Thursday, June 11, 2009

GrooveSource Cycle 157

Pre-Release Date 6/16/2009
General Release Date 7/7/2009

JEL044 – Umek “Heat Mode EP” Jericho – TECHNO
Jel Ford's Jericho imprint continues its resurgence with a 2 track killer from techno heavyweight, Umek. This will now be Umek's 4th release for this legendary label and it doesn't disappoint. He has been extremely busy releasing material over the last 12 months with superb releases on labels such as Rekluse, Tronic, Circle Music, Renaissance, Audoimatique and Hell Yeah. The 2 tracks here feature some of the best production we've heard in a long time with Heat Mode on the A side being a turbo charged killer with a deadly vocal refrain, precise drums and monster breaks. On the flipside Suitably Devastating is in a similar vein with its punchy drums, driving bass and clever edits. A killer release from an artist on fire!

John Digweed "good stuff" 4/5
Mihalis Safras "like it...seems like umek is back in the business!" 9/10
Joseph Capriati "great tracks,Heat Mode is the best for me!" 5/5
Technasia "cool driven techno. the a is for me" 4/5
Mauro Picotto "Thanks always really aprriciate Umek stuff" 4/5
The Advent "8/10 always great stuff from Umek"
Len Faki "this gonna kickin' the floor!" 5/5
Joey Beltram "Good tracks. Will support." 4/5
Fergie "WoW nice shizzle :) big umek mek mek mek mekin som bad ass shit..." 4/5

SPEC0905 – Nihad Tule “Way Of The Lonely Ones” Spectrum (UK) – TECHNO
Nihad Tule has had a busy few months working on new material for Adam Beyer's iconic Drumcode imprint. Luckily he found sometime to deliver Spectrum this masterpiece of dubbed out, deep, melodic techno. Its a beautiful driving track with swirling and rising synth-lines that are ideal for the early morning vibe, but still has enough weight, in the massive bassline and drums to keep the dance floor very happy indeed. Remix duties come courtesy of Jerome Sydenham, another producer making some serious waves at the moment and also awaiting an imminent release on Drumcode. Sydenham, takes key parts of the original and takes us on a tripped out, epic 9 minute journey, with all the subtle hints of Detroit's gold age shining through to fantastic effect. All in all, it's a dynamite release from a new label which has quickly gained masses of respect from DJs, press and punters alike. Go buy it.

Stephan Bodzin “Sydenham dub!!!!! shit, it´s a DUBDUB-BOOOMB. will ne in my case
forever ;-)” 5/5
Len Faki “Yeah!!! cool dubby release!! love the original + sydenham extended mix!!!” 4/5
Gregor Tresher “Another excellent Sydenham Remix, really like it. Cool original mix as well!” 5/5
Paco Osuna “I like jerome sydenham dub version, nice groove and atmosphere” 5/5
Luciano “Full support !! love it” 5/5
Ramon Tapia “Sideham mixxes are the bomb” 5/5
Technasia “Excellent release. will play all tracks” 5/5
Christian Smith “The sydenham remix is great! will play this tomorrow in argentina. thanks.” 4/5
Slam “Lovin the Jerome Sydenham mixes” 4/5
Petar Dundov “Good stuff, original and remixes aswell. Nice one.” 4/5
James Zabiela “Really, really nice stuff. thanks! Jz” :)
Hernan Cattaneo “Really good original jerome mixes too” 4/5
Cisco “10/10 Great tracks from Nihad..”
Heiko Laux “dig it. cheers;)” 4/5
Laurent Garnier “Realy into this loooovelyyyyyy” 4/5
Steve Mac “Nice, really nice. full support” 4/5
Joseph Capriati “Another good release from spectrum! My favourite is the Jerome Sydenham dub version!” 4/5
Dave Robertson “original is cool!! Thanks” 4/5
Marko Nastic “Amazing release ! really like this one !topnotch” 4/5
Alan Fitzpatrick “Been on this since Olly sent me a version. Love it!! spectrum are on fire!!!” 5/5
Michel De Hey “Already loved the original, sydenham is also cool as usual...” 4/5
Marco Bailey “Will play it sure ! ...Good Tracks ...Detroity” 4/5
Dustin Zahn “I really like all mixes here! I will play the orig and the dub mix the most! Can't wait to bang this shit tonight and tomorrow. Nihad on top once again.”
Perc “Yeah, this is a winner. Easily my favourite Spectrum release so far. Tough but dubby and not too electronic sounding. All mixes are good, but I think the original just shades it for me on first listen. Thanks.” 5/5
Chris Liebing “Dub could work well!” 4/5
Timmy Stewart “Super deep dubbed up Basic channel vibes on the whole package. All versions really playable but prob reach for the Jerome Sydenham dub the most.”

