Thursday, October 9, 2008

LABEL FAQ: Moving from phone support to EMAIL ONLY support

Dearest Labels,
Because you are rocking this quarter and giving us more and better content than ever, GrooveSource is getting some extra help around the office to field your questions, assist with scheduling, accounting etc. Instead of having just one label manager to help, you will be assisted by several staffers (including Marea and Chuck) via the labels@groovemediagroup.comaddress with all your basic day to day questions.

The new protocol should dramatically improve our ability to respond to your questions, concerns and notices as the associated workload will be broken across several staffers instead of just one label manager. Email-only support and provides continuing tracking of recurrent issues and trends in your support needs. With one label manager, 1 phone and 75 labels, we acknowledge that it has been hard to get through at times. We appreciate your patience as we have all grown by leaps and bounds together since 2007. We will remain vigilant as we continue to grow, making sure to listen closely for your feedback so that we can adjust our processes to meet your changing needs.

With that in mind, we are happy to announce that the email address will be staffed FULL TIME, even when one or both of us are traveling. When you email the email address you will immediately receive an acknowledgment of your message and an expected response time, which will typically be within 1 business day of receipt. Consolidating communication into one method will help prevent things like overlooked uploads or missing invoices etc.

This is the IMPORTANT PART: is going to be the method that you will use for all basic correspondence from now on. Instead of calling or IM’ing, please just email the above address. If you call the office or instant message a representative looking for support on one of the below issues, you will be redirected to

Email about these topics from now on:

New Release Scheduling
New content notification
Takedown requests
Changes to releases on sale with a retailer
Missing releases or missed release dates
Accounting and/or invoicing
Technical Issues of any kind
Lost FTP Passwords

Again thanks to all of you for such a great quarter! We love you guys are so incredibly proud of all that you have done! GO TEAM GROOVE!

Marea and Chuck

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