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GrooveSource Cycle 154

GrooveSource Cycle 154
Pre Release Date 5/26/2009
General Release Date 6/16/2009

DCREC035 – Maxi Aubert “Every” DeepClass Records – DEEP HOUSE
Maxi Aubert, from Buenos Aires presents you a new work called "Every", a rhythmical production with outstanding melodies, with elements that mark to a deep and constant Groove, delicate and fresh vowels affluent obtained in charge of Maxi Aubert. This single contains interpretations by Jimmy & Fer Ferrari (Esp) and also of LukaShara (Arg).

*Receiving support from DJs: Laurent Garnier, Dubfire, Slam, Brett Johnson, CJ Mackintosh, Benji Candelario, Pezzner, Deli G, Groove Junkies, Alex Gopher, Chuck Love, Greenskeepers, Minx, Eddie Matos, Charles Spencer, Dave from Dallas, Daniel Kyo, Atnarko, Chris Simmonds, Chris Udoh, Alland Byallo, Chris Paul, Da Funk, DJ Cooccer

Slam – Not our normal style, but really good and groovy. 4 out of 5
Deli G – I like this and will feature it on the show. 4 out of 5
Brett Johnson – 5 out of 5
Alex Gopher – Thanks you. 4 out of 5
Atnarko – Nice! 4 out of 5
Chris Simmonds – This is good. 4 out of 5
Minx – Very cool. 4 out of 5
Eddie Matos – 5 out of 5
Charles Spencer – thanks for this. 4 out of 5

AMR010 – The Office “Oasis” Atmosfera Recordings – MINIMAL
Their production contains an unique style, influenced by house, electro, minimal sounds. It shows their musical versatility at the time of producing. They are actually working on several record labels as:Coincidence (Belgium), Presslab (Presslaboyz) Apple Jaxx (Peter Presta), South Records (Tom Sawyer), Direct Drive Digital (Chicago), Lectro Chik Records (Who Da Funk, Jorge Jaramillo), Trebol Records (Jose M.) those wich distribute their music through the best stores around the world. AT this moment their music it’s played by DJs as: Andrea doria, Rene Amesz, Tom Sawyer, and many more.

*Receiving support from DJs: Derrick May, Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke, Dubfire, Christian Smith, John Selway, Alexi Delano, Josh Wink, Ken Ishii, Behrouz, Jim Masters, DJ Rolando, Dan Curtin, Gayle San, Orlando Voorn, Benji Candelario, Jori Hulkkonen, Onionz, Lance Desardi, Punisher (Detroit), Droid Behavior, Billy Dalessandro, Alex Young, Ken ECB, Developer, Chris Udoh, Angel Alanis, DJ Hyperactive, Antonio Pocai

Dubfire – Thanks. 5 out of 5
Christian Smith – 4 out of 5
John Selway – 4 out of 5
Behrouz – Cool release. Thanks for hooking me up. 4 out of 5
Ken Ishii – This release is very good. Thanks! 4 out of 5
Dan Curtin – I like this. I’ll test it out. 4 out of 5
Onionz – I love the overall feel of this release. 4 out of 5
Ken ECB – This label is fastly becoming a fav for me. Keep em coming! 5 out of 5

SCREC013 – Various Artists “Dark Matter EP” Solar Cathedral Recordings – TECHNO
The SCREC crew is at it again, smashing through your speakers with this heavyweight Various Artist release featuring techno tracks from Bosnia, Germany, Holland & The United States! A banging EP from beginning to end soaking wet with synths, drums, effects & dancefloor infused madness. Solar Cathedral Recordings has been receiving support & plays from heavy hitters like Laurent Garnier, Dubfire, Derrick May, Dave Clarke, Len Faki, Chris Liebing, Ken Ishi, Steve Stoll, Tim Xavier, Joris Voorn, Xpansul, Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez & MANY more solidifying their presence in the global techno market. A label to watch with plenty of upcoming projects that are destinied to make your system THUMP.

*Receiving support from DJs: Danny Tenaglia, Derrick May, Laurent Garnier, Dubfire, Chris Liebing, Jooris Voorn, Jamie Anderson, Ken Ishii, Technasia, Jim Masters, Xpansul, Len Faki, Michel de Hey, Tim Xavier, Lance Desardi, Dee Green, Andy Toth, Developer

Derrick May – gonna test this one. 4 out of 5
Chris Liebing – 4 out of 5
Dubfire – 5 out of 5
Ken Ishii – interesting release 4 out of 5
Jooris Voorn – 4 out of 5
Jim Masters – Very cool release. I like the variety. It’s a tough choice but I’m leaning towards the Misjah track. 4 out of 5
Dee Green – full support. 4 out of 5

IM037 – Dolbyd “The Kiss EP” Impact Mechanics – TECHNO
Release number Three off Impact Mechanics for Dolbyd, this time featuring the talents of Submerge, fresh from their hot release 2012 and for Amazone Records in France. This EP brings us "The Kiss" The title cut; thick bass and charming, lush synths that round out this full on musical techno excursion mover and the "two lovers Mix," a more driving and upfront flavored tech house with a massive bassline. Atmospheric and dark in all the right ways!

*Receiving support from DJs: Derrick May, Dubfire, Ben Sims, Dave Clarke, Joey Beltram, Ken Ishii, Technasia, Mike Grant, John Selway, Gayle San, Orlando Voorn, Jim Masters, Andy Toth, Angel Alanis

Derrick May – I’ll test it. 4 out of 5
Technasia – 4 out of 5
John Selway – 4 out of 5
Ken Ishii – Nice release. Good funkiness to it. 4 out of 5
Jim Masters – This will fit in perfectly with my sets this month! 5 out of 5

Also this week:
MIZ027 – Andrey Sher “Broken World E.P.” Mizumo Music
PDD001R – Slumdogz “Pushin Sound presents Jai Ho Remixes” Prime Direct Digital
RELDZ028 – Lotzik “Guiyu EP” RELDZ Recordings

AnD Press Releases:
OBDIG021 – David E Sugar “Flea Market” Oblio Recordings

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