Friday, June 5, 2009

Label Update from Beatport

Here are important notices and updates from the Beatport camp:

"Introducing the Beatport Banner Generator

Beatport has created a new tool to provide graphic assistance for the promotion of your new music. The dynamic banners created by the generator will update automatically with links to your current releases. Here's the URL and easy instructions: Step 1. Pick whether you'd like to promote releases by Label or by Artist Step 2. Choose one of four color schemes Step 3. Choose from the eleven different banner sizes and get the code to embed to your website, Myspace, Facebook, email signature, or online newsletters.2. Updated Metadata SheetPlease make sure you are using the most updated version of our metadata XLS sheet. You can download it here.

Beatport Staff Changes

In addition to our new COO Matt Adell, we would like to congratulate three of our team members on their new roles within the Content and Marketing departments. Ronny Krieger, previously the Vice President of Content for Beatport has been promoted to Chief Programming Officer. He will relocate from Berlin to Denver July 1, 2009 to fulfill this role. Noura Labbani, previously the Director of Content for Europe, will now lead the Denver and Berlin based content teams as Vice President of Content. Finally, Carsten Kammerer, previously the European Marketing Manager will now fulfill the role of General Manager for the European office in Berlin, acting simultaneously as Head of European Marketing. We're very excited about the energy and direction these three individuals will bring to their new roles, and we look forward to the increased success provided by their leadership.

Positive Trends

We'd like to use the last item of our newsletter to speak about the positive customer-based trends we've seen at Beatport lately. Despite the recent global economic hardships many face, user interest continues to grow in each territory and genre, giving us an optimistic view for the future of dance music. We are sure that electronic music is here to stay, and hope that this continued commitment to our industry is evident in your individual label sales. All the best,The Beatport Team "

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