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GrooveSource Cycle 146

GrooveSource Cycle 146
Pre-Release Date 3/17/2009

General Release Date 4/6/2009-4/8/2009

HEJ00C – Various Artists “Hej Comp - Installment 1” Hej Recordings – MINIMAL
HEJ Comp: installment one, part of a digital exclusive series featuring five versatile tracks from US and UK based producers. PUNISHER (Detroit) drops "Bullfrog Jack" a groovy minimal tune named for its deep guttural bass and bouncy staggered beats. Layered with a collage of micro blips and steam hiss fluttering and panning over a chunky kick, this one's sure to make you jak. JOHN OVERFIEND takes you on a journey with "Frozen Indifference" a minimal techno banger with an ancient mystique. Acidy sounds shift and pivot around the shuffled drums, carried by an ominous droning voice that tells pieces of a primal story. Deep bellowing bass floods through the mix as new levels of percussion and hiss echo into the depths. SASSMOUTH "If Eyes Could Hear" is a stripped down tribal masterpiece with fluttering bongos that dance into a beautiful infectious melody. The whirling whale like siren calls and cascading ambient keys caress your ears and your soul while the bass thumps you to into motion. ANDY TOTH presented two tracks, both his unique style yet each completely different. His tune "I'm Not Real" has a dream like feel with otherworldly synth tones, twisted funky bass and cerebral effected vocals that seep into your subconscious and captivate the listener. Andy's next gem, "The Surface Beneath" is swanky techno cut with keyboard stabs, pumping synth bass and a lot of ass end. Broken beat experimental breakdowns and some serious drops make this one a dance floor rocker. With mastering by Tim Xavier, the sound quality speaks for itself. Receiving regular support from DJ's such as Adam Beyer, Joel Mull, Chris Fortier, Adultnapper, and Soul Clap, HEJ is bridging the gap between techno and minimal house.

HEJ RECORDS : Making a mark in the evolution of musical energy

Receiving support from DJs: Derrick May, Laurent Garnier, Danny Tenaglia, Dubfire, Fedde Le Grand, Francesco Farfa, Ken Ishii, Technasia, Jim Masters, Xpansul, DJ Misjah, Chris Fortier, Rob Warner, Billy Dalessandro, Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb), Aubrey, Chris Simmonds, Ibiza Global Radio, Tim Thaler (Sonett77 Radio), Ibiza Sonica Radio, Submerge 101, David Hollands, Charles Morris, DJ Hyperactive, Fernanda Diaz, Brian Ffar, Droid Behavior, Alland Byallo, Andy Toth, Airdrop Records, Soul Clap, Eternal Network (mexico/texas)

Dubfire – 5 out of 5
Ken Ishii – I give my vote to Bull Frog Jack. Love the bass sound. 4 out of 5
Technasia – 5 out of 5
Fedde Le Grand – Thanks guys! 4 out of 5
Dustin Zahn (enemy records, drumcode) - I love Andy Toth’s “The Surface Beneath” track! It’s a laid back rocker perfect for mid set. I will play it out quite a bit.
Francesco Farfa – nice! 5 out of 5
Aubrey – fantastic, fantastico, rockin! 5 out of 5
Charles Morris – Sexy playful techy minimal.will work well in a jumpin set. 5 out of 5
Rob Warner – 5 out of 5
Tim Thaler (Sonett77 Radio) – 4 out of 5
Kero (Detroit underground, warp) - "hej 00c has some killer tracks, my favorite bieng John Overfiend's its blend of sound design and glitchy vocals keeps the floor moving in those late night hours"
Noah Levine (xlr8r, urb) – 5 out of 5
Fernanda Diaz – nice one! great build up, perfect for preparing a major explosion on the dancefloor! 4 out of 5
ibiza Global Radio – 5 out of 5

HW037 – Hoxton Whores “Devil Toy” Hoxton Whores – PROGRESSIVE HOUSE
Hoxton Whores take on board this monster bassline, generate energetic tech house beats, combine it all with a sheer class overiding synth riff and end up causing complete chaos on the dancefloor with this enormous house track.....An absolute must!!!

*Receiving support from DJs: Derrick May, Laurent Garnier, Danny Tenaglia, Dubfire, Tom Middleton, ATFC, Bad Boy Bill, Mastiksoul, Jose Nunez, Joey Beltram, George Morel, Scumfrog, Jim Masters, DJ Misjah, Chris Fortier, Grant Nelson, David Penn, Christian Alvarez, Ruben Roher, Fernanda Diaz

Bad Boy Bill - 4 out of 5
Dubfire - thanks! 5 out of 5
Tom Middleton - 5 out of 5
Jose Nunez - 4 out of 5
ATFC - 5 out of 5
Scumfrog - Sandy Vee!!!!!! :) 5 out of 5
David Penn - 4 out of 5
Christian Alvarez - Massive! 5 out of 5
Fernanda Diaz - super! 5 out of 5
Ruben Roher – very cool! 5 out of 5

BED016 – Various Artists “March EP” Bedroom Bedlam
Pete Tong's March edition of his acclaimed Bedroom Bedlam series is a proper 8 track selection including a bit of electro house, progressive beats and minimal attitude. We say it every time but if Tong see's fit to pick these up for his own label you know there must be something there.

