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GrooveSource Cycle 162

GrooveSource Cycle 162
Pre-Release: 7/21/2009

General Release: 8/11/2009

AB101 – Juan Atkins & Kimyon “Work For Money feat. Tricia” All About – TECHNO/HOUSE

Techno pioneer Juan Atkins along with rising star Kimyon collaborate to release "Work For Money" feat Tricia with remixes from Alexi Delano, Lars Behrenroth, Luis Baro and Dimitri Max on the newly formed label, All About. Juan Atkins is widely credited as the originator of techno music, specifically Detroit techno as well as the owner of legendary Metroplex Records. He is a constant source of inspiration for many DJ's and producers from around the world. Experimenting with fusing the extra-terrestrial funk of Parliament Funkadelic with the futuristic rhythms and hard math of Kraftwerk and the progressive dance theorems proposed by Giorgio Moroder, the Model 500 12"s laid the blueprint for Detroit Techno. In a recent trip to New York City he collaborated with good friend Kimyon at his Brooklyn studio and "Work For Money" was born. Kimyon is owner and operator of The Muvment, a New York based music and art production-company. The Muvment is responsible for the Tru Skul, Arts Industria and Pockit Rockit event series.

The contemporary electronic All About label was set up by Luis Baro, creator and former program director of XM Satellite Radio channel The Move. Luis is widely known as an event organizer and DJ from Chicago where he played an instrumental roll in establishing the city's famous clubbing institution, Smart Bar along with organizing large scale concert style dance events all through the 90's. In 2001 he moved to DC to run the first 24 hour electronic music culture satellite radio station The Move until Nov 2008 and has currently set up a recording studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where he is working with many talented individuals. All About's main focus is fusing the Chicago, Detroit and New York sound by collaborating with related artists and pushing the boundaries with subsequent remixes.

Reviews forthcoming:

Time Out New York by Bruce Tantum

5 Magazine by DJ Rees Urban

Our House Magazine by Riccardo

ResidentAdvisor by Dean DeCosta

Radio support:

Sirius XM (USA, Mexico, Canada)

FM 105.8 (Paris, France)

Ibiza Global Radio (Spain, Worldwide on internet)
Nova Radio (Germany)

No Territory Radio (Dublin, Ireland)

*Receiving support from DJs: Laurent Garnier, Todd Terry, Armand Van Helden, Dave Clarke, Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Tiga, Luke Slater, Magda, Charles Webster, Nico DeCeglia, Orlando Voorn, Affie Yusef, Alex Young, Alland Byallo, Andy Toth, Anthony "Shake" Shakir, Aubrey, Benji Candelario, BPM- Dean DeCosta, Charles Feelgood, Charles Morris, Chris Fortier, Chris Simmonds, Dan Curtin, Danny Rampling, David Guetta, Deetron, Deron Delgado, Dj Daniel Kyo, DJ Hyperactive, DJ Pope, Doc Link, Drumcell, Fedde Le Grand, Fernando Ferrari, FM 105.8 Paris, Fred Everything, Grant Nelson, ibiza Global Radio, James Ruskin, Jay West, Jazzy Eyewear, Jimpster, Jim Masters, Johnny Fiasco, Jooris Voorn, Jose Nunez, Justin Long, Kanzleramt, Kirby, Kraak & Smaak, Lance Desardi, Lawnchair Generals, Lee Holman, Little White Earbuds, Manuel Sahagun, Martin Venetjoki, Matthew "Bushwacka" B, Michel de Hey, Mike Grant, Mike Monday, Miles Maeda, Misjah, Monica Kruse, Neil Aline, Nikola Baytala, Noah Levine (xlr8r, urb), Onionz, Par Grindvik, Pedro Cali, Peter Gelderblom, Phil Turnipseed (DJ Times), Pound Boys, Recloose, Rick Preston, Robert LaFrance (DJ Times), Robert Owens, Samuel L. Session, Slam, Submerge 101, Taimur Agha, Tedd Patterson, Xpansul


Affie Yusef - warehouse music for the people. Nice 4/5

Alland Byallo - I love Lars’ remix the most. Incredible work! Alexi’s mix is something special too! Nice release for sure. 5/5

Andy Toth - Great release on a cool new label. The Alexi Delano mix is my favorite. 4/5
Armand Van Helden - Real HOUSE music! 5/5

Aubrey - The Master....with some amazing vocals.... Tracks like this don’t come along often... This sorts the men from the boys..! Sure hit....100% thanks! 5/5

