gravity... Spinning a unique blend of house and electro dance music, Jayforce is known for his energetic sets and for being a "performer". With his flawless mixing style and ability to play for any type of crowd or event, Jayforce has a versatile sound that can not be imitated. Jayforce hit the DJ scene at the early age of 18 and went on to become one of the youngest most successful dj's in Toronto. In 2005 he was the winner of the first ever DJ contest in Toronto held at Film Lounge where he is currently still a resident. In 2006 he was nominated for "Best Electronic DJ" at the first ever Toronto DJ Festival Awards. He's played at almost every venue in Toronto, headlined at events in Hamilton, Kitchener, Montreal, Waterloo, and Niagra falls. He's held residencies at clubs such as Glam Boutique, Touch, Pulse, Club 338, Crystal room, Film lounge, Dream, Beba lounge, Mink, Comfort Zone and Footwork and Club 246 Radio. Just recently Jayforce has been added to the roster at "The Guvernment" as was blessed to play at the largest event in Canada called "LABOUR OF LOVE" which held almost 10000 party go-ers! He has been on the same bill with the likes of Danny Tennaglia, Steve Lawler, Armin Van Buuren, Sander Van Dorn and Hatiras (just to name a few) His DJ mix compilations such as " Open Your Mind", "R.A.W", "Inspired By Miami" and "Lights Camera Action" are the likes of what Jayforce would liked to be known for. Jayforce has made a name for himself in an enormous way not only as a DJ but as an artist as well. With his release's titled "WHAT YOU WANT", "Sketch", "Searching" and "My Problem With Me" the sky is the limit as to where gravity will take him!

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KR033 - Winston & Yoddy feat. Caroline - Deeper Remixes - Kitschy Records
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