OBDIG010 – David E Sugar “It Leaves A Scar” Oblio Recordings
David E Sugar has been a popular face on the UK, and European Chip Music scene since early 2004. He uses ‘tracker’ software on a Gameboy to create sequences, which he then builds over with other instruments. After being selected to take part in the Desiel U Music tour in the UK during 2006, his profile has risen, and he will now accompany top ten star Clavin Harris on his UK jaunt in June and July 2007.
He regularly plays to large crowds all across Eaurope, including Germany and Switzerland, now it appears that the rest of the world is catching onto his unique and quirky, but damn fine pop music. The tenth release on Oblio Recordings from David E. Sugar. This one is called It Leaves A Scar.

RTX008 – Lys “Speechless” Rising Trax
The Italian House producer is on fire at the moment. After the recent huge remix of Rhythm Code - Rise that was one of the biggest tracks of the Miami WMC, Lys returns with a massive Piano smash ready for the White Isle! Pete Tong: Essential Selection

XFER004 – BSOD “Last Life EP” Xfer Recordings

Huge 3 tracker from Deadmau5 and Steve Duda under the BSOD guise. It includes Last Life, Choplifted and Sinistar!

WMAC24 – Aaron-Carl “Simply Remixes, Vol. 1” Wallshaker Music – DEEP HOUSE
Every so often, a vocal House track comes along and hits you directly in the heart. "Simply" is one such record. Aaron-Carl delivers a haunting vocal on top of a deep, Underground house beat; taking you back to the days of Classic House. Remixes by Jimmy Clanfield (UK) and The Plan (UR) round out the release, giving us something for the big-room and tech-house crowds.

Receiving support from DJs: Derrick May, Laurent Garnier, Danny Tenaglia, Dubfire, Dave Clarke, Ian Pooley, DJ Spinna, Jimpster, John Selway, Francesco Farfa, Ben Sims, Charles Webster, Mr. V, Par Grindvik, Eddie Matos, Neil Aline (Chez Music), Dj Pope, Anthony “Shake” Shakir, Jerome Derradji, Technasia, DJ Misjah, Fred Everything, Rick Preston, Davidson Ospina, Jim Masters, Ibiza Global Radio, Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb), Ibiza Sonica, Lance Desardi, Brian Ffar, Chris Simmonds, Andre Harris, Droid Behavior, Charles Morris, Lawnchair Generals, Aubrey, Andy Toth, Brian Ffar, Alland Byallo, Fernanda Diaz, Christy Love

Jerome Derradji – Aaron Carl is one of the best and most classic Detroit producer. This track is another dream come true for any real Detroit House lover. 5 out of 5
Ian Pooley – Bomb! 5 out of 5
Derrick May – thanks! 4 out of 5
Jimpster – excellent deepness! will deffo be playing the instrumental. 5 out of 5
DJ Pope – I am loving the original mix will defiantely get play from me. 4 out of 5
Mr. V – nice vocal and mix....something i can definately work. Instrumental works as well. 4 out of 5
Fred Everything – 5 out of 5
Davidson Ospina – Love this!! DEEP!!!! :-) dropping this for sure. 5 out of 5
Neil Aline (Chez) – 4 out of 5
Francesco Farfa – YES!!! VERY GOOD .SUPPORT AS THE OTHERS OF A.C. 4 out of 5
Technasia – 5 out of 5
Charles Morris – dreamy vocals on a Detroit Tech track. Played late nite the girls will love it. 4 out of 5
Chris Simmonds – supporting this love the aaron remix dope!! 4 out of 5
Eddie Matos – 4 out of 5
Droid Behavior – cool main synth. good deep groove. 5 out of 5
Brian Ffar (SiteHolder) – Very nice groove to this one...brings back great memories from back in the day. 4 out of 5

PMPD013 – Colin Zyskowski “Yesteryou” People Mover Productions – TECHNO
People Mover Productions is proud to bring you its next release, Yesteryou. This release features two new tracks by Colin Zyskowski, as well as remixes of the title track by HEJ RECORDS producers PUNISHER (DETROIT) and JOHN
OVERFIEND. "Yesteryou" is a deeply woven track that is one part techno, one part house, and one part dub. The second track, "To Things That Will Never Happen..." is Zyskowski's first ambient release in a few years. The track
is lush with layers of pads and synths. The PUNISHER remix is a another deeply groovy track; it plays with the main synth line in syncopated rhythms and adds up-front percussion to the mix. The JOHN OVERFIEND remix extends the original and drags its darkest parts heavily across the dancefloor. Enjoy!

