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GrooveSource Cycle 147

GrooveSource Cycle 147
Pre-Release Date 4/7/2009
Live 4/27/2009-4/29/2009

IRD006 – Life Recorder & Ben Businovski “Process EP” Itinerant Records – TECHNO
Itinerant Records keeps up the momentum with a special release featuring the rising star of French techno, Life Recorder. Stunning Detroit techno is the only way to describe his two tracks on this release. The EP also features two tracks by Ben Businovski, brooding, understated dub techno tracks to complete what is most definitely an EP to keep on your play list.

*Receiving support from DJs: Derrick May, Laurent Garnier, Danny Tenaglia, Dubfire, Chris Liebing, Ken Ishii, Fedde Le Grand, Orlando Voorn, Jim Masters, Technasia, Xpansul, Jooris Voorn, Len Faki, DJ Misjah, Jori Hulkkonen, Lee Holman, Lance Desardi, Terry Mullan, Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb), Rob Warner, Ken ECB, Ibiza Global Radio, Tim Thaler (Sonett77 Radio), Ibiza Sonica, Naveen G., Chris Udoh, Aubrey, Fernanda Diaz,

Laurent Garnier – Really love the whole EP. Great stuff. Full support. 5 out of 5
Derrick May – Thanks. Will try it out. 4 out of 5
Dubfire – 5 out of 5
Ken Ishii – All tracks are cool on this EP. 5 out of 5
Technasia - 5 out of 5
Jim Masters – gorgeous track. Lovely lush pads carry this on. 4 out of 5
Xpansul – Nice deep techno. 4 out of 5
Lee Holman – Great music as you’d expect. 5 out of 5
Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb) – 4 out of 5
Aubrey – Yeah! Great nice sounds. 5 out of 5
Ibiza Global Radio – 5 out of 5
Rob Warner – 5 out of 5
Ken ECB – Heat, will play out. vox on top and the game is over! wmc secret for sure. 5 out of 5
Ibiza Sonica – What a great EP. Full support on Ibiza Sonica! 5 out of 5
Chris Udoh – This is lovely and inspiring. Keep it up! 5 out of 5
Naveen G. – 5 out of 5

NMW013 – James Talk “The Beginning” Noir Music
Noir Music gives you a rather uplifting tune with this new James Talk tech-basher. Oldschool piano and well-planted vocals sit tight with the techy feel on this sunstroke from the UK. Already championed by Pete Tong on the Essential Selection and expect a lot of Djs to follow with this cool remix package.

8Bit's golden boy and headhoncho Gorge takes the track deeper, more organic and gives the whole package soul. For those of you who already love the sound of 8Bit and Gorge..... you will love this one.... For the rest of you..... start your Gorge journey here and fall in love.

Oliver Dahl has already gained huge success with his tracks Rien, Villo & Joa on Noir Music and his productions are simply phat and full-on. Mr. Dahl once again delievers a 100% full on techno effort destined to please the primetime and late night heads.

OBDIG014 – David E Sugar “Housemate” Oblio Recordings
David E Sugar has been a popular face on the UK, and European Chip Music scene since early 2004. He uses 'tracker' software on a Gameboy to create sequences, which he then builds over with other instruments. After being selected to take part in the Desiel U Music tour in the UK during 2006, his profile has risen, and he will now accompany top ten star Clavin Harris on his UK jaunt in June and July 2007.
He regularly plays to large crowds all across Europe, including Germany and Switzerland, now it appears that the rest of the world is catching onto his unique and quirky, but damn fine pop music. Here's The 14th release on Oblio Recordings from David E. Sugar. This one is called Housemate.

PUNKS007 – Stanton Warriors “Hope Time/Prisoner” Punks – BREAKS

Stanton Warriors 'Hope Time'/'Hope Time' (The Rogue Element Remix) - Punks007

The Stanton Warriors may have been away touring the hotter reaches of the globe at the moment, but that hasn't stopped them from dropping the next album sampler on their flourishing Punks imprint. 'Hope Time' is probably one of the biggest records the boys have ever made. Really. Tipping its hat to the Stantons' garage roots while simultaneously showing how breakbeat grooves really should be done, the track also boasts none other than the Rev. Jesse Jackson on vocals, imploring us to 'Give peace a chance.' - while the tune itself does anything but. On the flip, The Rogue Element takes care of the first ever remix on Punks in spectacular fashion. This man is destined for huge things in 2006 and here demonstrates why, turning Hope Time's rolling groove into a screeching, live-drum-rolling big-room monster. Dom & Mark dropped this at their recent Stanton Sessions night at Fabric to a reaction so loud you could hear it from room 2!

