Thursday, November 12, 2009

GrooveSource Cycle 177

Pre-Release Date: 11/3/2009
General Release Date: 11/24/2009

PMW027 – Matt Veloce “Let's Get Some Love” Parker MusicWorks – HOUSE
Terrence Parker has created a breeding ground for some of the most soulful releases out there today with his label Parker Musicworks and the latest release from Matt Veloce is no exception. This one is aimed right at the dancefloor with a heavy beat and tinges of disco through out. TP has already been featuring this on his world famous podcast showing that the Telephone man has love for everyone from the most established of producers all the way over to the brand new guys just cutting their teeth and getting their footing in the music business. Show your love for Terrence Parker, Parker Musicworks and the newest addition to the roster Mr. Matt Veloce!!

luke solomon - full support
sandy Rivera - I like "come on"
Jimpster - Excellent release! Loving both tracks and will be playing both. quality stuff. thanks.
Pezzner - Good stuff here.
Orde Meikle - cool house - maybe a little to vocally for me
Ben Murphy (DJ Magazine) - I love subtle disco house, and this falls firmly into that category. Like prime DJ Q or Sneak. Great stuff, will review for Clash Magazine and probably DJmag too.
Duke Shin (Resident Advisor) - nice groove on Come On.
anthony shakir - come on is funkier to me. i hear things i can do with it in my sets.
tedd patterson - great tune. more please!
Alland Byallo - Real house music!
Dom Cappello (Sub Club /7th sign) - Love both tracks ,a real nice vibe to both and i cant wait to play them out this weekend.Thanks D
Nacho Marco (Om, Pacha) - Amazing release ! Full support.
Jason Hodges - liking the old school vibe,def gettin some play!
ken ecb - you know I have love for T, these are both straight up my alley!
Honey Dijon - Nice and Chuggy. Reminds me of Prescription Records
Bobby & klein - Nice! Come on is our favourite of the 2! Thanks for these
chris simmonds - Good dj tool, works for me
christiaan (rush hour) - I love lets get some love. house music the way i like it!
Dino Michael - Love it!! Love your stuff Terence!!
Doc Link - Thank you! Hott mixes! Just what i needed for the dancefloor! Full support!
Fabio Bacchini - i like the disco feel!
fred everything - Thx for the promo, Come On is the one for me here, cheers
miguel garji (ibiza global radio) - very good house,,fantastic groove
Niall Redmond - Always love the disco groove cut ups and this one is done well.Lets Get Some Love is the winner here for me.Real good dancfloor vibe and very instant.Big respect to the PMW crew
steve parry - cool stuff

DGCS002 – TwoPlay “Afrocentric - The Album” DG Label – TECHNO
The first album on DG Label's Reverse series is "Afrocentric" by TwoPlay (A Dee Green alias). After loads of releases as Dee Green here comes the debut album for TwoPlay. Buzzing bass-lines and rhythmic percussion. The many sound samples are well carried out, with special attention to the presence of tribal elements. The entire album busts a clubby groovy flow. Congas and other miscelaneous percussion instruments give this album a real power boost.

Loco Dice - will try them
Dubfire - Excellent - download
Orde Meikle (Slam) - Excellent - very trippy stuff
Sandy Rivera - I like this minimal track- Bango club
robert owens - cool track
Marques Wyatt - Good work on this.
Benji Candelario - As always too many trks to have a favorite... Which too me is a sign of a good EP
Phil Turnipseed (DJ Times/Bigshot/Promo Only mags) - Tribal-drenched beats will definitely work your dancefloor...nice!
Duke Shin (Resident Advisor) - Hypnotic, odd and excellent. The noises of "Time," ""Try Trib," "Bongo Club" or "Tribal Beat"... could all be favorites depending on mood.
Halo - Very Nice album...
Naveen G - straight up evil drums. solid dancefloor workout material.
Roman S. - Love all of these
antonio pocai (Wagon Repair / Tenax Recordings) - GOOD
Da Funk (Acryl Music) - nice percussive tracks here, will definitly play!
DJ 40oz. (Streetside/Vines & - Wow, an album of dancefloor shakers. Dee Green is on a big time roll.
fernanda diaz - very groovy and sexy album, will play out for sure, full support!!
Lee Holman - good stuff! thanks !

SHR006 – Stray Stars “Fire” Support House Records – DEEP HOUSE
Support House presents their sixth release. It's the Stray Stars project from St. Petersburg with their track "Fire". Stray Stars is a magnetic collaboration between gorgeous singer Vica Chocolate and almighty Kimbar. Don't miss an intriguing liveshow. Dj Kimbar - the head of this project, one of the most intresting and honored person in Saint-Petersburg club culture voted "Best St-Petersburg DJ 2004" by Night Life Awards, Jet Set club and events resident. Music content original and live version, Kimbar Dub version and more deeply Ivan Enot version in the more classical type. Enjoy!

Benji Candelario - Great Tune!!!
shur-i-kan - liking ivans mix. Sound like you've done a great job on the production. The live version and Kimbar mixes are probably my favourite.
Daniel Kyo - Very nice bros!!Love original and Ivan´s remix!;)
Onionz - nice tune
Richard Earnshaw - Liking the Ivan Enot Deep Dub... nice... Will keep it handy for our Spiritchaser sets.
Manuel Sahagun - This is pure Fire! Loving Original and Love Version
DK Watts (Short Bus Kids) - I really like all the tracks on this EP. I can see myself playing them all!
Chris Udoh - Sexy & Very Playable !
Ale Castro (Acktivism) - nice sounds !!!
Da Funk (Acryl Music) - lovely! like Ivan Enot remix and the live version. Will play! full support!
Henri Kohn - Thanks for the tunes. nice, but Ivan Enot mix is my favorite. Will play.
Demarco Electronic Project - Excellent release!!! Finest sounds with Beautiful vocals. Our favourite is Fire (Ivan Enot Deep Dub). Full support.
Fer Ferrari (DeepClass) - i will play sure, my fav Enot Deep Dub, good interpretation.
miguel garji (ibiza global radio) - nice vocal deep
mr jones - good remix, nice groove
Nacho Marco - Really into it ! Liking the original vocal and Kimbar Dub. Will be playing it.
Pablo Varela - Very nice song.
rodri vacis (ninguno, Argentina) - mas y mas buena musica! :)
Umber Bandi-Ville - Good to Go

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