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GrooveSource Cycle 163

GrooveSource Cycle 163
Pre-Release: 7/28/2009
General Release: 8/18/2009

DTX057 – Bear Who? “The Beat Box Remixed” Dust Traxx Chicago – HOUSE
Bear Who? That man behind international hit "Fix My Sink" which hit the UK billboard & BBC radio charts for 13 straight weeks, brings his next HUGE collection of future hits entitled "The Beat Box Remixed" to the Chicago based house label Dust Traxx, which in the course of 10 years has managed to release some of the biggest cuts in house music today. "The Beat Box Remixed" is a collection of "futuristic" digital-only remixes from a collection of some of today's hottest artists including Paul Johnson, Gene Farris, Blakkat, Swirl People, Vernon & Dacosta and several others. It's seduction without romance, penetration without pretense, this is the future sound of hip hop with a house edge, let's face it "sweat" (aka sex) sells and that is exactly what you'll get here. Mind crushing pop music from beyond. This is dance music with no boundaries, no limits and it dares to go where most haven't dared to explore; the result: infectious hooks and contagious rhymes make this a release to remember!

*Receiving support from DJs: Laurent Garnier, Cassius, Robert Owens, Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe), Crystal Method, Atnarko, Benji Candelario, Manuel Sahagun, Chris Fortier, Chris Paul, Chris Udoh, Da Sunlounge, Daniel Kyo, DJ Fernanda Diaz, DK Watts, Fabio Bacchini, Giom, Hugh Cleal, James Grindle, Jay West, Joshua Heath, Kelvin K, Kirby, Lee Holman, Miguel Garji, Misjah, Mr Jones, Nacho Marco, Nate Manic, Pablo Varela, Peter Hook (New Order), Raoul Belmans, Ricky Ryan, Carol @ Purple Lychee

Atnarko - Nice package , sirl peeps and maurice mixes for me. Thanks 4/5
Benji Candelario - WHAT??? SLAMMING COLLECTION!!!! 4/5
Cassius - yeah! some house on this world of chaos! 4/5
Chris Fortier - blakkat all the way 4/5
Chris Paul - Techy deep and dirty. love-in this track 5/5
Chris Udoh - So Many Tracks I Missed On 5/5
Crystal Method – 4/5
Da Sunlounge - Wow, this is great. will give my full support. 5/5
Daniel Kyo - One of the best promos I got in 2009!Thanks! 5/5
DJ Fernanda Diaz - love it!! 4/5
DK Watts - quality stuff 4/5
Fabio Bacchini - dancefloor killers 4/5
Giom - Super fun shizzle here: Im loving the Swirl peeps and Vernon & Dacosta mixes the most, but this is a really good remix package: Thanks for sending 5/5
Hugh Cleal - pretty solid collection, good range of tracks, several bigger dance tunes on here for sure. 4/5
Joshua Heath - the SP mix was the go to for me.. good chuggin grooves.. 4/5
Kelvin K - Good stuff here, just really dig the original too :) 4/5
Kirby - Dope package of remixes ! one track for everyone ! i will play few of them for sure ! :) Thanks: 5/5
Laurent Garnier - will play those three tracks (PJ, Kenqou & Blazin) THE ROOTS OF HOUSE! 4/5
Manuel Sahagun – 4/5
Miguel Garji - fresh deep and house..very goood 4/5
Misjah - best track from album (Paul Anthony & ZXX Remix). 4/5
Mr Jones - im a fan of genes work, i recognise an sman percussion stab on bar endings in this as well :D 4/5
Nacho Marco - Thanks a lot for sending the promo, been following dust traxx for a long time, so i really appreciate this. Will be playing some of the tracks in my sets. Cheers. 5/5
Nate Manic - Nice tough track! Like what they did to the vocals. 4/5
Pablo Varela – 5/5
Peter Hook (New Order) - not bad AT all! 4/5
Raoul Belmans - great package of remixes, full support! 5/5
Robert Owens - great track, respect! 5/5
Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe) - groovy, thank you! 4/5

HJM001 – Various Artists “California” HJM Records – PROGRESSIVE HOUSE
One of the most explosive new production teams to rise from the Italian dance scene is now taking the world by storm! Henry John Morgan aka Davide Ippolito, Davide Loi & Salvatore Blanda, following on for the success of ‘Cherokee’ which was signed to Hed Kandi Henry John Morgan goes from strength to strength with a new club project (not the follow up) HJM “Faith No Mor”, Buzz chart #2 and plays from Judge Jules on Radio 1. The guys have set up HJM Records for their own productions & Remixes.