TVZ004 – Sour Grapes “Kharma/Mantra” Televizion
Dave Spoon's Televizion label returns with this awesome EP from Sour Grapes. Sour Grapes was created in Stockholm, Sweden in late 2008 with focus on producing the trio's interpretation of modern electronic dance music. Driven and inspired by nature, life and humanity, the main focus of Sour Grapes music is to keep people together in a friendly world, where people care for one another and the environment.

Lead track Kharma is an Eastern inspired techno workout with heavy rolling beats and bass with an authentic Indian leadline. Already receiving Radio 1 airplay and being supported by a who's who of the worlds biggest DJs. Mantra keeps things rolling with more snappy rhythms and rolling bass.

XFER005 – WTF? “Redic/CEABA55555” Xfer Records – ELECTRO HOUSE
WTF, the dream team line up of deadmau5, Tommy Lee, DJ Areo and Steve Duda return to XFER Records with the huge bombs 'Redic' and 'Seaba5555'. Redic's foundations of stripped-back beats and low, throbbing bassline set the tone. Cool stabs and bleeps are used to amazing effect and create a funky yet dark track. Seba5555 is a real heady affair. A bubbling bassline and breakbeat esc beats give this track a real upbeat rhythm. Delayed pads help build the tension whilst the bassline continues to pulsate from deep. Out of this world zaps and squeaks take your head and spins it round and round - an amazingly constructed track that deserves some serious rotation!

SHR004 – Ivan Enot “Spring Panda” Support House Records – DEEP HOUSE
Support House Records presents: Ivan Enot - Spring Panda (004)
If you close your eyes and listen to the track 'Spring Panda', you will fly away in your dreams and forget about the gravitation and rational thinking for a long time. The Russian electronic music has always been filled with a spirit and this release is no exception. The original track was created in an old-school style, expressively and tunefully. So, what about the remixes?

The outstanding work by shaman Seva K from Novgorod (who is well-known in Europe as a producer of vivid and melodic works) added an unbelievable dancing character to this release. Dj Primat introduces a classic deep house sound into the mix, and Ksky completed the project with his very cool tech sound. The 'Spring Panda' is 100% good work and 100% Russian Underground Family.

*Receiving support from DJs: Derrick May, Laurent Garnier, Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez, John Selway, Jimpster, Dimitri from Paris, George Morel, DJ Misjah, Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb), David Harness (Billboard), Raoul Belmans, Rick Preston, Jake Childs, Daniel Kyo, Mark Picchiotti (Billboard), Lawnchair Generals, Ken ECB, Chris Udoh, Fer Ferarri, Lady D, Dave Cannalte (Billboard), Ibiza Global Radio, Anthony Molina, Fernanda Diaz, Da Funk, Ruben Roher, Bluntafari, Sebastian Davidson, Mr. Jones

Roger Sanchez – Thanks! Will test out. 4 out of 5
DJ Misjah – cool mix. Nice and smooth! 5 out of 5
Chris Udoh – Another Great release loving the Seva K Mix best. 5 out of 5
Ibiza Global Radio – Full support! 5 out of 5
Dave Cannalte (Billboard, Promo Only) – Sexy and sultry, cool for very early or very late.! 5 out of 5
Mark Picchiotti (Billboard) – seva K is my fav mix! 5 out of 5
Fer Ferarri – all tracks are realy good, put now into my playlist. good job! 5 out of 5
Fernanda Diaz - 4 out of 5
Bluntafari - This whole EP is nice! This synth on original mix stabs me right through my heart. Good job! 4 out of 5
Da Funk – huuuge! love the basslinje. another killer from seva! full support! 5 out of 5
Sebastian Davidson – 5 out of 5
Mr. Jones – 5 out of 5

SCREC012 – Woody McBride “Smoke Signals From Outer Space EP” Solar Cathedral Recordings – TECHNO
Finalizing a stream of Minneapolis releases was a task that the boys over at Solar Cathedral felt could only handled by none other than Midwest Techno King himself... Mr. Woody McBride. 'Smoke Signals From Outer Space' is set to knock you out of the park. This EP is armed to the teeth with wicked hats, droning bass lines, evil synths and a movement that is somewhat reminiscent of 'The Old Days', feeling like it's being fueled by sounds of the future. Whether you like your groove's pace to be deep & slow or you prefer to have the floor rocking in high gear, this release has something for everyone's selection without loosing that harder edge that DJ ESP is known so well for. With support & frequent plays by some of the industries heaviest hitters, these tunes are hammering their way across dance floors the world over.

