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GrooveSource Cycle 153

GrooveSource Cycle 153
Pre-Release Date 5/19/2009
General Release Date 6/8/2009

4TRK020 – Audio Injection “Condensed” 4 Track Records – TECHNO
Coming hot off the heals of Droid Records Analog God remix with Drumcell, Audio Injection has descended upon the LA natives with a big syringe of grossly infected rhythms and low end minimal techno jack hammers. Breeze kicks it off with a warping synth line and morphing clap that eventually begins to speak in a different tongue. The underlying vocal sample comes to life and so does the arrangement as all elements rally to lay a proper one on ya. Condensed is another rumbler that has all the signature sounds and patterns that people will soon begin to associate this LA based producer with. Module brings another overdose of swinging, low end, driving but jacking masterful sounds! All 3 are prime time peak hour destroyers. Just when you thought he couldn't top the last output......

*Receiving support from DJs: Derrick May, Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke, Danny Tenaglia, Dubfire, Jooris Voorn, Fedde Le Grand, Dave Spoon, Francesco Farfa, Technasia, Len Faki, Woody McBride, Luis Baro (XM/Sirius), DJ Misjah, Hakan Lidbo, Ibiza Global Radio, Tim Thaler (Sonett77 Radio), Ibiza Sonica, Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb), Rob Warner, Lee Holman, Lance Desardi, Dee Green, Droid Behavior, Naveen G, Aubrey, Fernanda Diaz

Danny Tenaglia – Thanks. 4 out of 5
Derrick May – Thanks! Will try out! 4 out of 5
Dubfire – Thx. This should work well. 5 out of 5
Dave Spoon (Radio 1) – Downloading and will play! 4 out of 5
Fedde Le Grand – Thanks for sending. Full support. 4 out of 5
Len Faki – will play this out for sure! 4 out of 5
Technasia – 4 out of 5
Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb) – Very cool! 5 out of 5
Rob Warner – 4 out of 5
Dee Green – Nice dark bassline and up front groove,support! 4 out of 5
Tim Thaler (Sonett77 Radio) – Full support! 4 out of 5
Fernanda Diaz – nice deep groovy & dark! 4 out of 5
Aubrey – nice funky deep stuff... give me more! 5 out of 5
Naveen G. – 5 out of 5
Lee Holman – 4 out of 5

NMB024 – Various Artists “Gloryhunters EP” Noir Music
Noir Music gives you a deephouse ep for the early hours and the hot ipods and who doesn't like a crisp and well produced deephouse tune? We got 4 hotties for you in this package. 2 of them coming from well known producers behind the moniker "Sweaty Fish". The tech-flavoured Gloryhunter and the more organic "Mooshy". Look out for the Sweaty Fish project - more to come in 2009. The other 2 are from talented Aki Bergen Who recently topped the Beatport deephouse chart with his "Afrikanism" and "Historia Mundi" tracks. On this EP he provides us with "Alma De Dios" an irresistible, hypnotic and quite ethnic affair and "In The Groove" which is more housey and higly addictive with the cut-up vocal parts. Lean back and enjoy the ride..... 4 deephouse journeys of pure quality.

OBDIG020 – David E Sugar “Outside Is Scary” Oblio Recordings
David E Sugar has been a popular face on the UK, and European Chip Music scene since early 2004. He uses 'tracker' software on a Gameboy to create sequences, which he then builds over with other instruments. After being selected to take part in the Desiel U Music tour in the UK, his profile has risen, and he accompanied top ten star Clavin Harris on his UK jaunt in June and July of 2007. David regularly plays to large crowds all across Eaurope, including Germany and Switzerland and now it appears that the rest of the world is catching onto his unique and quirky, but damn fine pop music. The 20th release on Oblio Recordings from David E. Sugar. This one is called Outside Is Scary.

