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GrooveSource Cycle 158

Pre-Release Date 6/23/2009
General Release Date 7/14/2009

DCREC037 – Javier Orlando & Raul Carrasco “Underground Love” DeepClass Records – DEEP HOUSE
From Buenos Aires Javier Orlando and Raul Carrasco, after his great debut in DeepClass with his work Thinking in the night and counting on international artists's support such like Laurent Garnier, Dubfire, Inland Knights, Halo Varga, Shur I Khan, DJ Misjah, Lawnchair Generals, Jazzy Eyewear, Jay West, Fabien Kamb, Strakes ( Lost My Dog ), Subsky, Da Funk, Underground Love, bring his new work called "Underground love" refered # 37 at deepclass records, with remixes in charge of Jimmy & Fer Ferrari, Helly Larson and David Ordonez.

*Receiving support from DJs: Miles Maeda, Onionz, Misjah, Chris Simmonds, Alland Byallo, Raoul Belmans, Dave From Dallas, Ken ECB, Lawnchair Generals, Chris Udoh, Russell Deeks @ iDJ, Dee Green, Spettro, Kinky Movement, Jay West, Subsky, Frandanski, Pablo Varela, Hector Moralez, ibiza Global Radio, Be Lanuit, Fabien Kamb, Joshua Heath, DK Watts, Mr Jones, Bluntafari, Umber, Demarco E.P., Da Funk, Celebrity Records, Lara @ Geisha Bar, Fernanda Diaz, Charles Spencer, Chris Paul, Special Interest, Dj Cooccer

Onionz - pretty song. nice swing and percussion groove. 4/5
Chris Udoh – Wicked release Loving all mixes! 5/5
Dave From Dallas – 4/5
Dee Green - Nice and deep. 4/5
Russell Deeks @ iDJ - Deep! Liking the Original best for home listening or the Ordonez 4 da club. Mark is for package. 4/5
Chris Paul – Awesome Remix from Helly. Deep and driving a must play for me! 5/5
Da Funk - beauitfull! 4/5
Special Interest - i love the deep vocals and pads very nice. 4/5
Demarco E.P. - Great work. So deep and excellent quality. 5/5
DK Watts - The Original is the one I will play. Nice work. 4/5
Fabien Kamb – 5/5
Frandanski - nice vibe. cool ep. 4/5
ibiza Global Radio – 5/5
Lara @ Geisha Bar - This one is a great dancefloor track! 5/5
Pablo Varela - Nice Grooove! A deep journey again!! 4/5
Spettro - Baby makin’ music by the poolside. Lovely. 4/5
Subsky - Helly Larson is my fav mix in the package, dubby feeling, groovy stuff..will play! 5/5

HOG003 – Miniminds “Overdose” Hedgehog – TECHNO
Miniminds have been making quite a noise over the last year with some sublime releases on Fling Recordings and picking up support from the likes of Adam Beyer, Paco Osuna, Smith & Selway, Stephan Bodzin and Pig & Dan, to name just a few! They continue to do great things with this excellent 2 tracker on Hedgehog, a label previously releasing tracks from Marco Bailey and Pig & Dan.

‘Overdose’ is a dark driving monster, with huge funked out bassline, and builds with eerie synth lines. A sure fire peak-time smasher. This is flipped with ‘Organised Kaos’ a more stripped down Germanic affair. Bleeps and bass are the order of the day here, but still with plenty of wallop to keep the dancefloor heads more then happy. Another great release from the Hedgehog Records camp.

