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GrooveSource Cycle 135

GrooveSource Cycle 135
Pre-release date 12/9/2008
General release date 1/20/2008

DTX053CD – Bear Who? “The Beatbox Album” Dust Traxx Chicago – HOUSE
*Receiving support from DJs: Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, Louie Vega, Dave Clarke, Derrick Carter, Tedd Patterson, David Guetta, DJ Dan, Ian Pooley, Pound Boys, DJ Paulette, Scum Frog, Ibiza Global Radio, Rooster & Peralta, Chuck Daniels, Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb), Phil Turnipseed (DJ Times), Sleazy McQueen, Rick Preston, Q-Burn’s Abstract Message, Raoul Belmans, Lawnchair Generals, Lance Desardi, DJ MFR, DJ Bam Bam, Daniel Kyo, Nigel Richards, Jay West, Fernando Ferrari, Chris Simmonds, Christy Love

Laurent Garnier – “Love this! 4 out of 5”
Dave Clarke – “4 out of 5”
Rooster & Peralta – “OLD SKOOL BABY! 5 out of 5”
Ibiza Global Radio – “Full support. 5 out of 5”
Raoul Belmans – “Thank you. 5 out of 5”
Daniel Kyo – “This is REALLY cool. 5 out of 5”

Bear Who? That man behind international hit "Fix My Sink" which hit the UK billboard & BBC radio charts for 13 straight weeks, brings his next hit to Chicago based Dust Traxx label, which in the course of 10 years has managed to release some of the biggest names in house music today. The "Beatbox Album" is a "futuristic" digital get-down mixed with sexy ladies, sweaty dancefloors and steamy hot beats. It's seduction without romance, penetration without pretense, this is the future sound of hip hop with a house edge, let's face it "sweat" (=sex) sells and that is exactly what you'll get here. Mind crushing pop music from the future. Whether it's the percolating synth stabs and frantic stuttering rhythm or the crisp scratched chicken-greasy funk, there's certainly something for everybody! This is dance music with no boundaries, no limits and dares to go where most haven't dared to explore; the result: infectious hooks and contagious rhymes make this an album to remember!

IM030 – 10,000 Watts “Barcode EP” Impact Mechanics – TECHNO

*Receiving support from DJs: Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke, Dubfire, Derrick May, Ken Ishii, Jim Masters, DJ Hyperactive, Angel Alanis, Nigel Richards, Andy Toth

Dubfire – “5 out of 5”
Jim Masters – “4 out of 5”
DJ Hyperactive – “Really good. Will play it for sure! 5 out of 5”
Angel Alanis – “GREAT WORK! 5 out of 5”

10,000 watts will become one of the hottest producers on the techno scene! This exceptional 2-track EP for Impact Mechanics will only further solidify there standing in the industry. "Roll" is up first. It combines a straight, driving drum kicks, with synth stabs and rolling bass lines, this track engulfs you as it slowly, yet surely takes over your mind. "Roll" is next and does some similar things, although this time adds some tripped out pads and an even grittier drum track, which is even more energetic and commanding, with relentless beats, subtle and several massive, tension building drops. This EP is strictly for the headstrong and those looking to rip apart the dance floor!

SHUSH012 – Jon Pegnato and Matty Scoll “Yes” Shush Music – ELECTRO-HOUSE

*Receiving support from DJs: Danny Tenaglia, Dubfire, David Guetta, DJ Dan, DJ Bam Bam, Pound Boys, Francesco Farfa, Ibiza Global Radio, Peter Hook (New Order), Martin Venetjoki, Reid Speed, Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb), DJ Linwood (Billboard), Bill Webber (Billboard), Mark Picchiotti (Billboard), Angel Alanis, DJ Aleksij

Dubfire – “5 out of 5”
DJ Dan – “4 out of 5”
DJ Lynwood – “BEAT THAT SHIT! 5 out of 5”
Francesco Farfa – “REALLY GOOD TOOL. 4 out of 5”

Jon Pegnato and Matty Scoll team up to provide you with a drum oriented, bassbin rocker that will beat any speaker into submission. Fairly stripped, yet heavy, this track focuses on a thumpin kick and jackin percussion, leaving room for the DJ to scratch or throw their favorite accapella over top.

AMR003 – The Minimum “Medal of Porno” Atmosfera Records – TECH HOUSE
*Receiving support from DJs: Danny Tenaglia, Dubfire, Dave Clarke, Roger Sanchez, Derrick May, Mark Broom, Ken Ishii, Jim Masters, Hakan Lidbo, DJ Hyperactive, Angel Alanis, Q-Burns Abstract Message, Lance Desardi, Deep C, Rob Warner, Terry Mullan, Nigel Richards, Alex Young, Figueroa, Jhon Doe, DJ Aleksij

The Minimum is a project formed in 2006 by Luis Lugilde and Miguel Moraleda, 2 Djs and producers born in Barcelona in 1987. These two young producers are exploring electronic sound dance, fusing techno, minimal and electro.These producers and sound technicians specializing in electronic music began his career in separate 2003, and in 2006 after making some productions arised the idea of creating a different sound, in steady progression and aimed to the dance floor without losing the minimalist and underground nuances that characterize their productions.

Other Notables:

DCREC024 – Various Artists “Gold” DeepClass Records – DEEP HOUSE

Support from: Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, Dubfire, Darren Emerson, Basement Boys, Miles Maeda, Ibiza Global Radio, Chris Simmonds, Fernanda Diaz, Bluntafari, Sebastian Arevalo, DJ Cooccer, Ale Castro

DCREC025 – Various Artists “Digital Lounge Vol. III” DeepClass Records – DOWN TEMPO

Support from: Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, Dubfire, Miles Maeda, Ibiza Global Radio, Chris Simmonds, Fernanda Diaz, Bluntafari, Ale Castro

DIFD027 – Javier Ferreira “Reentre” Difusion Recordings – MINIMAL

Support from: Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke, Dubfire, Derrick May, Ken Ishii, Jim Masters, Xpansul, Q-Burns Abstract Message, Aubrey, Chris Simmonds, Bluntafari

KRD025 – Various Artists “Konnekted Sampler 2” Konnekted Recordings – TECHNO
Support from: Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke, Derrick May, Dubfire, Ken Ishii, Angel Alanis, Noah Levine (XLR8R, Urb), Martijin Ten Velden

AnD Press Releases:

MAU5011 – Sydney Blu “Senses And The Mind” Mau5trap Recordings
RIM013 – Deadmau5 “The Reward is More Cheese” Rising Music

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