Thursday, November 13, 2008

Update on DJ Download ISP Issues

Hey guys,
As many of you know, DJ Download has just moved offices. This morning we were informed that they are experiencing some unfortunate connection issues. They have been kind enough to set up a temporary delivery option, which will allow us to deliver all the content we have on deck, with the same release dates, in advance of the time we would normally deliver it. We're not sure how this outage will affect us with the coming holiday schedule that we were informed about earlier this week though. Hopefully their ISP will pull it together fast enough for us to get one or 2 other deliveries in before the break, but we're trying to prepare for any outcome.

Good luck Team DjDownload! We certainly understand what it's like to work with a difficult provider! Soldier on!

Here is their message to us:

"We are experiencing some problems with our new office internet connection which is causing delays for labels uploading content.

I have set up a temporary account on the server which has a large connection- we will be taking this server offline on Monday morning (17th Nov), so please can you deliver as much content as possible by then to this address and we’ll start processing it on Monday

Sorry for the late notice, we’ve been messed around by out telecoms provider and I wanted to be sure that we get your content for the next few weeks sorted out."

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