*Receiving support from DJs: Derrick May, Chris Liebing, Laurent Garnier, Danny Tenaglia, Dubfire, Ken Ishii, Technasia, Jim Masters, Steve Stoll, Xpansul, George Morel, Tim Xavier, Jooris Voorn, DJ Misjah, Jori Hulkkonen, Len Faki, Terry Mullan, Lance Desardi, Submerge 101

Laurent Garnier – Stuck In The Mud (Crushed Cathedral Techno Mix), that's the track for me. 5 out of 5
Derrick May – Thanks. Will try. 4 out of 5
Chris Liebing – like the @120 track! 4 out of 5
Dubfire – 5 out of 5
Steve Stoll – woody is a master and proves he can go beyond the little silver box. big ups! 5 out of 5
Tim Xavier – 4 out of 5
Xpansul – Loving those jacky grooves!!! 5 out of 5
Len Faki – “obviously” is smoking - gonna rock this at berghain for sure!. 5 out of 5

AMR007 – Julius Beat “Loft62” Atmosfera Recordings – TECH-HOUSE
Brand new one on Atmosfera Recordings is from a hot young artist named Julius Beat out of Antioquia, Colombia. This one here is some proper upfront Tech-House with that spice only a true South American can provide. Check it out

Receiving support from DJs: Derrick May, Laurent Garnier, Dubfire, Danny Tenaglia, Jay J, Miles Maeda, DJ Misjah, Xpansul, Jori Hulkkonen, Valentin (Cafe del Mar), Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb), Punisher (Detroit), Chris Santiago, Chris SImmonds, Dave from Dallas, Ibiza Global Radio, Ibiza Sonica Radio, Chris Udoh, Fer Ferarri, Figueroa, Da Funk, Fernanda Diaz, Ruben Roher, Mr. Jones, Facu Carri, Demarco Electronic Project, Martin eNe, DJ Cooccer

Dubfire – 5 out of 5
Jay J – 4 out of 5
Chris Simmonds – 4 out of 5
Chris Santiago – 4 out of 5
Ibiza Global Radio – 4 out of 5
Ibiza Sonica - Love it! Will support!! 4 out of 5
Valentin (Cafe del Mar) – Good track to make dance! 5 out of 5
Dave From Dallas – 5 out of 5
Chris Udoh - This joint mos def has vibe! 5 out of 5
Facu Carri – Thanks, excellent builder, very solid groove! 4 out of 5
Da Funk – Like these chord stabs up here! 4 out of 5
DJ Cooccer – Nice track. 4 out of 5
Figueroa – 5 out of 5
Ruben Roher – 4 out of 5
DJ Martin eNe – Sonido perfecto. 4 out of 5

OAED030 – Vernon & DaCosta “As Darkness Falls feat. Apple Rochez: The OAE Mixes” Odds & Ends Music – DEEP HOUSE
Belgium's Vernon and Dacosta's classic "As Darkness Falls" is considered by many as one of the best deep house releases in ages. With great vocals from Odds and Ends artist/founder Apple Rochez who keeps singing about the records in her record bag, this one has been played the world over. Now Odds & Ends has picked it up and gone the remix route with some of todays top producers. With remixes from the likes of Pablo J, Aligning Minds and the mighty All Good Funk Alliance you know this one is destined to do the rounds once again.

Receiving support from DJs: Derrick May, Laurent Garnier, Danny Tenaglia, Mark Farina, Roger Sanchez, Dimitri from Paris, John Selway, George Morel, Honey Dijon, DJ Misjah, Noa Levine (XLR8R, Urb), Raoul Belmans, Rick Preston, Jake Childs, Lawnchair Generals, Ken ECB, Lady D, Jazzy Eyewear, Fer Ferarri, Anthony Molina, Mark Picchiotti (Bilboard), David Harness (Billboard), Chris Udoh, Dave Cannalte (Billboard), Ibiza Global Radio, Ruben Roher, Mr. Jones, Nacho Marco, Da Funk, Bluntafari

