Thursday, November 12, 2009

GrooveSource Cycle 179

Pre-Release Date: 11/17/2009
General Release Date: 12/8/2009

DCREC046 – Edmund “Best Night Ever” DeepClass Records – DEEP HOUSE
DeepClass Records drops their 46th release with this EP from San Sebastian, Spain’s Edmund who brings us a high quality sound, which is elegant and strong. A deep EP called “Best Night Ever”, the 3 tracks on this release will surely make you feel like flying high! Big room deepness & lush! Don´t miss it!!

Johnny Fiasco - will support all 3 tracks - very good productions! well done!
mike grant - nice grooves, love the deepness
Dubfire - Excellent, download
Daniel Kyo - Nice Ep!Great sound!Thanks
jazzy eyewear - Excelent EP, Deep and Sexy!! Love dont know why!
lukas greenberg (plastic city) - amazing release, like the calmness!!
Felix JR (Ibiza Global radio, Synestesya Records) - Fantastic for my radio Shows
igor marijuan (Ibiza Sonica) - Buenisimo trabajo del amigo Edmund. Musica con clase. House del siglo XXI. Excelente. Apollo total en Sonica.
miguel garji (Ibiza Global Radio) - sublime,,congratulation
antonio pocai (Wagon Repair/Tenax/Prosthetic Pressings) - Cool Best night ever !!!
Da Funk (Acryl Music) - always quality from my mate from san sebastian. will definitly use these
Frank Solano - Hard to pick a fav, all 3 tunes are class. Edmund always comes thru with the goods, nice deep driving vibes.
der thal (ferox,moonpool,trenton) - really good package - like it...
luis baro (All About/Sirius/XM) - nice deep
Matty Gillespie (Agent Matteo) - Very nice release! Will Support and play Gimme What You Got in my radioshow Thanks guys :)
Mr Jones - first two tracks are very good and playable.
pedro cali - really nice records here ! full support. great job guys
satoshi fumi - really excellent release!love all trax:)
Andrew Chibale - thanks for the promos !
ANDY DABULA - Really elegant, smooth and stylie !! Will play for sure !
Demarco Electronic Project - Excellent release by Edmund. Just the best sound of DeepClass Records. So finest and groovy!!! Full support.
DJ Daw - Roots of Evil is the best track, Elegant sound! full support
frandanski - Lush deep house just how i like it.Nice ep
Martin eNe - sonido 100% DeepClass, marcando tendencia y elegancia
Will Web - Great begining of the night tracks.
Vincent Kwok - Great deep tech release
Alankara - Nice warm groove, I will def. support this!
Ale Castro - nice sounds from edmund , in one of the best deep labels .
amir groove - just the way I love my show to sound like, deep and beautiful sound of deep house music
andy - gracias x la promo
beppe gioia - all tracks r great...deep house as i like! thanks 4 the promo!
Bobby Stoner - Like this one best.
brent tactic - this solid. definitely got a couple nights i can work this in. thanks.
BRYAN GERRARD - Sick production. Lovin it!
Christos Fourkis - Very Good Ep, My Fav is "Roots Of Evil"sure i play in my set`s....Thanks
dave carden - a nice package with roots of evil just edging it for me . great bassline
Dino Michael - It was very difficult to say which is my favourite Track!! I love them all!! Absolutely amazing!!
dj MKL - Nice driving track
Facundo Romano - nice sounds, great house vibe. to my warm ups excelents
Fede - The Really Deep House Music! Congrats
FRANCESCO BONORA - very nice sound,perfect for warm up session!
Funky Couture - Nice work!
George Soliis - Very Nice EP
Gonzalo Le Freak - SI, SI, SI. Edmund 100%.
Hector Couto - Full support for ep!! good work, nice tracks
J&M BROTHERS - un EP con muy buenos tracks con buen groove cargado de energia y fuerza esencial para tu maleta.buenisimo
javier orlando - very good, very, sweet, sexy and dance...
Jay West - love it when diego goes deep
Jesus Gonsev - Love this ep yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!Awesome the three cuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Total support!
Jevne MIller - Edmund is always on it! this is no exceptions! great smooth deep vibes from him! thanks I Will be playing this!
Karol XVII & MB Valence - nice deep vibes. thanks for the promo
Koljah - Dont Know Why is my fav. Like the Deep Funliness in this track. Thx....
Leoesco - I love All Tunes, But My favorite is Dont Know Why!
Lonya - deep and emotional , like it , will play
Lucas Hulan - thnx for promo guys:)
Magnus Asberg(C-Soul) - Cool Release some top notch deep house Very good producton
Mannix - nice deep EP! Love it!
manuel de la mare - very good release thanks
Marcus Aurelius - Solid deepness all around. Good to be hearing from Edmund again music-wise. Sounding good!
Miss Mee - Deep relaxing!
nicole moudaber - pure excellence. love it.
Pablo - Wonderfull tracks!!
Pablo Fierro - Elegant,Edmund is one of my favorites producers.I really like this pack
Pacco & Rudy B - Great tracks & production, keep it comming ;)
paco buggin - elegant deep and very sexy full soport for this ep and deepclass
pk and hl - thanks for this tune!
ricardo jefferson - deepclass deliver the goods yet again
Rodrigo Brinko - great!
Ruben Roher - Very, very, very........Increible
Sebastian Davidson - my deep friend from spain did it again!
Sebastian Oscilla - The quality speaks for itself...great job dear friends.DeepClass Rules..
The Messenger - Its a nice release you guys have here.Smooth and groovy.Full support!
Unus Emre - Nice one deep class ! I will play them.
vicmoren - gracias por los promos buen trabajo un abrazo.
vidal rodriguez - muy buen sonido
Zweiklang - Great new release from Edmund. Full support on all 3 tracks

