Monday, September 21, 2009

GrooveSource Cycle 170

Pre-Release Date: 9/15/2009
General Release Date: 10/6/2009

SSR031 – Dominic Martin “Insulin EP” So Sound Recordings – DEEP HOUSE
From Glasgow, here comes Dominic Martin, from Chris & Dom fame. In the past few years Dominic has established him self as one of the key producers in the House Music scene. These superb EP shows Dominic's majestic deep/techie side, melodic, deep, techie & dark. For fans of Lovebirds, Vincenzo Phonique, Shur I Kan, Inland Knights, etc.

Laurent Garnier - ohh fuck yessss this is Lovelyyyy
Shur-i-kan - Cool selection! Nice
Kirby - DOOMMM !!! Absolutely awesome ep mate, Lovin the synths, This is real dopness, i will play both of them for sure ;) Thanks
Ian Straker - Really into Insulin, big fan of Dom!
Daniel Kyo - Nice One!
matthias vogt (Cocoon) - big fan of dominic`s work on palette. good to hear that he`s back! will play insulin.
mr jones - great release like it a lot
Bazil (Fruity Antics, Peng Records) - nice ep, great production, so sound is a label you can always trust to put out good music
Chris Simmonds - insulin works for me!!!
Chris Udoh - Wicked tracks liking Isulin allot !
Fer Ferrari - Good Ep. i will play sure
Fede Gomez - El sonido de San Francisco en Uk, excelente mix
Sebastian Davidson - Tasty Tunes!
Bryan Gerrard - Nice deep vibes for the floor. Will be getting played for sure!
Frandanski - right up my street this.cant ait to play, got my support
Sebastian Arevalo - Good Groove. 4/5
Fabien Kamb - Little Did I Know is a proper house recording. Cheers for dat!
Umber Bandi-Ville - The Track is gelerisg
Demarco Electronic Project - Excellent release!!! Groovy and finest. Full support.

DFD018 – Brad Slims “Man In The Basement” DesignForms – TECHNO
With his follow up release on designforms So-cal based artist Brad Slims drops a heavy evil banger with man in the basement. The title speaks for itself and will be screaming let this man out of the basement and on to the dance floor. With shuffles and drops that are sure to make this a favorite of djs and producers alike, Designforms is asking you to let this man out of the basement. Added to the original is the DesignForms debut of the Beatport favorite VCF-1 who has been topping the minimal charts regularly. Out of the Netherlands he bring his sparse unique style of minimal techno to this remix and takes it deep with a lush sonic blanket that describes his style and vision perfectly.

jim masters - good throbbing groove
hakan lidbo - very nice and skippy track, very effective and uplifting. nice one.,
trevor rockcliffe - Thanks, will use
antonio pocai (Wagon Repair) - Goog Release !!!
Angel Alanis - This is cool.
aleksij - Like both mixes but the remix is better!

RCP022C – V/A “Connections Series 3” Racecar Productions – TECHNO
bernstein and Kevin Baconfrom Footloose (KBFF) are both monikers of Tokyo's Cody Norenberg. As a DJ he has been playing everything from techno to afrobeat for over a decade. bernstein's eclectic and dynamic DJ sets take listeners through audial wonderlands with sojourns into techno, lo-fi, dusty soul, superb b-sides and the occasional musical oddity. His live exhibitions offer an invitation into deep, grooved, and soulful techno that captivate mind and body. In 2004 he immersed himself into Tokyo's vibrant music culture and quickly earned a reputation as both bernstein and KBFF. His talent for bringing floor stomping, sensational sets have afforded him the opportunity to play in famed venues such as Sapporo's Precious Hall, Tokyo's Space Lab Yellow and the underground techno haven, Module. He has played along side a world-class list of artists including Portable, Ryan Elliott, Taeji Sawai, DJ Klock, Knowing Looks and numerous others. Through his passion for creating music he has established himself as a distinguished producer of exceptional, soulful music. His projects have been released on numerous labels including Nordform Records (Japan) and White Label Music (UK). bernstein, also known as Constantine Bischoff, maintains a position as chief mastering engineer at 345 Studios, Tokyo where his expert ears tune tracks into finely crafted masterpieces. With bernstein's dedication and expansive knowledge into the world of sound, he is certain to continue expanding hearts and souls wherever listeners appear.

jim masters - two wicked tracks here, proper different
Alland Byallo - Meelain is the shit!!!!
Chris Udoh - Just sick Love this !!
aleksij - Will play out Its Chaotic!

Also This Week:
MIZ035 – Frederik Olufsen “She Wants Revenge” Mizumo Music – ELECTRO HOUSE

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