DIFD034 – Yanoexisto “Crudo y Cruel” Difusion Records – TECHNO
Hibernation was the mode that best describes Yanoexisto in the past months very few words where say between occasional online conversations once the death line was approaching all he said was "you would like it I promise" and so I waited and waited until I get the email saying up load has been completed I could not wait so I downloaded the files As soon as I was near a computer whit Internet conection and what a surprise ...I found 4 very interesting tracks that made me wonder about the creation of music and the self expression of a human being . The Fist track called :Mas tiempo(More Time) took me in to an emotional trip and the expectation to something phenomenal due to the large intro complicated electrical patterns that leas to a deep bass line followed by a hard kick it made this track one of my favorite opener Dj set tracks .The second track called Uno mas a la cuenta (One more )Was almost like taking out the old box of mix tapes made by Jeff Mills a very space like track whit lots of high emulated sequences and series of hit hats and kicks it was just like when I went to my first rave wondering How is he doing those noises?.The third track called Dejando todo (Leaving everything)had a very high impact on the way i produce music it showed me that not everything had to be 4 by 4 why ?are all paintings only straight lines or beautiful drawings or landscapes no they are all entirely different every single one just like this track it dares you to define a genre to it is ti techno, Experimental, minimal Im just calling it electronic music that makes me shake out of my sit whit those heavy tones, high bass content and breaks leading to a totally different sequence time after time .The four track Is called Sin lugar para nada ( No place for anything) A voice telling me the history of a phone about some kid ?WTF I think what he is trying to tell m y is This track would make you lose your mind due to his high techno content heavy drums and rhythmical synt leads bass cuts come and go during the entire track high notes emerge form the wite noise sound leading ti the perfect techno track that makes me listen to it more than 5 times Thanks for reading ;The Difusion voice says hi .

*Receiving support from DJs: Derrick May, Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke, Danny Tenaglia, Dubfire, Slam, Hakan Lidbo, DJ Misjah, Chris Simmonds, Lee Holman, Luis Baro (XM/Sirius), Aubrey

Slam – Nice! Really good and groovy. 4 out of 5
Danny Tenaglia – 4 out of 5
Dubfire – 5 out of 5
Aubrey – Very groovy. 5 out of 5
Lee Holman – 4 out of 5

IRD008 – Ben Businovski “Renew EP” D Itinerant Records – DEEP HOUSE
Itinerant Records continue their strong output with an eigth release of melodic deep-house. Similar to his work on the Night Drive Music collective in Germany, Businovski delivers another four tracks with his signature leads and clean production values - definately one to enjoy.

*Receiving support from DJs: Derrick May, Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke, Danny Tenaglia, Slam, Dubfire, Dave Spoon, Jooris Voorn, Technasia, Alex Young, Dylan Drazen, Len Faki, DJ Misjah, DJ F.E.X., Woody McBride, Hakan Lidbo, Luis Baro (XM/Sirius), Ibiza Global Radio, Tim thaler (Sonett77 Radio), Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb), Rob Warner, Ibiza Sonica, Droid Behavior, Lance Desardi, Duke Shin (Resident Advisor), Dee Green, Chris Simmonds, Chris Udoh, Aubrey, C. Smooth, Figueroa

Technasia – We never give perfect scores, but “Maximization” deserves it! 5 out of 5
Dubfire – download this one NOW! 5 out of 5
Dave Spoon (Radio 1) – 4 out of 5
Chris SImmonds – 4 out of 5
Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb) – Oh yeah! 5 out of 5
Rob Warner (Our House Mag) – Really cool! 5 out of 5
Aubrey – Wicked! 5 out of 5
Ibiza Global Radio – Support! 5 out of 5
Tim Thaler (Sonett77 Radio) – 4 out of 5
Ibiza Sonica – Killer! Will support. 5 out of 5

SSR027 – Jose Amor “Don't Let Me Go featuring Lauryn Gale” So Sound Recordings – HOUSE
From Spain comes Jose Amor, produced by Marco Rodriguez and with 3 outstanding remixes. Starting with Tovar's remix, reminiscent of Late Nite Alumni "Empty Streets" The second remix is provided by Atnarko from 20:20 Vision/Eight-Tracks fame, taking it to a deeper pulsing end and rounding up this release, the 3rd. mix by Fer Ferrari, head honcho of the deep quality underground House label DeepClass Records. The beautiful and sultry voice & melody brought to you by the wonderful Lauryn Gale will definitely carve deeply into the listeners. A very sexy track already featured on the compilation "Sunrise Terrace Cabana Club Vol. 1" presented by the Hilton Ft. Lauderdale Beach Resort. Don't miss it!

