Monday, April 6, 2009

Rip Block Anti-Piracy Service

Hey folks,
This came through the tubes that make up the internet today via AudioJelly. Looks pretty cool. Might be worth investigating since so many labels of ours have been complaining of Russian download sites having their material available.


RipBlock are a new anti-piracy service that could be beneficial to your release sales.

RipBlock is currently working with a rapidly growing number of labels, and has proved to be an efficient, cost-effective and valuable service.

RipBlock essentially tackles piracy from the root of the problem, by conducting ongoing comprehensive scans of any blogs, forums and/or file share sites that are hosting or providing links to illegal downloads of your release.

RipBlock’s service includes:
• Scanning the web for your release
• Reporting any illegal content for removal
• Compiling a full report every two weeks, detailing all removed content and all offending usernames
A standard scan lasts for two weeks and costs from £50 / 53 euro / $78 per release.

In addition, Ripblock offers extended scanning tailored to your label’s requirements.

RipBlock’s clients include: Skint, Vandit, Cocoon, Border Community, Rekids, Bpitch Control, Discover, Baroque, Spiral Trax, Boxer, Soniculture, Enhanced Recordings, Kill The Lights, and many more.

For further info visit, or contact

Carl Wicker
RipBlock Anti Music Piracy

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