Benji Candelario - 4/5

Dean DeCosta (Resident Advisor) - Nice remix from Lars! Deep goodness, all the way! Great bassline on Dimitri’s mix! Deep and dark! Many thanks.Thanks. 4/5

C.Smooth - will spin this on my radio show Live from London on Nova Radio in Germany. Cheers keep em comin! 4/5

Chris Fortier - nice and deep, and surprising for the vibe. great feelings. 4/5

Dave Clarke - good old fashioned house that still sounds fresh. 4/5

Deron Delgado - Smokin!! Loving the whole package! 5/5

Dj Daniel Kyo - DETROIT!! Ufff,love this! Thanks for the ep! Great to find that!! 5/5
DJ Hyperactive - oh, me like! really nice. shit is dope. deep... 4/5

Doc Link – Luis Baro mix 4/5

Dubfire – Excellent. 5/5
Fedde Le Grand – 4/5

Fer Ferrari (DeepClass) – 4/5

FM 105.8 Paris - I like It! Jack In This House !!! 4/5

Grant Nelson - cool jam. 4/5

ibiza Global Radio – 5/5
Jay West – 4/5

Jim Masters – 4/5

Johnny Fiasco – (Luis Baro mix) smoking sexy deep... very nice. 4/5
Jon Cutler - Great start proud of you 4/5

Jori Hulkkonen - Alexi never fails to deliver a bomb remix... 5/5

Justin Long - ery good rounded out release! A good strong punch for a 1st release! 5/5

Kirby - Dimitri remix all around for me ! i will def' play this one. Great work on the vocal, and the bassline is sick. Congrats brother ! :) 4/5

Lance Desardi - Kinda wild, but I like it! 4/5
Laurent Garnier - good stuff from Juan. Will play the original mix. 4/5
Lee Holman – (Lars Remix) pick of the bunch for me...very nice mix. will play on No Territory Radio ! thanks again groovesource! 4/5
Little White Earbuds - 4/5

Magda - Alexi very nice groove. 4/5

Manuel Sahagun - Loving all mixes!! Thanks. 5/5

Matthew "Bushwacka" B - twisted. lovely deep groove – thanks. 4/5

Michel de Hey - love alexi his stuff. nice housy vibe to the original. 4/5

Mike Monday – 4/5 funky mix like it

Miles Maeda - Luis mix quirky fun, bouncing beats, what more could you ask for. a quality remix of legendary artistry. 5/5
Monica Kruse – 4/5
Nico DeCeglia - Always nice to hear new stuff from Juan Atkins. All mixes are nice. 5/5

Nikola Baytala - Work For Money feat. Tricia - Alexi Delano Remix is perfect oh my god PERFECT! 5/5

Noah Levine (xlr8r, urb) – 4/5

Onionz - old school style here. her voice is beautiful. Alexi groovin. 4/5

Orlando Voorn - Best mix by far for me is Lars Behrenroth who makes it a delicate piece of music and uses the vocal the best way and definitly produced a soulful mix. Well done good job. 4/5

Par Grindvik - great remix package on a more than sweet original! thanks! 4/5
Phil Turnipseed (DJ Times) - sweet and sexy with a gorgeous synth and an active percussion groove....nice. We like the rugged rn'bish house beat on this one (Luis Baro mix). 4/5

Recloose - Like this mix (original), classic Detroit dark styles with lovely hook. Dope... classic sound, great hook. Gonna rock this fo sho... 4/5

Richie Hawtin – 4/5

Robert LaFrance (DJ Times) - Love the unique synth work with the funky beat. 4/5

Robert Owens - great mix, love it…another cool deep vibe. 4/5

Slam – nice. 4/5

Submerge 101 – 5/5
Taimur Agha - 4/5 Im really diggin this EP. fuckin smoking package all together.

Tedd Patterson - this is a great mix (Alexi Delano mix)! on it. 5/5

Tiga - delano and luis baro are dope. Excellent! 5/5

Todd Terry - This is what house should sound like 5/5

Xpansul - Fantastic track. I love its dark dubby vibe. Thanks. 5/5

ANM019 – Tony Senghore “Avouch/Steam” Anonym – ELECTRO HOUSE

It is footloose, forward thinking and quite often a bit odd. Sprinkled with curiosity for exploring new ways to the purpose of making people shuffle their tired feet. Pugnacious, belligerent and slightly gung-ho with a definite taste for blood. What do we speak of you ask? Well it could only be the music of Tony Senghore. Tony has a diverse discography that counts up in the hundreds. It is colourful and full of contrasts. Never reluctant, always different. Out side of his own productions, remix treatment has been given to a wide range of artists like Bodyrox, Audiobullys, Lady Sovereign, Ladytron, Bent, Til West, Portobella, Syndicated People, John Dahlback, and many more.