Radio Coverage:
KISS 100 – UK - Steve Smart - on FNK
KISS 100 – UK - Will Cozens - on the Show – “Big track, Great Hook.”
KISS 101 – UK - Ant Nichols - on the Show – “Love it really nice mate gonna do some damage with that this weekend”
BBC Radio1 – UK - Nigel Harding – “Tune Sounds very Good! Thanks!!!”
MINISTRY OF SOUND Radio – UK - Andy Norman - Playlisted
ENERGY FM - PH Factor – UK - Paul Hughes - On the show
FIERCE ANGEL RADIO SHOW – UK - Mark Doyle - The Absolute Essential Tracks For A Fierce Weekend. – “Amazing track and great follow up!”
ENERGY FM - UK - Mixgeselle - on the Show – “Henry John Morgan's follow up on his huge success 'cherokee' is called 'california' and will be released soon - listen to it first here at the weekend warm up!”
LIFTED RADIO – UK - Mark Hobson – “Thanks for this… Great re-working! Will definitely be supporting this weekend! Shall feature on the show next week too.”
GALAXY FM – UK - Duncan Wallace – “Thanks buddy, Il make sure I check it out.”
JUICE FM – UK - Dave Whelan – “Thanks dude... Solid production as ever, will definatley be supporting you with this one”
SINE FM - Club Control Show UK - Cliff Bush - Playlisted
SOUL KANDI - SS Radio UK - Nick Power - Playlisted and Charted
COOL FM - UK - Pete Snodden – “Sounds Great!!!”
NEVIS RADIO - UK - Mark MacRae – “Playlisted!!!”
RTE PULSE - Twilight – Ireland - Christian Homan - Playlisted and Charted – “That's a very strong track mate! Really looking forward to the vocal too!”
B-LIVE RADIO SHOW on RADIO SUNSHINE LIVE - SUPRATON – Germany - Aga Heller – “I like it and I will play it on my show tomorrow :-)”
ENERGY NRJ Club Files Radio Show – Austria - Tim Anderson – “SHOT! This track will definitly be in our CD bags as well as in our radio show NRJ CLUB FILES!”
SUTIL SENSATIONS RADIO – Spain - David Gausa – “Hi HJM, I'll play it at our Radio Show this Saturday!!!”
40 PRINCIPALES "Vital De La Semana" - Spain - Mexico – Colombia - Luis Lopez – “Hello Henry, I like very much, It will be "Vital DE Le Semana" in my danche show in Spain, Mexico and Colombia, next week”
RADIO 1 VALENCIA – Spain - Jorge Navarro – “Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for your new release. Support in my sets and radioshow.”
BAMBOO ART SOUND – Spain - Dani Daniel Dj – “It's a fantastic track, I supported it in Bamboo Art Sound. Greetings again, your music inspiration it's incredible, congratulations!!!”
RADIO ONE @ PACHA – Spain - Victor Perez – “Fantastic track, full support on Radio 1.”
RADIO FG – France - Patrice Strike – “Hi Henry, Your track sound cool. On my radios sets.”
RADIO STATION MILLENIUM 107.4 FM – France - DJ Escada & Dj Missy Jess – “Thank u very much. You rock guys !!!!!!!!!This is the future summer anthem. Full support”
246 LIVE 100.7 FM Toronto, Canada - Jake Chec – “Great riff!”
PULSE 87.7 New York, USA - Dj Frankie Vasquez . “Playlisted”