Roger Sanchez – Will support. 4 out of 5
Mark Farina – Thanks! 4 out of 5
Dave Cannalte (Billboard) – Great funky tune!! Sticks in your head. 4 out of 5
Ibiza Global Radio – 5 out of 5
Ken ECB – my old label, so weird to hear it on here like this. But yes, this is good! 4 out of 5
Chris Udoh – This is most def hot rocking grooves! 5 out of 5
Bluntafari – 4 out of 5
Da Funk – Lovely! Will Play! 5 out of 5
Mr. Jones - 5 out of 5

DIFD032 – Eduardo Rossell & Twilk “Fire Ants” Difusion Records – TECHNO
Fire Ants: the creation of the collaboration between Eduardo Rossell and the duo Twilk both from Mexico City ; Years of production and live acts behind them show the ability on their studio skills to create this track full of algorithmic patterns when listening to the original track we find the elaboration on the percussive element thru the entire track during the first minutes and eventually after a break we encounter the climax of the track follow by acid bass lines and extensive hit hats making echo during end of if . Silentcorp remix is blend bouncy techno and at the same time discovers the dark side of it and decides to elongate it making it a very unique track whit the use of rhythmical compositions and short cuts creating tension to elevate the surprise factor during the track a very well executed subjective Remix .Kid Perra 's remix is about the most deepest melodic techno ever publish on our label while evaluating and mastering it we came to the conclusion that had a lot of trance influence on it but it also has that little hint of techno kicks and bass lines behind it like I fthey where infused inside the Dna on the track making this track a very hybrid version of original mix, and Finally We have once again Zarbeat opening the track whit deep kicks and long echoes that lead to the beginning of the song incorporating acoustic synts and the classic Tabla noise to it making this remix version a high Techno content track .

*Receiving support from DJs: Anne Savage (BBC), Derrick May, Laurent Garnier, Luke Slater, Dubfire, Danny Tenaglia, Jim Masters, Ken Ishii, Xpansul, DJ Misjah, Chris Simmonds, Lee Holman, Chris Udoh, Aubrey, Jazzy Eyewear

Aubrey – 100% cool... love it! 4 out of 5
Dubfire – 5 out of 5
Chris Simmonds – Nice roller. 4 out of 5
Lee Holman – 4 out of 5

IM035 – Kaufmann und Ferdinand “Lautstarke ist essenziell” Impact Mechanics – TECH-HOUSE
Producers Kaufmann and Ferdinand Drop this hot EP for Impact Mechanics. "Lautstarke ist essenziell" is the tune that is working for me, with minimal tech house rhythms and sizzling, chunky analog house instrumentation. On the flip, subtle grooves, lush undertones and silky laid back vibe rock this truly amazing track. Take a pinch of Angel Alanis, a dash of Par Grindvik, and a teaspoon of The Submerge, and this is what you would come up with. Quality Tech House.

*Receiving support from DJs: Derrick May, Laurent Garnier, Danny Tenaglia, Dubfire, Ken Ishii, Tehcnasia, Jim Masters, Jori Hulkkonen, DJ Misjah, Len Faki, DJ Hyperactive,

Laurent Garnier – definitely right down my street! 4 out of 5
Dubfire – 5 out of 5
Technasia - 4 out of 5

RELDZ026 – Various Artists “Tribal Mania EP” RELDZ Recordings – TECHNO
Reldz is back with a massive five track various artists compilation dedicated to the worldwide techno tribe!! Each track primed for main room devastation, carefully selected to turn heads and get the floor packed!!! Hristian Stojanowski's "Groove Machine" delivers a driving groove and an energy that just won't stop, with its pumping bass line and wicked effects.. Millau's "Break This Shit", CJ's "Water Head" and Chris Chamber's "Hibrid" deliver hardgroove intensity at its hardest and most intense level.. Super jacking with attitude, all are belters!!! To round off the VA perfectly comes Greek's newest export Eimmot who really throws the party into overdrive so get your techno trousers on for this one..funked up..cut up...with its huge build up... its sooo on!! Check these bad boys out!!!

*Receiving support from DJs: Derrick May, Laurent Garnier, Danny Tenaglia, Dubfire, Ken Ishii, Technasia, DJ Misjah, Jori Hulkkonen, Jim Masters, Jooris Voorn, Aubrey

Dubfire – 5 out of 5
Ken Ishii – Great hard & funky techno EP! 4 out of 5
Technasia – 4 out of 5
Aubrey – Hard & tight! 4 out of 5

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