Hell - i will check it out for sure !! 4/5
Joey Beltram - Good peak time stuff. Really like the Overdose track. Will support it. 5/5
Cisco (Advent) - great stuff, will support. 9/10
Richard Hawtin – 4/5
Dubfire – 5/5
Dave Robertson - liking both of these. ta very much and a pint of mushroom sauce. 4/5
Misstress Barbara - overdose is the one for me. 4/5
Alan Fitzpatrick - love this release, heavy as fuck!! 5/5
Lance Blaise aka Tattoo Detectives - Organised Kaos is solid, nice techno groove there! 4/5
Timmy Stewart - Overdose is heavy shit. 4/5
Orde Meikle (Slam) - NICE TRACK - THANX GUYS! 4/5
Marco Bailey - Organised kaos is the one for me. 4/5
Markantonio - overdose overdose support. 4/5
Len Faki - organised kaos is the one for me! support! 4/5
Joseph Capriati - cool tracks! overdose is my favourite! 4/5
Lee Burridge - Will play organised kaos. 4/5
Lazaro Casanova - Good techno! Will come very handy for a dark room. 4/5
Eddie Halliwell – 5/5
Derek Plaslaiko - Solid floormelters here! Thanks alot! Will be playing play both! – 4/5
James Zabiela - been playing organised Kaos for a while now. Massive. 4/5
Gennaro Le Fosse - Nice one for hedgehog...Will support for sure, really like Organised Kaos!! 4/5
Moe Espinosa (Drumcell) - Great Record ... BIG sound will play for sure. 4/5
Damon Wild - cool tunes, but prefer Overdose. 4/5
André Sobota - Fantastic release, will overdose it. 5/5
Kyle Geiger - I like the straight forwardness of both of these tracks! Organised Kaos will be the one for me! 4/5

IM038 – Virgil Enzinger & Submerge 101 “Blackout EP” Impact Mechanics – TECHNO
This is big and straight bangin'! Submerge, owner of Impact Mechanics is back again with heavy hitting producer Virgil Enzinger. Both producers have taken the techno world by storm and have been on an unstoppable streak. Body rocking beats, booty-shaking basslines and a ton of funked-up flavor making this another top-notch release worthy of your attention. This release already approved by the one and only Speedy J who said "This EP is hot!" So be ready for some slamming, driving percussion, massive synth stabs and a ton of steady, growing oomph - This is a dance floor slayer!

*Receiving support from DJs: Dave Clarke, Richie Hawtin, Derrick May, Stacey Pullen, Dan Curtin, Ken Ishii, Speedy J, Chris Liebing, The Advent, A.paul, Steve Poindexter, Pedro Delgardo, Misjah, F.E.X., Alland Byallo, Billy Dalessandro, Dee Green, Aubrey, Rob Warner, Chris Udoh, Andy Toth, Angel Alanis, Matt Rissi (Solar Cathedral)

Richie Hawtin – 4/5
Derrick May - thanks will try. 4/5
Dave Clarke - always a fan, thanks. Heavy and tripped out, good for late nights. 4/5
Ken Ishii - A track that makes crowd scream! 4/5
F.E.X. – Yeah I like it!
Alland Byallo – HEAT!
Rob Warner – Mega track (Blackout). Loving it. 5/5
Aubrey – yeah this is nice..will use..nice and deep! scary! 5/5
Dee Green -! Great track, dub and dark feel to it! 5/5
Matt Rissi (Solar Cathedral) - great techno here. 5/5

RR021 – Daniel D “Slide Rules” ReRun – TECHNO
Misjah has always brought the goods to the table with a constant supply of quality releases stretching back over the last 10+ years. Now this new 2 tracker on his consistant Rerun label arrives and again turns a few eyebrows. What we have here is 2 tracks from talented producer Daniel D which are sure to rock any crowd.

*Receiving support from DJs: Richie Hawtin, Derrick May, Stacey Pullen, Ken Ishii, Dan Curtin, Francesco Farfa, ibiza Global Radio, Onionz, Ken ECB, Rob Warner, Alland Byallo, Noah Levine (xlr8r, urb), Submerge 101, Developer, Dee Green, Aubrey, Naveen G., Chris Udoh, Andy Toth, Angel Alanis, Matt Rissi (Solar Cathedral), Fernanda Diaz

Richie Hawtin – 4/5
Stacey Pullen - good track uplifting vibes. 4/5
Francesco Farfa - like it very much. great label. good groove. 4/5
Dee Green - I like this one, support! 4/5
Naveen G. – 4/5
Rob Warner – 4/5
Aubrey - yeah i like it. 4/5
Chris Udoh - Slick Production nice tracks! 5/5
ibiza Global Radio – 5/5
Noah Levine (xlr8r, urb) – 4/5
Matt Rissi (Solar Cathedral) - can always count on rerun for a nice and smooth release like this. – 4/5

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