Joey Negro - Thanks for this, really like, good luck with your future venture.
Marco V - Thank you, yes i really like your track California :)
Roger Sanchez - Got it! Thanks Henry! Will definitely play on the show!
Eddie Thoneick - Hey Man! Love the track Definitly gonna play it out!
Raf Jansen - Hi Mate! Like it, pass it on to Fedde and Funkerman.
John Acquaviva - Thanks got it!
Laidback Luke - Thanks Henry!
Chris Lake - Sounds Nice!!!
Tom Novy - I Really Like this!!!
Thomas Gold - I like it and I would include it in my next radio show for FG radio.
Robbie Rivera - Very Cool track!
Delicious - Really like this track! Will play it on next gig :-)
Flash Brothers - Very good track mate, like the uplifting house vibe for the summer. Will play it!!!
Salah Fariat - Very interesting track. I just feel the summer with it. I ll play it...thanks
Ian Round - Thanks for the tune, it's got a summer nights feel to it, I look forward to playing it.
Sandro Monte - Thanks bro, Like it!!!
Steve Graham - hey mr HJM, really dig this track! will deffo be playing out this weekend
Jay C - Yo bro cheers for the track, this is rockin... will definitely be supporting this for you.
Nick Power - Good track. Nice n Funky!!
Robert Gitelman - thank you `for bi rmx. love it
Dj Kered - Hi there! This is very good- I like it! I will certainly feature this on the show.
Pretty Pink - thank you so much for the great stuff ;D i allways love to play your music since two years
Matt Hollis - Cheers for that, nice track very good summer track
Dj Karl - Thank you for this ! Very good track with amasing summer vibe ! Full support on it !
Alan Cross - Love and played it all over the place :-)
Angelo Bott - I LOVE all your stuff and purchase it regularely through Beatport.
Colin Sales -Thank you for this!! I love it!! Got a nice reaction from it on Friday and its going on next week’s show!! Everyone seems to like it when the piano stops and the strings fade in. Keep up the good work, this is definitely your best yet!
Andy Warburton - Full Support!!!
The BeatThiefs - "SUMMER ANTHEM ALERT" your biggest yet dude...full Beats Support!!!
Stuart Millar - I Really Like it, 8/10 thank u, sounds big, piano is crow friendly too.
Chris Finan - Good track...VERY VERY Good track!
Graham Gold - Hey Matey!!! Thanks for this - very nice!!! I'm on it!
Tony Manc - Hey Matey!!! Thanks so much for this, big Track! Full support from me!!!
Mikey Dalton - Really nice track!!! well put togheter pal illo be supporting This!
Dan McKie - Sounds great, defo your best yet! Will try feat it in my new radio show and on
Nick Crowe - Love this tune a lot!!! HJM is my favorite producer of the moment!
Mark Hobson - I played it on my show last night as my TUNE OF WEEK. Fantastic vibes, works a treat! Full support and many thanks for the promo copy my friend!

HOG004 – Loco & Jam “8am Curfew” Hedgehog – TECHNO
Loco & Jam have been causing quite a stir recently with their outings on Fergie's Rekluse label. They join Hedgehog with a devasting techno bomb '8am Curfew,' which is already destroying dancefloors the world over with huge support from the likes of Joey Beltram, Laurent Garnier, Slam, Joseph Capriati, Misstress Barbara, Tom Hades, Cisco, Christian Smith, Ramon Tapia and many, many more.

Remix duties come courtesy of Italian duo Piatto, who are making a name for themselves and growing into an excellent up and coming production and DJ act. Once again enormous big room techno with huge production to match. This release is killer!

Joey Beltram - Good stuff. solid release. Will support. 5/5
Gennaro Le Fosse (Cielo) - Loving the hedgehog stuff, Big room pounders!! 3am is a Beast & Piatto's rmx is Godzilla! Full support! 100% Keep em coimng ~GLF 4/5
Misjah - full support 4/5
Jody Wisternoff - Some twisted techno, nice !! 4/5
Laurent Garnier - this will work in big rooms Will play 4/5
Orde Meikle (Slam) - nice trax - dark and techy - thanx guys 4/5
Joseph Capriati - 3am Curfew works for me! i will try it out! thanks. Joseph. 4/5
Misstress Barbara - Platto Remix is the one for me. will play 4/5
Tom Hades - Really love the Bulletproof one ! In my digital crate ! 4/5
Tedd Patterson - love it! 4/5
Grant Tinto - BIG release! Like the vibe on Bulletproof Monkey. 4/5
Miniminds - Will Support this. 3 great tracks. Bulletproof Monkey is the one for us!! 4/5
Cisco (Advent) - top stuff. all mixes hit the spot.. full support. cisco advent 10/10
Kyle Geiger - The Platto Remix is the one for me! 4/5
James Talk - i like the piatto remix! sounds good. 4/5
Christian Smith - totak peaktime mayhem! i shall rock this. lets rave!!! 4/5
Lance Blaise aka Tattoo Detectives - Piatto remix is some SOLID techno! 4/5
Jim Rivers - these boys have been sending me there stuff for a while and i think this is there strongest yet. 3am curfew is may fave 4/5