*Receiving support from DJs: Aaron-Carl, Angel Alanis, Ben Santo, Billboard Bill Weber, Bobby & Klein, Brett Johnson, Bruno Banner, Charles Spencer, Chris Santiago, Chris Udoh, Crookers, Crystal Method, Special Interest, Dave Clarke, Dave Spoon, David Gee, Davidson Ospina, Dj Nikola Byatala, DJ Playmate, Dj Vibe, Eddie Matos, Fernando Ferrari, Hakan Lidbo, Hans Temmerman (The Mystic Force), Jnr J, John Gibbons, Johnny Fiasco, Jokers of the Scene, Jon Freer, Jori Hulkkonen, Junior Frank, Ken ECB, Lenny Vega, Marc Caruso, Martin Venetjoki, Mousse T., Nate Manic, Noah Levine (xlr8r, urb), Onionz, Paul PH Factor Hughes, Ricky Ryan, Rod Debyser, Sarah Main, Scumfrog, Sentinel, Simon Ramsey, Special Interest, Terry Mullan, The Henchmen, Tom Neville, Tony Lee, Valentin Café del Mar

Ben Santo - avouch has a great energy and the combination which the nicely grained prog melody catches the crowd for sure as it does me! 9/10
Billboard Bill Weber - Not a bad techno excusion. Great build up nice energy! 4/5

Brett Johnson - Cool drums and sounds. lots of love. 4/5

Charles Spencer – 5/5
Crookers - Avouch got some sick beats, love it! 5/5
Crystal Method – 4/5

Dave Spoon - like this thanks... d 5/5

David Gee - Steam is a nice electrostomper wich would work on a loud instalaation mach 4/5

Dj Nikola Byatala - will support NICE MOVES TONY! 5/5

DJ Playmate - A nice dark and light electro track, keep those Senghore babies pumping out darling.

Dj Vibe - Thanks...5/5

Eddie Matos – 4/5
Hakan Lidbo - tony is crazy, i love this idiot melody that never stops. very nice. 5/5
Hans Temmerman - The Mystic Force - freaky production!
Jnr J - so cool and original. cant wait to play. full support 5/5
John Gibbons - Nice release - thanks!

Johnny Fiasco - finally... a breathe of fresh air! 5/5

Jokers of the Scene - stoked to play both of these out!
Jon Freer - ANM019 is another fine offering, where Avouch lets a warbling bass do the talking, and Steam takes strength from a punishing synth line.

Jori Hulkkonen - tony seems to be back in top form delivering yet another killer. 5/5

Junior Frank - mazing tunes from mr Senghore as usuall, these ones are no exeption!
Ken ECB - WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKING GENIUS! Senghore just pulled of a Mozart!
Lenny Vega - like the swing and bassline nice track will put in my set

Marc Caruso - Weird and brilliant groover! really like them...especially avouch
Martin Venetjoki – 4/5
Mousse T. – mental! 5/5
Nate Manic - Huge track! Love the rhythms and the almost-sideways swing. 5/5 Noah Levine (xlr8r, urb) – 4/5
Paul "PH Factor" Hughes - absolutely love both of these they kick when turned up loud. both i will be featuring on my radio show. thankyou. 5/5
Ricky Ryan – 4/5
Rod Debyser - Avouch is my fav !!!! Congrats
Sarah Main – cool. 4/5
Sentinel - typical Mr T you got my ears salivating over the audio candy that i have just been subjected to.. ummm i like

Simon Ramsey - Avouch is absolutely stomping and completely unexpected. Angular and melodic and incredibly cool. Steam is more friendly and so playable too...

Special Interest - really fucking ace! 5/5

Terry Mullan - Tony is in a league of his own as a producer, always psyched to hear his new stuff, this is dope. 5/5

The Henchmen - Good Work

Tom Neville - Inspiring. As per usual. 5/5

DCREC039 – Masque “Amanecer” DeepClass Records – DEEP HOUSE

Javier Masque From Santiago Chile, bring us "Amanecer" a deep and soul song with interesting melodic details close to the jazz music. Percussion and latin rythms are present in this work as well the perfect selection in sounds. Bring me my Martini you will said! End of 2008 and 2009 starts with a new challenge, as he introduces some new deep/tech house influenced music wich is getting a lot of respect in the scene, and with top sellers on beatports deep house charts.

