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GrooveSource Cycle 161

GrooveSource Cycle 161
Pre-Release: 7/14/2009

General Release: 8/4/2009

SPEC0906 – Andre Sobota “Black Pearl” Spectrum Recordings (UK) – TECHNO

Andre Sobota returns to Spectrum with another tech-bomb. Black Pearl takes us on a slightly tougher and Germanic route compared to his previous outing on Spectrum. Its building synth line and driving deep bassline will have a cross over appeal to a wide range of DJs. Remix duties come courtesy of Spektre, work their usual magic on this which will no doubt make this release a constant in the box of many DJs all over the world... expect massive DJ support.

Joey Beltram - Both cuts are great!! 4/5
Technasia - The spektre remix is my fav 4/5
James Zabiela - Nice stuff, thanks guys :) 4/5
Orde Meikle - very nice - thanx 4/5
Hell - Spektre remix sounds great!!!!!! 4/5
Marco Bailey - prefar the original 3/5
Fergie - Yeah BIG spektre fan wicked mix will play :) HI OLLY HOPE UR WELL X 4/5
Alan Fitzpatrick - Original all the way!!! 5/5
Cisco - 9/10 nice vibes.. both mixes work.. Cisco.
Tom Hades - Very nice remix from Spektre !! 4/5
King Unique - Strong original 4/5
Enzo - Strong release both mixes wicked! 4/5
Karotte - Yes spektre remix is the one for me. love it. 4/5
Nick Warren - Great package, the spektre mix rocks 4/5
Dave Robertson - Original is cool. ta 3/5

SHUSH016 – Jon Pegnato vs. Matty Scoll “Basshole” Shush Music – ELECTRO HOUSE
Shush Music heads, Matty Scoll and Jon Pegnato team up once again with "Basshole". Jackin beats, ripping bass, and a hint of Bmore supplied by Baltimore native Scoll , combine to bring the heat for the summer. The track soon found it's way into the hands of another Bmore native, Charles Feelgood, and quickly became the opening track on his latest Moist Music mix CD, "How Sweet It Is", due out this month. The original mix is accompanied by remixes from Feelgood himself, InStereo Recordings artist Mike Balance, and Prompt Digital label operater Alternative Reality.

*Receiving support from DJs: Crystal Method, Bobby & Klein, Scumfrog, Chris Santiago, Aaron-Carl, Eddie Matos, Hakan Lidbo, Charles Spencer, Jori Hulkkonen, Martin Venetjoki, Angel Alanis, Noah Levine (xlr8r, urb), Bill Weber (Billboard), Jamie J. Sanchez (Billboard), Special Interest

Crystal Method – Full Support. 5/5
Bobby & Klein - Nice and Fidgety, me like!! Thanks for this. 4/5
Hakan Lidbo - yeah! funky drummer is back. classy! very sexy and nasty. i love it. 4/5
Chris Santiago – 4/5
Aaron-Carl - THIS is HEAVY!!! 5/5
Eddie Matos – 4/5
Martin Venetjoki – 4/5
Charles Spencer – 4/5
Noah Levine (xlr8r, urb) – 5/5
Bill Weber (Billboard) - Great Breakdown!! 4/5

PMPD014 – Itzone “Vidas” People Mover Productions – TECHNO
Vidas is a frantic trip through an ion nebula. It moves along with a constant barrage of clicks, kicks, and hits that leave the listener feeling as deep as they do quirky. The lead synth line bounces on the upbeat, while the bass and kick keep this track firmly underground. The Andy Toth Remix takes the groove and draws it out to its final conclusion - a mesmerizing vamp featuring familiar voices from the original, but with a new thump and a varied sample base.

*Receiving support from DJs: Laurent Garnier, Jooris Voorn, Monica Kruse, Nick Holder, Aaron-Carl, DJ Misjah, Lance Desardi, Onionz, Aubrey, Hakan Lidbo, Michel de Hey, Lawnchair Generals, Martin Venetjoki, Tim Thaler (Sonett77 Radio), C. Smooth, Ibiza Global Radio, Noah Levine (xlr8r, urb), Lee Holman, DJ Hyperactive, Naveen G., Ibiza Sonica (Radio), Dee Green, Chris Udoh, Submerge 101, Open Concept Recordings, Fernanda Diaz, Demarco E.P., Bluntafari, Jonra (DesignForm)

Aubrey – Amazing Amazing Amazing.....100% best thing i have heard for ages....!!! love it... really.!! 5/5
Dee Green – Cool Track. 4/5
Lee Holman – 4/5
Demarco E.P. – 5/5
Jonra (DesignForm) – 5/5

RELDZ030 – C-System “Dungeon EP” RELDZ Recordings – TECHNO
Here we are with the 30th release on Croatia's Reldz imprint, this time from Spain's C-System who provides one hell of a shuffly percussive groove with 'Dungeon'. Clocking in at just under six minutes, this has it all with the BPMs not too high but an overall dark feel with a twisted bassline and wicked percussion. Spain's A Paul (owner of the very well received Naked Lunch imprint) provides the first reworking and dark and subby is the order of the game here and this rocks the place!! Mad Hatter's Roman Zawodny is next up with one fierce kick drum and lots of mechanical and reverberated percussion that is definitely for the more spaced out 'avin it dancefloors! Finally DJ Devious delivers a funky tech influenced remix that has a dark distorted bassline just how we love it! This is the ideal track that you can drop at 6 am in a disused warehouse, field nightclub or a festival and it will get the same reaction every time! With such variety on offer hopefully there is something for you all!

*Receiving support from DJs: Dave Clarke, Laurent Garnier, Aubrey, DJ Misjah, Rob Warner, Dee Green, DJ Hyperactive, Andy Toth, Mustafa Avdic

Dave Clarke - My man C-system again! 4/5
Aubrey - Warehouse music...100% love it! 5/5
Rob Warner – Loving this! 5/5
Dee Green – 4/5

Also this week:
DIFD036 – Zarbeat “zar-beats 1.0” Difusion Records
KGB020 – Mostklik “Rhino EP” KGBeats

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