Tuesday, October 13, 2009

GrooveSource Cycle 174

Pre-Release Date: 10/13/2009
General Release Date: 11/3/2009

JEL045 – Ramon Tapia & BP “Water Melon” Jericho – TECHNO
Having cemented his position as one of the producers in 2008, with a string of genre-defining releases on many leading labels, including Great Stuff, Craft Music, Turbo Records and Yellow Tail, Ramon Tapia is hot property. Here Ramon teams up with production partner BP for this release on Jericho. Water Melon is a fine example of the fluid, groove-filled tech house that has won Tapia so many fans. Supplying ample inspiration for both the head and the feet, the haunting melodies that signature the track are partnered by shifting percussion and wobbly, effect-soaked noises to ensure a good melon twisting. Down At The Offkeys steps up the pace and the intensity, but retains the otherworldly vibe of the EP. Throbbing bass pulses under marching beats, while hissing whispers fade in and out of the buzzing synth loops, that usher in rising sirens to take over the breakdown. A high impact crowd-pleaser for dark rooms.

Cisco - both tracks doing the bizz.full support.
James Talk - nice ep! like down at the offkeys best
Lance Blaise aka Tattoo Detectives - Down At The Offkeys is the choice for me, killer breakdown, love it!
Lazaro Casanova - Water Melon it is for me. Great stuff (no pun intended).
Gennaro Le Fosse - Nice release for Ramon FUll support!
nick warren - water melon is a winner 5/5
Alan Fitzpatrick - Water Melon is WICKED! 5/5
Tiger Stripes - Down at the offkeys is excellent!
Orde Meikle (Slam/Glasgow) - nice stuff - liking this
Cari Lekebusch - Water Melon is tasty! Ima run with that one =) PZ / C
D-Nox - will give it a try
Enzo - great energetic track
fred nasen - 'Water Melon' track is definitely useable for me ... Will try it next weekend. cheers & expect the usual support at NEWS !
stephan bodzin - watermelon for me :-) 5/5
hernan cattaneo - very good!
Timo Maas - watermelon is wicked, have forwarded to dave seaman & timo maas too, cheers, steve parry
Eddie Halliwell - Passing on to Eddie, playlists to come. 5/5
Nuno dos Santos - Down at the Offkeys is the one for me! Dirty!!
Mauro Picotto - Thanks!
Markantonio - nice tune full support
Joseph Capriati - water melon is my favourite! i will play it out! 5/5
King Unique - both tracks very cool, particularly the trippy business on water melon
Derek Plaslaiko - Cool tunes! Most likely to play Down At The Offkeys. Thanks!
karotte (cocoon club) - both tracks are nice.
Perc (Kompakt/Drumcode/CLR) - Down At The Offkeys is a winner, cheers.
Tom Hades - will play DOwn at the Offkeys...
claudio mate - jericho is always one of my favourite labels!!! here down at the offkeys makes my days !!!! great techno house track..killer floor
Konrad Black - liquid metal melodies....nice!
Alexi Delano - Water Melon is the on for me.
steve mac - like water melon, mental sounds
davide squillace - full support on water mellon
Marc Romboy - Nice, solid club stomper!
Timmy Stewart - Solid stuff again from Mr Tapia. These should devastate in a club. Gonna try them both out.
Joel Mull - Down at the offkeys. Im feeling the deep mode on this track. Great stuff Thank you for the music Joel. 5/5
Miniminds - Cool release. Water Melon is our favourite. Nice and Groovy. Will support.
Jim Rivers - nice stuff here from ramon...think i prefer the darker 'offkeys'
ZOO BRAZIL - good as always!!!! 4/5
Danny Howells - Brilliant stuff as always, thanks!!
Chris Liebing - downloading for chris
Fergie - anther top relase for the picili lable :)

HW038 – Hoxton Whores “Zulu Dawn” Hoxton Whores – HOUSE
Hoxton Whores spoil us again with this magnificent tough tribal based buster, full of energy and slamming beats the boys take full advantage of the monumental tribal chant and deliver a track destined to rock all dancefloors.

ATFC - willl try this weekend
D.Ramirez - Good tough tech house groove!
Eddie Halliwell - radio support
jim masters - good tribal belter!
Johnny Fiasco - killer track!
Rooster&Peralta - FUNKY ASS DOPE JOINT!
Davidson Ospina - PEAK!!! on this one... love it!
andre harris (Innate soul) - I will support nice work
Benji Candelario - Great Tune!!!!
DJ PAULETTE - How wonderfully wonky is this? A definite afterhours moment. much appreciated. Will test.
Rick Preston - Love the tribal chants!
Boris (Pacha, NYC) - Love the Drums!
Buckley - Nice job!
Curtis Zack - Good solid house music
Dave Cannalte (Promo Only/Billboard) - Very cool track, love the drum programming. Will definitelly play out!
denise gurney (twisted dee) - lovin it
Erik Thoresen - great beats! sounds fun!
Honey Dijon - The Hoxton Whores have been rocking it !
jake childs - cool track

DGFS001 – Dee Green “Propi Deeper” DG Label – TECHNO
The DG Label presents the FUEL Series to illustrate Dee Green's desire to create innovative tracks built with new sounds designed to move the underground dancefloors. Experience infected beats and ends with phat sub bass dancing between this and the next dimension! Detroit dub techno at its best! Release number one brings you "Propi Deeper" a 14 minute driving stomper. Featuring an irresistable bassline and drawn out echoing effects, this beauty will grab you and drag you to the floor. Resistance is futile!

laurent garnier - pure trip into space. Will play
alex bau - nice dark one
Xpansul - Nice, tracky and deep. WIll play for sure
affie yusuf - love playing techno
Dylan Drazen - Always enjoy atmospheric/melodic sounds over minimal beats.
Aubrey - Yes nice sounds and sounds..very interesting....thanks alot
Naveen G - amazing! heads down, deep, driving late night business. will play and chart for sure!
Johnny Fiasco - very nice..
Chris Udoh - This is HOT !!!!!
Ale Castro - 14 nice minutes !!!
Da Funk - great tune! really love the mixture of tough beats and the chilled out atmosphere with the pad. full support!

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