A2R724 – Inert “It Depends EP” A-Squared Muzik – TECHNO/TECH-HOUSE
This looks like a good year for A-Squared Muzik and 2010 will be a good one for sure. Next on the decks is a good friend of ours "Inert" from the country of Bulgaria. He brings the heat with a huge acid rocker called "It Depends" remixed by Angel Alanis and Jason Patick. Both brought some nice minimal house and minimal techno business. Jake Childs was called into action and he delivered a hot techno stompin' remix. As an added bonus Inert threw in 2 amazing techno rockers "Chink A Jingle" and "Reikpeuk" to make this an not to be missed release... Make sure to look out for Inert's second EP on A2 "Proekt 36" with Monoman and Angel Alanis Remixes.

bjorn wolf - making sure that Funkerman and Fedde get this cheers Bjorn
laurent garnier - This works for me Will play for sure
Orde Meikle - strong release - support
tedd patterson - great big ass dose of acid! likes!!
Benji Candelario - HOT!!!!!
Nick Holder (DNH Records) - FEELING INERT!
jim masters - lots of strong tracks here, angle mix is the don and chink works well too
Onionz - Orig mix is Slammin! full support.
Phil Turnipseed (DJ Times/Bigshot mags) - Tough, rugged beats will work the dancefloor!
robert owens - nice vibe
Aubrey - Great ep...great mixes love it, thanks
Manuel Sahagun - This is a solid release, the Angel Alanis remix is my pick here. Will test it on my next gig
Fabien Kamb - Really feeling this recording - quality stuff! Will play Chink A Jingle and Reikpeuk.
igor marijuan (ibiza sonica) - Wow. Amazing. Can´t wait to play it. Fun 4 the winter. Thanks.
tovar (sosound, flavor, nuphono) - NIce! Orginal cut is my choice
Ale Castro - love jake childs remix :)
Christian Hurley (So Sound) - Techy vibe. remixes are all great in their own style. love the childs mix will chart
David Beard - Two excellent remixes, I would not mind playing back to back! Jake Childs and Angel Alanis
DJ 40oz. (Streetside/Vines & - The original is a nice acid workout.
DK Watts (Short Bus Kids) - solid EP. lots of different tracks to chose from which is great.
fernanda diaz - the angel alanis rmx fits into my set perfectly, will play out for sure, full support!!
frandanski - Like the acid vibe of the original peak time party music, also the deeeper jason patrick mix
Deep Child - Nice contemporary take on a classic sound.
Dj Denise - Great release! Way to dig up a new & talented young artist.
Dj Misjah - great track
dom Kane - yep! Digging this!
Eddie Spettro - Love It Depends" - both the original and Angel Alanis remix!"
James Grindle - Holy frak, it's ACEEEEEED!! Angel's remix is a nice departure from huge techno and Jake Childs delivers another tweaky brain fuk.
Matt Star - Inert Depends (Original) is the one for me...nice oldschool acid
Mike Monday - This whole release is super strong - I'd play all of the tracks, nearly impossible to pick a favourite but chink a jingel probably just shades it - although I love the A2 remix too. Top marks from me
Monoman - It Depends OG mix does it for me...Class music from Inert. solid EP all round!
Peter Hook - great took me back to the wonderful days of 88!
Rees Urban - Good find.Enjoying the trackiness of 'Reikpeuk'. Love the acid bit on the original of 'It Depends'.
Sami Wentz - It depend " REMIXES are amazing !
Someone Else - i like the alanis and patrick remixes.
Terry Mullan - Werd, thanks bro. Digging 'It Depends' original mix. See you in Detroit next weekend.
Tim Thaler - rotation support on BLN FM radio, Berlin!
Tyler Stadius - Love the original. Always need more acid tracks & this should rock the party.