*Receiving support from DJs: Laurent Garnier, Mark Farina, Danny Tenaglia, Dubfire, Dave Pezzner (Pezzner, Jacob London), Chris Santiago, Deli G, Shur-I-Khan, Raoul Belmans (Swirl Peepz), Rob Pearson, Valentin (Café del Mar), Chris Simmonds, Eddie Matos, Hakan Lidbo, DJ Misjah, Joshua Heath, Jazzy Eyewear, The Little Men, Ibiza Global Radio, Frandanski, Chris Paul, Chris Udoh, Jay West, Da Funk, Manuel Sahagun, Spettro, Ale Castro, Carol @ Purple Lychee, Carson Carr, Strakes @ Lost My Dog, Celebrity Records, Da Sunlounge, DK Watts, Demarco Electronic Project, Special Interest, Fernanda Diaz, Mr. Jones, Murray Richardson, Dj Cooccer, Tovar, Umber

Mark Farina – full support. 4 out of 5
Dubfire – Thanks. 5 out of 5
Chris Santiago – Great remix! 5 out of 5
Eddie Matos – 5 out of 5
Chris Udoh – Indeed This is truly sexy. Nice one!! 5 out of 5
Valentin Café del mar – nice deep house, perfect for the beach. 5 out of 5
Jay West – 4 out of 5
Manuel Sahagun – 5 out of 5
Chris Paul – Deep and Dirty great groove. 5 out of 5
Frandanski – belter.Thanks a lot will be playing out. 5 out of 5
Ale Castro – 5 out of 5
Da Funk – lovley! will play for sure! 5 out of 5
Da Sunlounge – Very nice indeed! 5 out of 5
Joshua Heath – nice vibe on this track here…solid stuff, will def give a spin. 5 out of 5
Demarco E.P. – Full support!!! Jimmy and Fer Ferrari are the best. 5 out of 5
ibiza Global Radio – 5 out of 5
Spettro – lush, deep vibe. will play!. 5 out of 5
Carol @ Purple Lychee – 4 out of 5
Dj Cooccer – nice work! 4 out of 5
Umber – 4 out of 5
Celebrity Records – 4 out of 5
Special Interest – very nice for a summers day. 5 out of 5

WMAC25 – Kindred The Family Soul “House of Love (The Aaron-Carl Remixes)” Wallshaker Music – HOUSE
Detroit producer Aaron-Carl adds his soulful touch to this inspirational Gospel/R&B track by Philadelphia's Kindred the Family Soul. A bonus dub is included for the DJs. Under license from Backspin Musiq/Hidden Beach Recordings.

*Receiving support from DJs: Derrick May, Laurent Garnier, Dave Spoon (Radio 1), Anthony “Shake” Shakir, Charles Feelgood, Dave Pezzner (Pezzner, Jacob London), DJ Misjah, Eddie Matos, Luis Baro (XM/Sirius), Rick Preston, Chris Simmonds, Andre Harris, Lance Desardi, Chris Udoh, Davidson Ospina, C. Smooth, Jazzy Eyewear, Fer Ferrari, Ibiza Global Radio, Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb), Ibiza Sonica, Mark Picchiotti (Billboard), Andy Kastanas (Billboard), Fernanda Diaz, Demarco Electronic Project, Christy Love

Dave Spoon (Radio 1) – will test out. 4 out of 5
Eddie Matos – 5 out of 5
Chris Simmonds – 5 out of 5
Chris Udoh – Bravo Aaron-Carl!!! Wicked Mixes !!!! 5 out of 5
Andy Kastanas (Billboard) – really cool stuff! 5 out of 5
C. Smooth – will spin this on his radio show Live from London on Nova Radio! 5 out of 5
ibiza Global Radio – Aaron-Carl always gets our support! 5 out of 5
Demarco E.P. – thanks! 5 out of 5

Also this week:
GET021 – Nikola & Sasha “Cosmic Echo EP” Getaway Recordings
PPCOMP001 – Various Artists “The Prosthetic Pressings Compilation Vol. 1” Prosthetic Pressings
RCP017 – New Models “Busy Signals EP” RaceCar Productions

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