*Receiving support from DJs: Ale Castro, Be Lanuit, Bluntafari, Chris Simmonds, Da Funk, Danny Rampling, Dee Green, Demarco E.P., Dj Cooccer, Dj Daniel Kyo, Dj Fernanda Diaz, Dj Martin eNe, DK Watts, Fabien Kamb, Halo Varga, ibiza Global Radio, Jay West, Jazzy Eyewear, Johnny Fiasco, Joshua Heath, Kinky Movement, Kirby, Lawnchair Generals, Manuel Sahagun, Misjah, Mr Jones, Onionz, Pablo Varela, Special Interest, Spettro, Strakes @ Lost My Dog, Umber


Ale Castro - i love deepclass! 5/5

Bluntafari – 4/5

Chris Simmonds – 4/5

Da Funk - not one weak track yet! great stuff! 4/5

Danny Rampling - cool summer laid back groove. 4/5

Dee Green – 4/5
Demarco E.P. - Excellent work by Masque!!!. Full support. 5/5

Dj Cooccer - nice deep groove... cheers. 5/5

Dj Daniel Kyo - Very nice ep!Maybe the best DeepClass! 5/5
Dj Fernanda Diaz - the entire release i will play for sure, great sound from my home town!!! :-) 4/5
Dj Martin eNe – 4/5

DK Watts - good solid deep house on the minimal tip 4/5

Fabien Kamb – 5/5

Halo Varga – 4/5

ibiza Global Radio – 5/5
Jay West – 4/5

Johnny Fiasco - solid! 4/5

Kirby - The full EP is really nice, lovin' theses beats and chords melodies, Great package! 4/5

Manuel Sahagun - Love this groove!! 4/5

Misjah - full support 4/5
Mr Jones - good groove 5/5

Onionz - nice! im feelin all the tracks on this Ep.well produced. 4/5

Pablo Varela – 4/5

Umber – 4/5

DG001 – Dee Green “Elevation” DG Label – TECHNO

After 20 years of experiences with signings to electronic music most influential Labels and their techno sounds, like Harthouse, Prosthetic Pressings, Baroque, Dataworx, Cuatro, and others smaller ones like, Dee Green have decided to go solo and start up his own label. In the past years Dee have being partner and manager for V-Label and allot of his inpuct & effort have helped to grown strong and A well respected Label. Spring 2009 sees DG Label a new underground independent Label with innovative cutting edge tracks and tuff beats to strive late nigths block parties. The Label concept for the new imprint is to steer away from saturated samples and feature more of Dee Green original organic productions with his various Alias, and also to give space to true talented new Comers producers and work collaborations with well known fellow mates rmxers from arownd the World!
Elevation EP by Dee Green is DG Label Launch release, strong & modern sounds with allot of boom power to strive any dancefloor. To define Dee Green style is not quite simple and all is needed here is to listen and ENJOY

*Receiving support from DJs: Aaron-Carl, Andy Toth, Angel Alanis, Aubrey, Bluntafari, Brandon Invergo, Charles Morris, Chris Udoh, Danny Tenaglia, Dave Clarke, Demarco E.P., Dj Cooccer, DJ Hyperactive, Hakan Lidbo, ibiza Global Radio, Ibiza Sonica (Radio), Jonra (DesignForm), Jooris Voorn, Ken Ishii, Lance Desardi, Laurent Garnier, Lawnchair Generals (Peter), Martin Venetjoki, Michel de Hey, Misjah, Naveen G., Nick Holder, Noah Levine (xlr8r, urb), Onionz, Submerge 101


Aaron-Carl – 4/5

Aubrey - yeah great sounds.... full support.. amazing thanks. 5/5
C. Smooth - will spin this on his radio show Live from London,at his gigs & he will also chart return it.Cheers keep em a coming! 5/5

Chris Udoh - Nice Track gonna play it out this week. 5/5

Demarco E.P. – 5/5

Dj Cooccer – 4/5
Jonra (DesignForm) – 5/5

Martin Venetjoki – 5/5

Naveen G. – 5/5

Noah Levine (xlr8r, urb) – 5/5

Submerge 101 – Nice! 5/5

Also this week:
DFDIGI025 – Paul Anthony & ZXX “I am House Music feat. Farley Jackmaster Funk” Dirty Fabric Digital
MIZ030 – Various Artists “ZumoBeatz: Mizumo Summertime Sampler EP” Mizumo Music S030 – Various Artists “
The Source Volume 30” The Source

SCREC014 – Mladen Tomic “Through The Tunnel EP” Solar Cathedral Recordings

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