HEJ00D – Corbin Davis “Time Shift” Hej Records – Minimal/TECHNO
Corbin Davis, a veteran DJ/Promoter who chiseled his mark throughout history in Detroit’s prominent techno scene, continues to do so by unleashing his amazing production skills. His track Time Shift is a collage of three dimensional sounds that swish through the depths of the audio canvas. Hypnotic synths grow and twist around the drums as they chug behind a solid bass kick and stretched out vocal trippiness. This one has the perfect balance of funk and drive.

Kero, Detroit Underground label guru, delivers a nasty electro-techy-experimental fusion entitled the Time Shit Remix. Saturated with dirty bass and electrified giltchy percussion, it warps your mind with stellar sound design while the ass end seriously makes your ass move.

John Overfiend drops a dark rework with droning segments of the original mesmerizing keyboards driven by a deep heavy bass. He uniquely contorts the time shift vocal with otherworldly effects while synths subtly weave together, evolving into a work of art.

Punisher (Detroit) strips it down with tiny fragments of the original keys and tones echoing over a thick rubbery bass line. Infused with shuffled tribal percussion, shakers and almost insect like micro flutters to create infectious movement.

HEJ RECORDS: Making a mark in the evolution of musical energy

Dubfire – excellent, download
Nico De Ceglia (Rebirth recs/Radio 1) - Good
bjorn wolf (flamingo) - will make sure that Funkerman and Fedde get this guys cheers Bjorn Wolf
Orde Meikle (Slam) - good mixes - liking this
developer - nice
Electric Indigo - love the Kero remix! really interesting stuff. thanks!
Robert owens - cool track
Aubrey - Thanks for a cool ep.. great
chris fortier - original and punisher mix
DJ M-TRAXXX (Push FM/No Rulez Radio/Afro Acid Chicago) - Str8 up Techno babie!!! Most def gonna b dropping this ep for months 2 come;) Jackin!!! MxXx
Trevor Rockcliffe - Might use occasionally
antonio pocai (wagon repair - tenax recordings) - Good ep !!!
Ian Straker (Lost My Dog) - Cool track, just a bit dark and moody overall for my tastes. Thanks for sending
Da Funk (Acryl Music) - the punisher remix is nice. will deifnitly play
DK Watts (Short Bus Kids) - The original is solid.

DIFD039 – Transistor “Funktions Lust EP” Difusion Records – MINIMAL
In order to fully understand this release you need to be at peace with the universe because the levels of energy emmited by this are quiet unique. Funktions Lust is the creation of Edgar Medina aka Transistor who is well known for his quality Minimalistic Techno. On this one you have two original tracks and then a remix for each. First up on remix duties is Difusion regular Gusgo and rounding out the package is an incredible remix from Cadenza Records very own Argenis Brito.

Nico De Ceglia (Rebirth Recs/radio 1) - Not bad
Orde Meikle (Slam) - nice tecky shit
Peter Gelderblom - Good track but not the style for me sorry
chris fortier - original of funktions
Developer - yes
Aubrey - Loving Parakeet....will play thanks
DJ40oz. (Streetside/Vines & - Wiry minimal
DJ M-TRAXXX (Push FM/No Rulez Radio/Afro Acid) - Loving theze minimal jointz...especially Parakeet. Hot Package here from Cadenza Records
Da Funk (Acryl Music) - will definitly use in my harder sets
Ale Castro - cool groove, argenis brito rmx is my pick!

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