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GrooveSource Cycle 159

GrooveSource Cycle 159
Pre-Release Date 6/30/2009
General Release Date 7/21/2009

PP014 Dee Green (aka FDK) “Essential Buzzin' Remixed” Prosthetic Pressings – TECHNO
Prosthetic Pressings is back once again with yet another in your face release. Essential Buzzin' was a high voltage minimal release from Italian producer Dee Green and with our next release we present to you Essential Buzzin' REMIXED! We've had all four tracks remixed/revisioned by some of today's hottest up and comers. The duo from Portugal known as Re:Axis (Ultra, Renaissance, Autist, Lazerslut, Monocline, Piso) takes on Ka', Germany's Kaufmann & Ferdinand (Kaufe Musik, A Squared) completely destroyed Silly Brain, Detroit's own Andy Toth (Poker Flat, Jive, NovaMute, People Mover Productions and one of the founding members of the Detroit Grand Pubahs) turns in a minimal funk version of Brain Wash, while Twisted Roller was updated and properly turned out by the master himself Dee Green. Dee has taken his profession very seriously for the past 20 years and is one of the most ambitious artists out there today. Look out for him and Prosthetic Pressings in 2009 and beyond as major plans for world domination are already in full effect.

*Receiving support from DJs: Richie Hawtin, Pete Tong, Nico de Ceglia, Laurent Garnier, Danny Tenaglia, Dave Clarke, Dubfire, Sharam, Chris Liebing, Luca Bacchetti, Davide Squillace, Slam, Anja Schneider, Hernan Cattaneo, DJ Behrouz, Charles Webster, Nick Holder, Ken Ishii, F.E.X., Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe), Heiko Laux (Kazleramt), Francesco Farfa, DJ Misjah, Tony Senghore, Lenny Dee, Onionz, Neil Aline, Savas Pascalidis, Submerge 101, Jake Childs, Naveen G., Noah Levine (xlr8r, urb), Chris Simmonds, Lee Holman, Aubrey, Fer Ferrari, Colin Zyskowski (People Move Productions), Jonra (DesignForm)

Radio Coverage: Radio 1, Nova Radio, Ibiza Global Radio, Ibiza Sonica, No Territory (, Forest FM, Juice FM, Red Dragon FM, Kiss FM,

Forthcoming reviews: XLR8R, Big Shot Magazine, Little White Earbuds, Resident Advisor, iDJ

Nico de Ceglia - I like it, Andy Toth and Re:Axis are my favourite mixes. I'll pass it on to Pete (Tong). 5/5
Richie Hawtin – 4/5
Dubfire – Re:Axis & Toth! 5/5
Nick Holder – Toth remix is super groovy and deep! Feeling this cut! Kauffman & Ferdinand mix is just the right amount of dirt and tech! Re:Axis mix is a deep and dark track with a nice dose of funk! 5/5
Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe) - yes! woot! 4/5Hernan Cattaneo – good stuff. 5/5
Onionz - i like this tune. deep weird. different. nice one. The Dee Green Re-Work is 1991 techno all over again. full support! 5/5
DJ F.E.X. – Re:Axis mix sounds good, will try it. 5/5
Noah Levine (xlr8r, urb) – possible review for xlr8r. 5/5
Aubrey - nice tight groove. very smooth 5/5
Naveen G. - awesome sounds and rolling tech. 4/5
Francesco Farfa - very good tecno. 5/5
Lee Holman – Full support on No Territory! 4/5
Savas Pascalidis – 4/5
Jake Childs – 5/5
Fer Ferrari – 5/5
Jonra (DesignForm) – 5/5

ANM018 – Tony Senghore “Anathema” Anonym – ELECTRO HOUSE
It is footloose, forward thinking and quite often a bit odd. Sprinkled with curiosity for exploring new ways to the purpose of making people shuffle their tired feet. Pugnacious, belligerent and slightly gung-ho with a definite taste for blood. What do we speak of you ask? Well it could only be the music of Tony Senghore. Tony has a diverse discography that counts up in the hundreds. It is colourful and full of contrasts. Never reluctant, always different. Out side of his own productions, remix treatment has been given to a wide range of artists like Bodyrox, Audiobullys, Lady Sovereign, Ladytron, Bent, Til West, Portobella, Syndicated People, John Dahlback, and many more.

*Receiving support from DJs: Erick Morillo, Fedde Le Grand, Miles Maeda, Joshua (Iz), Bobby & Klein, Charles Spencer, Peter Hook (New Order), Jori Hulkkonen, Noah Levine (xlr8r, urb), Chuck Daniels, Martin Venetjoki, Lawnchair Generals, Ken ECB, Davidson Ospina, Nate Manic, Alex Arnout, Chris Udoh, Special Interest, Kinky Movement, Angel Alanis, Andy Kastanas (Billboard)

Erick Morillo – THANKS! 4/5
Fedde Le Grand – 4/5
Bobby & Klein - This is a really spooky track...Thanks for sending. 4/5
Jori Hulkkonen - tony is my hero... what a great track this is, can't wait to play it out! 5/5
Special Interest - double fantastic! 5/5
Chris Udoh - Just more sickness WOW ! 5/5
Martin Venetjoki – 4/5
Charles Spencer (Loveslap) – 5/5
Peter Hook (New Order) – 4/5
Noah Levine (xlr8r, urb) – 5/5