SSR029 – Mr. Morning “Stepped Into My Life” So Sound Recordings – HOUSE
Mr. Morning continues with the follow up of his massive debut 'Tomorrow" this time featuring the sultry voice of Cinnamon. This seductive track, with deep pulsing synth stabs and minimal melodic arpeggios, will get the listeners into a dreamy & emotional zone. Also check out the HOT mix from Christian Hurley! For fans of Dennis Ferrer, Quentin Harris, Roberto Rodriguez, etc

*Receiving support from DJs: Laurent Garnier, Dubfire, Danny Tenaglia, CJ Mackintosh, Miles Maeda, Gabriel Ananda, Chris Santiago, Halo Varga, Shur-I-Khan, Eddie Matos, Ken ECB, Lawnchair Generals, DJ Misjah, Chris Simmonds, Strakes (Lost My Dog), Atnarko, Daniel Kyo, Fer Ferrari, Nacho Marco, Russell Deeks (iDJ), Ibiza Global Radio, Chris Paul, Joshua Heath, Be Lanuit, Ibiza Sonica, DK Watts, Sebastian Davidson, Fabien Kamb, Da Funk, Carson Carr, DJ Cooccer, Special Interest, Celebrity Records, Demarco Electronic Project, Umber, Martin eNe, Frandanski, Pablo Varela,

CJ Mackintosh – Thanks! 4 out of 5
Lawnchair Generals – 4 out of 5
Halo Varga – Nice lil teky remix dope.. 5 out of 5
Eddie Matos – 5 out of 5
Russell Deeks (iDJ) – nice and trippy! 4 out of 5
Ibiza Sonica – SOOOO Nice. Full Support. Love it! 5 out of 5
Daniel Kyo – Wow! Top quality stuff. Will play for sure! 5 out of 5
Nacho Marco – YES! 5 out of 5
Da Funk – the instrumental's my fave pick here. will play for sure!! 5 out of 5
Ale Castro – 5 out of 5
Chris Paul – Solid release from So Sound as always 5 out of 5
Ibiza Global Radio – Full support! 5 out of 5
Manuel Sahagun – 4 out of 5
Fabien Kamb – Good stuff here lads, The original mix - fine house tune, and yet the Chris Harley mix for me from this pack. Support! 5 out of 5

WMAC27 – DJ Mourad “Signs of My Time” Wallshaker Music – HOUSE
DJ Mourad was born and raised in Tunisia, and has played alongside of some of the scene's greatest. Among them are Larry Heard, Farley Jack Mater Funk, Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Dimitri from Amsterdam, DJ Pierre, Jeff Mills, 4 Hero, etc. His discography includes releases from G-Force Records, Selekta Recordings, Accelerator Records, and now Wallshaker Music. "Signs of My Time" is highly loaded with soul and funk elements, blending Deep House with Detroit Techno -- just like his diverse DJ sets. Remixes by DJ Manuel Perez (Lace Recordings) round out this release.

*Receiving support from DJs: Derrick Carter, Laurent Garnier, Derrick May, Dave Clarke, Inland Knights, Allister Whitehead, Charles Webster, Anthony “Shake” Shakir, Miles Maeda, DJ Yellow, Charles Feelgood, DJ Misjah, DJ Pope, Francesco Farfa, Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb), Grant Nelson, Ken ECB, Lance Desardi, Abacus, Chris Simmonds, Jazzy Eyewear, Davidson Ospina, Ibiza Global Radio, Atnarko, Andre Harris, Daniel Kyo, Chris Udoh, Mark Picchiotti (Billboard), Fer Ferrari,

Laurent Garnier – looovelyyyyyyy! 5 out of 5
Grant Nelson – cool track. 5 out of 5
Allister Whitehead – I like this a lot. It reminds me that you have to start 4/4. The track doesn't have be a song, take the form of an arrangement and above all should make you listen. You did all this. 5 out of 5
Daniel Kyo – Love it!! 5 out of 5
DJ Pope – This is pretty kool track! 4 out of 5
Demarco Electronic Project – Excellent Ep!! 5 out of 5
Ibiza Global Radio – Superb! Full support! 5 out of 5
Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb) – 5 out of 5

MR004 – Steve Nocerino “Master Pure EP” Mecha Recordings – TECHNO
Steve Nocerino is back with his debut release on Mecha Recordings. The Master Pure E.P. includes two peak hour groovy chuggers and an extended edit by Adam Freemer.

*Receiving support from DJs: Laurent Garnier, Danny Tenaglia, Derrick May, Chris Liebing, DJ Rolando, Dubfire, Dave Spoon (Radio 1), Technasia, Ken Ishii, Lance Desardi, Francesco Farfa, DJ Misjah, Rob Warner (Our House Simmonds, Dee Green, Andy Toth, Terry Mullan, Developer, DJ Hyperactive, Submerge 101,

Laurent Garnier – yes yes , dancefloor killa! 4 out of 5
Dubfire – Thanks! 5 out of 5
DJ Hyperactive – all 3 pretty darn solid! 4 out of 5

Also this week:
PPMIX001 – Chuck Bleu “The Prosthetic Pressings Mix Vol. 1” Prosthetic Pressings *DJ MIX
DIFD035 – Gabo Lora “Secuencia Fuzz” Difusion
KLIT007 – V/A “Dissociates 1” Klientele
PDD004 – V/A “Mindtravel presents Funk Weapons Vol. 1” Prime Direct Digital
RELDZ029 – Audioklinik “Cold Cases EP” RELDZ Recordings

AnD Press Releases:
OBDIG024 – David E Sugar “Not Revolution” Oblio Recordings

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