Tuesday, January 13, 2009

IM031 Monque & Monotek "Hell EP" Pre-Released 1/13/09

A late edition here...

IM031 Monque & Monotek "Hell EP" Released 1/13/09
An Amazing debut on Impact Mechanics for the Italian dual, Monque and Monotek. The original mix of "Hell" is one of the most gripping pieces of techno that has not been heard in years. Lush pads, thick analog chords and compelling riffs that will rip apart any dance floor, in the most musical way possible. Add the killer remixes by Drumcode's own Dustin Zahn, Angel Alanis & Foursquare and Alexx Iuliano" all the tracks have deep basslines with minimal, driving beats, depth charge stabs and lush undertones that do some serious damage. This release is absolutely colossal. For all those Alex Under fans this is a must!

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