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GrooveSource Cycle 132

GrooveSource Cycle 132
Pre-Release Date 11/18/2008
General Release Date 12/9/2008

PMPD011 – Andy Toth “Linwood Part 1” People Mover Productions – TECHNO/MINIMAL
*Receiving support from DJs: Danny Tenaglia, Dubfire, Dave Clarke, John Selway, Ben Sims, Jim Masters, Markus Schulz, Tim Xavier, Kate Simko, Rennie Foster, Seth Troxler, Submerge 101, DJ Hyperactive, Andy Toth

Dubfire – “5 out of 5”
John Selway – “nice groove. 4 out of 5”
Jim Masters – “wicked groove and like the cut up vox. 4 out of 5”
Markus Schulz – “original is my favorite. 5 out of 5”

People Mover Productions is happy to bring you its first installment of the LINWOOD series. The original production by ANDY TOTH spurned so much interest for remixes that we decided to release it in two parts. Part 1 features Toth's original. LINWOOD is a haunting and deep production that features heavy rhythmic production accompanied by growling vocal samples. Sound effects in the higher frequencies create a dark atmosphere. The COLIN ZYSKOWSKI REMIX plays with original rhythm of the vocals, and features the pads and synths more heavily. The JOSH DAHLBERG REMIX spreads out the percussive aspects of the original and adds a dark melodic layer over the top. Be sure to make room in your crate for all three of these dance-floor-friendly tracks. And keep an eye out for PART 2, with remixes, by KEITH KEMP, ITZONE, and JOSHUA HARRISON!

PP011 – Lee Holman “Circuit E.P.” Prosthetic Pressings – TECHNO
*Receiving support from DJs: Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke, Ben Sims, Ken Ishii, Jim Masters, Lance Desardi, Benji Candelario, DJ Misjah, Punisher (Detroit), DJ Hyperactive, Droid Behavior

Laurent Garnier – “I like Resistor. Very trippy indeed. Will definitely play. 5 out of 5”
Dubfire – “5 out of 5”
Jim Masters – “wicked lush tracks! 4 out of 5”
Benji Candelario – “Really nice. 4 out of 5”

Prosthetic Pressings is back again with another mechanically hard driven release. From Ireland, minimal/techno veteran, Lee Holman joins Prosthetic Pressings for the first time throwing down a computer heavy minimal release. Circuit E.P. navigates you through the glitch side of minimal and the deep rhythmatic undertones of techno. Combined makes for a gear grinding ride of robotic funk. Tracks Capacitor, Resistor and Transistor will push any circuit board to the max resulting in dance floor frenzy...

GET015 – DJ Average Joe “We Go Deep” Getaway Recordings – DEEP HOUSE

*Receiving support from DJs: Mark Farina, Roger Sanchez, Kaskade, Benji Candelario, Jay J, Honey Dijon, Davidson Ospina, Neil Aline, Ibiza Global Radio, Ibiza Sonica, Q-Burns Abstract Message, Lawnchair Generals, Rick Preston, Dave from Dallas

Mark Farina – “4 out of 5”
Roger Sanchez – “Cool stuff. Will play. 4 out of 5”
Ibiza Global Radio – “Full support. 5 out of 5”
Rick Preston – “Love this! Nice work. 5 out of 5”
Dave from Dallas – “Full support. 4 out of 5”

Average Joe is just a homeboy from ABQ, NM who moved to SD about 6 years ago, and been working hard at this music thang. He's been around and involved with music his whole life from piano & guitar lessons, to highschool punk/alternative bands, summer music camp (one time at band camp........$%^&) - and now as a DJ / producer of House, Downtempo, and Hip Hop beats. He's having fun with it and enjoying the minor success of having some releases under his belt on a few DOPE ASS house music labels such as Jiggy, Blockhead, Scenic, DAE, Ultrasound and now Getaway Recordings.

COLLECTIVE011 – Metrik “Push” Collective Recordings – DRUM n BASS

*Receiving support from DJs: Andy C, TeeBee, Dylan, Tech Itch, DJ Hype, Keaton, Loxy, Ink, Spor, Raiden, Bad Company, Jade, Black Sun Empire, Manifest, Cold Fusion

Andy C – “Very Good, Playing. 5 out of 5”
Bad Company – “Heard the Metrik mix a while back and loved it. The Jade remix is sick too. 5 out of 5”
TeeBee – “Jade remix yes. 5 out of 5”
Dylan – “Dirty and I like it. 4 out of 5”
Tech Itch – “YES! 5 out of 5”

Metrik returns to the nest for a release on his spiritual home, Collective. What a fantastic year for the rising star with a number of releases both out and forthcoming on Futurebound's legendary Viper Recordings, and a packed gig diary to make any DJ jealous. Metrik is storming the scene with consistent support from DJs, press and radio alike.

Push had been doing the rounds for a while and a constant in the box of DJs all over from Andy C, Teebee, Dylan, Tech Itch, Hype, Keaton, Loxy, Ink, Spor, Raiden, Bad Company, Jade, Black Sun Empire, Manifest and Cold Fusion to name just a few. The huge beats and filthy bass mean this is going to continue to destroy dance floors all over. On the Flip we have the perfect remix from none other then the mighty Jade (BSE, Citrus). Currently working on his first studio album, Jade continues to go from strength to strength and this fantastic remix is no exception.

BED012 – Various Artists “November #1 EP” Bedroom Bedlam – HOUSE

*Receiving support from DJs: Danny Tenaglia, Anne Savage, Benji Candelario, D. Ramirez, Rooster & Peralta, Francesco Farfa, Tony Senghore, Naveen G, Martin Venetjoki, Peter Hook (New Order), Davidson Ospina, Ibiza Global Radio, Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb), Ibiza Sonica, DJ Bam Bam, Bill Weber (Billboard)

Danny Tenaglia – “4 out of 5”
Francesco Farfa – “Ah, YaYaYa get my full support. 5 out of 5”
Benji Candelario – “Thanks! 4 out of 5”
Peter Hook (New Order) – “Very good. 4 out of 5”
Ibiza Global Radio – “Thanks. Full support! 5 out of 5”

Radio 1 mastermind Pete Tong presents the latest release on his Bedroom Bedlam Imprint. Pete hand picks the tracks for each release from fan/bedroom dj submissions so you know this is going to be a stellar release with 5 tracks from tomorrow's next hot prospects.

Also this week:
202D035 - Steve DiPietro ft. Jewel Rae - Morning Sunrise – 202 Digital
MIZ010 - DJ Denise - Funtime - Mizumo Music
RELDZ022 - Various Artists - Give-up The Ghost EP – RELDZ Recordings
RCP013 – Evan Scott - Sphere Session One – RaceCarProductions
SEEKD019 – Victor Veros - Let's All Be The Same E.P. – Seek Records

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