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WMC SPECIALS!!! Live 4/14-4/20

JEL042 – Anderson Noise “Alcateia” Jericho – TECHNO
Jel Ford's Jericho Recordings has been busy of late releasing killer records from the likes of Smith and Selway and Joel Mull. This is another quality release to add to that list from Brazilian hotshot - Anderson Noise. The original itself is a long driving spaced out bomb culminating in a killer E -Dancer esque pitch bend synth line. On the flipside Par Grindvik really gets to grips with it and pumps it up into a thrilling piece with electrifying peaks and drops. What a release!!

Dubfire - 5/5
Josh Wink - "Like the deepness of the original mix." 4/5
Christian Smith - "The Grindvik mix is good. Might give it a try out." 4/5
Joey Beltram - "Nice release. I'll play this." 4/5
TECHNASIA - "Great Grindvik remix" 4/5
Paul Hamill (Psycatron) - "This lovely, really atmospheric with a lick of detroit in there too. Makes a refreshing change from all the click-click-beep-beep shit doing the rounds at the minute." 5/5
Danny Howells - "Really good, will play tonight!!" 4/5
Marko Nastic - "Nice thanks! Like original!" 4/5
Tom Hades - "Perfect release! Will play both tracks for sure!!!” 5/5
Gennaro Le Fosse - "Nice work for Jerico, I really like the Anderson Noise original, But Par Grindvik's mix is the one for me, Full support , I'll rock it this weekend for sure!" 4/5
Alan Fitzpatrick - "Great tracks" 4/5
Ivan Smagghe - "Masive fan of Par Grindvik stuff... this does not fail. Big late room music of the highest order." 4/5
Mihalis Safras - "Alcatelia is ace..will def gonna play it.. Brasil hits again or what?" 5/5
Len Faki - "Great dark, twisting and shacking mix from par, will play this out for sure!" 5/5
Ida Engberg - "Beautiful! I love the Pär Grindvik remix!!! Thanks!" 5/5
Perc - "Par's remix is great, pretty epic but good for when I play bigger rooms. Good stuff, Ali." 4/5
Derek Plaslaiko - "In love with Par's remix here. Such a monster in high regards to all sides of techno. LOVE it!!" 5/5
Hernan Cattaneo - "Excellent both mixes"
Davide Squillace - "Par's dark side ...!" 4/5
Dave Mothersole - "Original is good - very trippy and psychedelic." 4/5
Paco Osuna - "Par Grindvik rmx is cool" 4/5

MAU5015 – Deadmau5 “Bot/Some Kind Of Blue” Mau5trap
Deadmau5 returns to mau5trap on a wave of success after his grammy and Juno nominations with the tech heavy 'Bot' and dreamy 'Some Kind Of Blue'.

Bot shows Mau5's more techy side. Heavy drums and plenty of bit crushing on show here in a track all about rhythm.

Some Kind Of Blue is more classic mau5 with deep bass, snappy drums and lush trancey melodies.

DCREC030 – Eskadet “Out of my House” DeepClass Records – DEEP HOUSE
Straight from the French Alps and with a remarkable career, Eskadet brings us "Out of my House", a unique piece characterized by brushstrokes of elegance with a fresh sound and deep groove. Pianos and trumpets complete the musical harmony of this production. Including remixes from the talented Mr. Jones, Jimmy & Fer Ferrari and JP Phillipe

*Receiving support from DJs: Laurent Garnier, Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez, Dubfire, Mark Farina, Dimitri from Paris, John Selway, Deli G, DJ Misjah, Valentin (Café del Mar), Lawnchair Generals, Ken ECB, Jake Childs, Chris Udoh, Ibiza Global Radio, Da Funk, Demarco Electronic Project, Fernanda Diaz, Ruben Roher, DJ Cooccer, Bluntafari, Mr. Jones

Roger Sanchez – I will test. 5 out of 5
Dubfire – 5 out of 5
Mark Farina - 5 out of 5
Chris Udoh - Deep & lovely release send more of these type tunes! 5 out of 5
Ken ECB – oh damn, this is sick shit!!! 5 out of 5
Ibiza Global Radio – Full support!!! 5 out of 5
Fernanda Diaz – 4 out of 5
Da Funk - great! top notch! full support 5 out of 5
Demarco Electronic Project – Excellent Ep. Us ussual in DeepClass Records. Good vibes!!! 5 out of 5
Ruben Roher – 5 out of 5
Mr. Jones – 5 out of 5