*Receiving support from DJs: Derrick may, Danny Tenaglia, Dubfire, John Selway, Charles Webster, Par Grindvik, Technasia, Jerome Derradji, Jim Masters, Francesco Farfa, DJ Misjah, Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb), Aubrey, Brian Ffar, DJ Hyperactive, Lawnchair Generals, Andy Toth, Ibiza Global Radio, Tim Thaler (Sonett77 Radio), Ibiza Sonica Radio, Suberge 101, Droid Behavior, Alland Byallo, Fernanda Diaz

Derrick May - Thanks! 4 out of 5
Dubfire - thanks! 5 out of 5
John Selway - 4 out of 5
Francesco Farfa - DARKER & POWERFUL. FABOLOUS ATMPSPHERE...!!! 5 out of 5
Technasia – 4 out of 5
Jerome Derradji - 5 out of 5
Droid Behavior - deep dave clarkish stabs! 5 out of 5
Noah Levine (xlr8r, urb) - 5 out of 5
Aubrey - sounds like me again.... ha ha thanks! 5 out of 5
Tim Thaler (Sonett77 Radio) - 4 out of 5

IM034 – James Hammer “So Many More EP” Impact Mechanics – TECHO
What a great start it has been this year for Impact Mechanics. A slew of rocking hits, continuous spots on top 10 charts from some of the best DJs in the world. This funky two-tracker from James Hammer is outstanding. The mastermind remixes by A.Paul have rising percussion, hypnotic undertones, and colossal synth stabs. This release has a compelling slice of funk and minimal tech-house. Complete with thick bass, quirky synth stabs and a ton of builds. Another quality release from the truly impressive Impact Mechanics label. The streak continues.

*Receiving support from DJs: Derrick May, Laurent Garnier, Ben Sims, Dave Clarke, Danny Tenaglia, Joey Beltram, Dubfire, John Selway, Ken Ishii, Laidback Luke, Jim Masters, DJ Misjah, DJ Hyperactive, Andy Toth,

Dubfire - thanks! 5 out of 5

PUR007 – Rulian Ross “Snifff EP” Pin Up Records – TECH-HOUSE
Rulian Ross delivers a minimal ep to Pin Up featuring 3 dramatic deliveries. Snifff the EP title track has everything you need in a minimal track from compressed drums to slow building synth riffs. Bacon King and Power Dose are two early morning entries ready to be tweaked by any effects box and creative dj. Expect to hear more from Rulian on future PIn Up Releases.

*Receiving support from DJs: Danny Tenaglia, Derrick May, Dubfire, Inland Knights, Jimpster, Chuck Daniels, Bobby & Klein, David Penn, DJ Bam Bam, DJ Fex, Grant Nelson, Deron Delgado, Da Funk

Dubfire - thanks! 5 out of 5
Da Funk - Love the pad and the groove on this one. will play! 5 out of 5
Deron Delgado - I like the minimal groove of Sniff. Great track to work in sets. 5 out of 5

UNION013 – Easy Streets vs Basic Skillz “Last All Night EP” Union Recordings – HOUSE
Have you ever been in a situation where you wish you could last all night? I know I have. Now, with the help of Union Recordings, YOU CAN. Basic Skillz and Easy Streets will show you what it means to carry the party till the break of dawn with the Last All Night EP. I have to admit, I've wanted Easy Streets to do a remix for Union for a long time, seeing how we're both from the same City of Angels!! Now, they've debuted onto the label with the booty shaking original track, "Last All Night". This EP wouldn't be complete without a remix from another Union newcomer, Basic Skillz! BUT THAT'S NOT ALL. One good TUNE deserves another, because Basic Skillz supplied us with his own original track, "Everything" remixed by Easy Streets! The gloves are off in this exciting remix showdown from two Union up-and-comers. This will be a brutal test to see which of these artists can hold their own in the world of digital dance music! Who's tracks will make the grade will it be Easy Streets or Basic Skillz? YOU get to decide which one of these gems will be bumpin' on your system!!

Receiving support from DJs: Derrick May, Laurent Garnier, Danny Tenaglia, Dubfire, Inland Knights, Roger Sanchez, John Selway, Allister Whitehead, Charles Webster, Alton Miller, Neil Aline, DJ Misjah, Jori Hulkkonen, Alex Gopher, Eddie Matos, Chris Simmonds, Ibiza Global Radio, Ibiza Sonica, Grant Nelson, Chuck Daniels, Fabio Bacchini, Kinky Movement, Chris Udoh, Anthony Molina, Demarco Electronic Project, Ruben Roher, Mr. Jones, Da Funk, Fer Ferrari, Bluntafari, DJ Cooccer

Danny Tenaglia - 4 out of 5
Dubfire - 5 out of 5
Inland Knights – groovy. 4 out of 5
Roger Sanchez – cool. 4 out of 5
Allister Whitehead - I really love the funky vibe you got here. Excellent stuff. Yes, they are grooves that last all night. Why? Because they SWING!!! 5 out of 5
Chris Simmonds - Solid ep Everything remix my fav. rollin!!! 4 out of 5
Ibiza Global Radio – Full Support. 5 out of 5

Also this week:

JEL024 – Hardcell “Mood Machinery” Jericho – TECHNO

AnD Press Releases:

BED016 – Various Artists “March EP” Bedroom Bedlam
NW005 – Granite “Zion” Noir Music
OBDIG010 – David E Sugar “It Leaves A Scar” Oblio Recordings
RTX008 – Lys “Speechless” Rising Trax
XFER004 – BSOD “Last Life EP” Xfer Recordings

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