IM039 – Bas Mooy “Like A Virgin EP” Impact Mechanics – TECHNO
Like a Virgin EP from the US-based Impact mechanics label. Bas Mooy kicks things off with chunky beats, glitchy analog stabs and a big, round fat bottom end - just the way we like it! This release brings us the immensely talented Boris Ross, Virgil Enzinger and Impact owner Submerge transplant all these talented artist with there drop dead stunning re-rub of Like a Virgin and you have a hit. You have to love the glitchy, clicky, grinder from this release. Like a Virgin is a collaboration between Dubfire, meets Richie Hawtin. The entry here is a simple, minimal techno bomb, complete with subtle rhythms, heavy bassline and a ton of underlying tension. Quality release that will please the hard and minimal crowds alike, this is an amazing track ready to do work in your peak hour sets.

Aubrey - Nice groove.... will use this more than the other mixes... Nice job 5/5
Dave Clarke - Best remix of the bunch for me (Submerge), good and driven in that typical submerge style 4/5
Gabriel Palomo – 5/5
Jim Masters – 4/5
Jooris Voorn - Really like the Boris Ross Edit! 4/5
Lee Holman – 4/5
Luke Slater - All the mixes have purpose.will play,and play well. 4/5
Nigel Richards - ce darkness.... good to play in detroit tonight! 4/5
Noah Levine (xlr8r, urb) – 4/5
Rob Warner – 5/5
Robert Owens - nice deep mix 4/5
Trevor Rockcliffe - Boris Ross Nasty edit it the mix for me 4/5
Xpansul - Great track, loads of tension, bouncey, effective... Thanks 4/5

IRD009 – Tony Dax “Park & Ride EP” Itinerant Records – TECHNO
Fashion's one last cycle of a washing machine, but the classics are always in style. The ninth release for Itinerant Records brings you a uniquely brilliant EP from Tony Dax, the other half of Theory Records in the UK along with Ben Sims. Restrained, refined and melodic - this is techno in a pin-striped suite.

Laurent Garnier - brillinat ep will play a lot. 4/5
Rob Warner – 4/5
Lee Holman - really cool deep techno!! club and radio play! 4/5
Jim Masters – 4/5
Chris Udoh – 5/5
Xpansul - Great melodic techno. Quality stuff. Thanks 4/5

SB003 – Eskimo Twins “Red Triangle EP” Street Beats – ELECTRO HOUSE
We're really excited about this release, and pleased to have Eskimo Twins on board - a talented duo from Leeds who are making some big waves in the scene. When I first heard lead track Red Triangle it instantly reminded me of certain records that got me into dj'ing & dance music in the first place - I can hear elements of classic tracks like Bambaata's Planet Rock, Hashim's Al Naafiysh and Cybotron's Clear...the pioneering electro sound of the 80's, the Street Sounds Era. Red Triangle...a record for breakdancers & nu-wave ravers in equal measures, and we love it.

On the flipside, Insidious grabs you by the throat and gives you a swift kick in the goolies, a heavy-ass rock n rave track (as much as i hate to use that phrase). Eskimo Twins write fantastic hooks & melodies, dark and sometimes off-key & spooky, but it just works. To me this track screams Justice beats with Queens of the Stone Age vocal & melody...praise indeed. Remixes come from another fast-rising electro startlet in the shape of Jo Kira, who takes elements of Red Triangle and turns out a firing tech-houser with phat tribal drums and bags of for the Space terrace. Insidious gets a right rollocking big-room makeover from Mr Reliable also known as Hostage...someone who has been on our radar and doing good things for several years now...Booom.

Eskimo Twins can be seen playing live up & down the UK and in Ibiza throughout summer. Also look out for further productions on the new Wax:On label and Pieces of Eight Records.

Radio / Club DJ support from:
Zane Lowe - “Love the Insidious record!”
Annie Mac - “Hostage & Jo Kira mixes in my club sets, great stuff!”

Annie Nightingale, Eddie Temple Morris, Boys Noize, Fake Blood, DJ Feadz, DJ Mehdi, Tom Findlay (GA), Herve, Alex Metric, Alfredo, Danny Rampling, Erol Alkan, Justin Robertson, Mark Moore, Gildas (Kitsune), Beni (Kitsune).

Press reviews for:

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