WS002 – Kevin Andrews “La Ventura” World Sound Recordings – PROGRESSIVE HOUSE
Following the success of his first release "Plastic Dreams" Kevin Andrews delivers us yet anothaer absolute dancefloor winner!! With a quality package of mixes Kevin starts us off with his Signature mix, an energetic yet progressive true anthem, lined with fat chugging beats, plenty of uplift throughout the breaks and an awesome killer lead synth, he initiates the package with a boisterous clarity. Kid massive then hits us with his mighty house thumper by mixing a fresh true fatness around the original parts., using awesome beats, a fresh raging synth sound and a fierce grooving bass he delivers an overall hugeness to his mix!! Digital Narcotics & Sexy Trash continue the journey but take their mix a different way, maintaining a much deeper minimal vibe and staying very techy and underground they keep a cool constant groove throughout!! Finally Raxon & Da sendri round us off with a sheer awesome speaker shaking bass mix with fresh original synth sounds and all those tech house trimmings.....leaving you with that tough decision...."which do i choose"??

*Receiving support from DJs: Derrick May, Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez, Dubfire, Sandy Rivera, Yousef, Ian Pooley, Kaskade, Jose Nunez, D. Ramirez, George Morel, Jim Masters, Timo Mass, Scumfrog, David Penn, Grant Nelson, Thomas Gold, Michel de Hey, DJ Misjah, Christian Alvarez, Martijin Ten Velden, Jason Jinx, Fernanda Diaz, Ruben Roher

Roger Sanchez – Big one! 5 out of 5
Dubfire - 5/5
Ian Pooley – That Kid Massive mix is a fat remix! Love the stabs!! 5 out of 5
Jim Masters – big track…should ‘cause some major damage! 5/5
Martijin Ten Velden - Kid Massive delivers the beats as always!! Full Support. 5/5
Ruben Roher – 5 out of 5

DCREC031 – Fabien Kamb “Water Tacticz” DeepClass Records – TECH-HOUSE

Born in Yerevan, Armenia, Garry Mkrtchyan or Fabien Kamb also brings a incredible music that really cannot describe, we can only dance. Merging very well two styles Deep & techouse. An internationally recognized artist who just very recently received support from many differents artists such as high-flying Lauren Garnier, Shur-i-Kan, Jimmy & Fer Ferrari, Da Funk, Scope (Ric Mclelland), Lukas Greenberg, latent Project Richard Earnshaw (Spiritchaser) and others. So taking into consideration Fabien's (Garry Mkrtchyan) reputable background over the years and the ability to represent certain trademark sounds and grooves in a specific manner for each of his aliases, the international house music community (electronic in general) is without a doubt going to earn more and more of perfectly produced music and loads of positive emotions.

*Receiving support from DJs: Laurent Garnier, Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez, Dimitri from Paris, John Selway, DJ Misjah, Jake Childs, Ken ECB, Lawnchair Generals, Chris Udoh, Ibiza Global Radio, Demarco Electronic Project, Fernanda Diaz, Ruben Roher, Da Funk, MR. Jones, Bluntafari

Roger Sanchez – Thanks. 5 out of 5
Jake Childs – really liking this bugger here really nice job def playing this. 5 out of 5
DJ Misjah – love the groove! 5 out of 5
Ken ECB – Im in love with this label. jesus, a total new fan here!! 5 out of 5
Chris Udoh – Very cool! 5 out of 5
Ibiza Global Radio – Thanks. As always full support! 5 out of 5
Fernanda Diaz – 5 out of 5
Bluntafari – This one and Water Takticz are great. Will be playing them for sure. 5 out of 5
Ruben Roher – 5 out of 5
Da Funk – serious damage! great stuff from fabian again! this kid has a bright future ahead! 5 out of 5
Mr. Jones – 5 out of 5

Also this week:

MIZ023 – Martin Stork “Medalion” Mizumo Music
GETCOMP003 – Varios Artists “Getaway Lounge” Getaway Recordings

AnD Press Releases:
HBD014 – JELO, Me&John feat. Kevin Drew “Due to Love” Hot Box Digital
OBDIG013 – David E Sugar “Your Wedding” Oblio Recordings
OBDIG010 – David E Sugar “Written Down” Oblio Recordings

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