Tuesday, January 19, 2010

GrooveSource Cycle 185

Pre-Release Date: 12/29/2009
General Release Date: 1/19/2010

SCREC018 – Recon 22 “Crosshairs EP” Solar Cathedral – TECHNO
Solar Cathedral Recordings proudly debuts Minneapolis' Recon 22 by signing the Crosshairs EP for their imprint's 18th release. With a catalog of music that approaches the dance floor from a slew of different angles this American techno label has been keeping its supporter's on their toes by delivering tunes that sound absolutely nothing like anything they've previously released. Since their launch in 2007 SCREC has consistently maintained an unsuspecting formula & this 3 tracker is delivered with the same malicious intent.

"S & M" is a Huntemann'esque burner that's stripped down to the basics rendering itself as the perfect late night/early morning tool laced with sexy vocal stabs & drifting sounds that captivate & hypnotize while "Centipede" turns up the heat with a ripping bass heavy synth line that is guaranteed to set off even the most timid of rooms. "Bad Activity" seems to combine the energy & personality of both "S & M" & "Centipede" with a twist that's palatable for a broad audience of DJ's, producers & listeners from all walks of techno.

MIZ042 – Various Artists “ZumoBeatz: 2009 Review” Mizumo Music – ELECTRO HOUSE
With 40 releases and 100 artists & remixers, 2009 was a strong and comprehensive year for Mizumo Music. This compilation is a selection of both the label's top picks as well as the favorites of the artists, DJs and followers of Mizumo Music for 2009.

DFD021 – e:machinery “Against The World” Design Forms – TECHNO
Against the world is a hybrid of a thought produced by emachinery. It states there are only a few things that matter in this battle; it is you, the dance floor and the dj against the world..... With builds and synth tweaks that are sure to drop jaws ATW takes you on an adventure, you will sure not forget. Remixes by Anthony Steel, Phase and Jonra.

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HJM005 - Davide Loi - Life Is Good feat. Pryce Oliver – HJM Records

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