SSR030 – Jimmy & Fer Ferrari “Coast to Coast EP” So Sound Recordings – DEEP HOUSE
Flying from Coast to Coast conducted by DeepClass head honchos Jimmy & Fer Ferrari in this beautiful deep and melodic EP. The 3 tracks on this release will surely make you feel like flying high!. Big room Deepness & lush! Jimmy & Fer Ferrari's productions have received support and plays from big jocks such as: Laurent Garnier, Dubfire, Mark Farina, Dimitri from Paris, Danny Tenaglia and many more.

*Receiving support from DJs: Charles Webster, Aaron-Carl, Anthony "Shake" Shakir, Eddie Matos, Francesco Farfa, Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe), Davidson Ospina, Manuel Sahagun, Jay West, Dee Green, C. Smooth, ibiza Global Radio, Raoul Belmans, Russell Deeks @ iDJ, Daniel Kyo, Chris Simmonds, Spettro, Mark Picchiotti (Billboard), Chris Paul, Special Interest, Frandanski, Fabien Kamb, Da Funk, Umber, Demarco E.P., Maxi Aubert, Anthony Molina, Mr Jones

Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe) - chuggy. heavy. heady! amaaazing! 5/5
Onionz – i like this. a little less pumping but musically it’s got an emotional feel to it. will play. 4/5
Francesco Farfa – nice! 4/5
Eddie Matos – 4/5
Manuel Sahagun - Awesome as always! This guys are on fire. So Sound releasing the best stuff around! 5/5
C. Smooth - will spin this on his radio show Live from London on Nova Radio. 4/5
ibiza Global Radio – 5/5
Dee Green - Up front grv still deep you up! 4/5
Daniel Kyo - Hey chicos muy buen ep!lo pondre seguro! 5/5
Chris Paul - great track. love the sweeps. awesome chunky groove. 5/5
Demarco E.P. - Excellent ep!!!. Jimmy and Fer Ferrari are a guarantee of good taste and musical excellence. Full support. 5/5
Da Funk - great old skoolish vibe all over the e.p.! will play for sure! 5/5
Spettro - love it. deeeep, interesting, bumpin yet subtle. very well done. 4/5
Fabien Kamb - A really outstanding package from my mates Jimmy and Fernando - my sincere compliments guys. Flight 4020 is pure intelligence. 5/5
Russell Deeks @ iDJ – Solid. 4/5
Frandanski - nice dubby vibe,sounds cool. 4/5
Mr Jones - i like flanger flight best on the release, has a better flow than the others. 5/5

SHR005 – Luckystars “Equinox” Support House Records – DEEP HOUSE
Russian producers have been in the Cosmos for a long time, but the Moscow duet Luckystars has been there before all of them. It's a Deep House best tradition, an amazing combination of groove and aesthetics, is giving the birth to the light mood, like the light from the faraway star. Remixes from Bar BQ & Ksky supplement the release and show the best creative alliance between Moscow and Petersburg.

*Receiving support from DJs: Laurent Garnier, Grant Nelson, Onionz, Francesco Farfa, DJ Misjah, DJ Pope, Eddie Matos, C.Smooth, Noah Levine (xlr8r, urb), Ibiza Sonica (Radio), Chris Paul, Dee Green, Spettro, Daniel Kyo, Demarco E.P., Fabien Kamb, Da Funk, Dj Cooccer

Laurent Garnier – that's the one for me (original) will play a lot. 4/5
Grant Nelson - Great! Very nice. in the bag! 4/5
Francesco Farfa - beautiful elegant tech house. 5/5
DJ Pope - Deep techy track I can work with this. 4/5
Eddie Matos – 4/5
C. Smooth - will spin this on his radio show Live from London on Nova Radio. 4/5
DJ Misjah - great rec. love all 3 mixes. 4/5
Dee Green - Very nice deep house, great synth work. 4/5
Chris Paul - Awesome vibe. almost like Dennis Ferrer meets Terry Lee Brown. 5/5
Ibiza Sonica (Radio) - Love it. Full suport from here. 5/5
Noah Levine (xlr8r, urb) – 4/5
Spettro - beautiful, dreamy, and i'm dancing. very well done. 4/5
Daniel Kyo - Great as usual Andrey! 4/5
Demarco E.P. - Escellent Ep, with excellent remixes by BarBQ and Ksky. Full support. 5/5
Fabien Kamb - BarBQ's remix is my fav here - a very lush groove and a really beautiful deepness in this cut. Support. 5/5
Da Funk - lovely! full support! 5/5
Dj Cooccer – very nice track! 4/5
Also this week:
AMR011 – RedDish “Aprendiste” Atmosfera
NS008 – Rampage “War EP” Nightshifters
RCP019 – Emma De Seze “Bambi” Racecar Productions

AnD Press Releases:
OBDIG026 – David E Sugar “Dead Connection” Oblio Recordings

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