Monday, September 28, 2009

GrooveSource Cycle 172

Pre-Release: 9/29/2009
General Release: 10/20/2009

DFD019 – Jonra “Telephone Man EP” DesignForms – TECHNO/DEEP HOUSE
Revolution ( deep house)
What do we love most about black licorice pizza? Why, all the different toppings, of course! And for this slice, selector and sequencor extraordinairre Jonra Babi- (racki if you're nasty) takes it down a notch and reminds us that, as much as we love to dance, we must chill. This is the one you always put on after the club, the voice of calm after a chaotic day, or on homemade compilations so your friends can hear how deep you like to go.

Dr Filth vs Octomom (techno)
Upon examination, Dr. Filth vs. Octomom is one serious psych session. For this track, Freud is disregarded and lithium is no cure for the clinically-insane bassline, industrial clangs, and twisting noise effects brought forth from deep in the chaos of Jonra Babiracki's noggin.

Faith (techno)
Techno magnus Jonra Babiracki shows us his spiritual side on Faith. That is, like the name implies, he is keeping the faith by sticking true to the sick old days (with a twist, of course). This track stomps, clicks, wobbles and slithers down a bass-lined O.G.techno tunnel. You'll find yourself wondering what event will you be at when called upon to dance to this track? It's a question of faith.

Orde Meikle (Slam/Soma) - hard as nails - end of night madness
anthony shakir - very technno-ey sounding chicago release.
Alland Byallo - Cool stuff from Jonra. LA!
jim masters - 3 deep journeys into darkness
Aubrey - Love the sound....great ep and production
C.Smooth - C.Smooth will spin it on his radio show Live from London on Nova Radio in Germany.
Matt Rissi - i like the overall tone of this tune... will definitely play it.
Ale Castro - Nice Tracks !!!

IRD012 – Dich “Finding Myself EP” Itinerant Records – TECHNO
Itinerant ventures into a cold and darker space with an introspective EP from Dich. Clear and crisp tones from a nuclear dub winter. Check it!

laurent garnier - great organic deepness for the radio
Orde Meikle (Slam/Soma) - dark deep moody
Aubrey - Yeah good job...great ep..thanks
antonio pocai (Wagon repair - tenax recordings) - Deep !!!

DIFD038 – Zarbeat “Fantasmoso” Difusion – MINIMAL
Like the old good times back when difusion was just starting this is original track made by Zarbeat that after passing it over to the Difusion original members crew became a remixed EP. Three very talented mexican artists instantly became part of this project. The original track was composed by Zarbeat and it was influenced by pure 8 bit synths and gated kicks. Track number two was remixed by Difusion's very own Gusgo. This version of the track is the interpretation of this very talented artist showing his very complex beat programing and manipulation of virtual instruments driving the track into the dark alley of minimal techno. Track number three remixed by Maxson is completly full of 4x4 loops using his production skills he remastered each sample to achive maximum control over the track. A very bouncy track is the final product. Track number four was remixed by one of the most requested artis in mexico, Edgar Medina aka Transistor. His resulting mix is a very organic and spaced out track having new elements incorporated in to the 8 bit crazyness.

Orde Meikle - tough tough - super
aubrey - it
antonio pocai - nice pac man !!!
Lee Holman - gusgo mix best for me on this package! thanks again !
Funkatron – Support

Also This Week:
MIZ036 – Misha JET “Fidj Jumper” Mizumo Music – ELECTRO HOUSE
RCP025 – Sir Von Rohr “Vapor” Racecar Production

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